Chapter 910: Star Luo Spirit Bead

Gu Yuena's body shuddered slightly, and Tang Wulin could sense an extremely abundant burst of energy rise up within her body. The energy immediately began to reject his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power as soon as the two came into contact with one another.

Gu Yuena's soul power was even more potent than his, and right at this moment, the respective auras that they were releasing also began to intertwine. Strangely enough, as soon as Tang Wulin's golden bloodline aura came into contact with Gu Yuena's rainbow bloodline aura, her soul power immediately relinquished all resistance. It combined naturally with Tang Wulin's soul power and surged forth in a compliant manner.

Tang Wulin's soul power entered Gu Yuena's body through his right hand, then returned to his body through his left palm, creating a closed circuit. Soon, Tang Wulin had entered a completely immersive state where he forgot about space and time.

Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemums were top-grade spirit items that were extremely potent for nurturing the human body, especially when it came to clearing one's meridians and bolstering one's constitution.

To Gu Yue, the effect of the flower was curing her by clearing the blood vessels in her brain, while Tang Wulin was deriving even greater benefits from this. His bloodline vortex had already begun rotating along with his soul power vortex of its own accord, and his blood essence surged throughout his entire body as his bloodline aura spread outward in an uncontrollable manner.

The two dragon souls revolved above their heads, exuding extremely strong emotions of excitement. At the same time, they seemed to be absorbing the aura emanating from Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena's bodies while also reciprocating them with their own auras.

A faint smile appeared on Zang Xin's face, and he made an inviting hand gesture toward the Beautiful Silk Tulip. "Please continue."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip looked up at the revolving dragon souls up above and heaved a faint internal sigh. Never would he have thought that things would turn out this way. There was no way he could’ve envisioned that two of the people accompanying the Amorous Douluo would possess the bloodlines of the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King. Not only did the two dragon souls not pose any impediment to them, they became powerful allies of theirs instead.

At this point, he no longer had any intention of putting up resistance. He had no choice but to bow in the face of overwhelming power. With the aura that the Amorous Douluo had just unleashed, he was clearly powerful enough to demolish the entire Ice Fire Yin Yang Well on his own.

"Come with me. This is a 100,000-year-old Star Luo Spirit Bead. I can sense that among the people you've brought to this place, two of them have powers related to starlight. Either of them can choose this plant."

Zang Xin smiled as he turned toward Ye Xinglan and Xu Xiaoyan. "Who wants this one? Decide among yourselves, then prepare for battle."

Before Xu Xiaoyan had a chance to speak, Ye Xinglan said, "This type of spirit fruit can most likely improve one's affinity with the stars. My Stargod Sword borrows on the power of the stars, but what's more important is my own sword intent, so you should take this one, Xiaoyan."

Xu Xiaoyan immediately refused, "I can't take this, Sister Xinglan! This spirit fruit will be beneficial to you as well; you should take it."

Ye Xinglan shook her head in response. "Don't argue with me. Wulin's currently meditating, so I'm taking over as the captain for now. Listen to me and take the spirit fruit."

The purple-robed man interjected, "There's no need for the two of you to argue; there are similar spirit items here. However, I suggest that the weaker one among you takes this spirit fruit. This Star Luo Spirit Bead is the most gentle among all of the 100,000-year-old spirit plants, and it's very accommodating toward humans. It's very difficult for it to attain intelligence on its own, but after being fused into a human's body, it can form a human Soul Master's soul core in the future. Hence, it's not particularly opposed to being picked."

Ye Xinglan immediately smiled upon hearing this before extending an inviting hand gesture toward Xu Xiaoyan.

As a control system Soul Master, it was undoubtedly the case that Xu Xiaoyan possessed the most lackluster direct combat prowess among everyone, including even Xu Lizhi. In contrast, Ye Xinglan's combat prowess was second only to Tang Wulin among Shreks' Seven Monsters, so this Star Luo Spirit Bead was definitely a more suitable choice for Xu Xiaoyan to absorb.

A resigned look appeared on Xu Xiaoyan's face, but she was also extremely touched. She made her way over to Ye Xinglan and gave her a hug before making her way over to the Star Luo Spirit Bead.

The Star Luo Spirit Bead was a very beautiful spirit fruit. Its trunk was black, which was very rare in the world of plants, and a palm-sized golden fruit was growing at the tip of the trunk. The fruit was like a huge shimmering golden pearl, but if one were to look closely, they'd discover that it was actually comprised of countless golden specks of light, creating a very unique sight to behold.

Xu Xiaoyan transferred her staff to her left hand, then reached out for the golden fruit with her right hand.

The golden fruit immediately shuddered slightly as her hand came into contact with it, and immediately thereafter, countless streaks of starlight erupted from the surface of the fruit.

Those specks of starlight immediately enshrouded Xu Xiaoyan's body within, and a slightly tense look appeared on Zang Xin's face. He cast his gaze toward the purple-robed man, only to find that the latter's expression remained completely unchanged.

Enshrouded under the starlight, the Starwheel Staff in Xu Xiaoyan's left hand abruptly lit up. All of a sudden, the bright sky up above, which had been revealed after the Rainbow Miasma had been dispersed, transitioned from day to night. Countless stars appeared in the night sky, and streaks of dazzling starlight descended from above, shining down upon the Star Luo Spirit Bead and Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan's eyes were closed, and she seemed to be sensing something. Meanwhile, the Star Luo Spirit Bead was trembling slightly while releasing a series of golden halos.

It only took a short while for everyone to figure out what was happening; the Star Luo Spirit Bead seemed to be competing for the starlight that was descending from above.

In the beginning, the Star Luo Spirit Bead was clearly collecting starlight at a slightly faster rate than Xu Xiaoyan, but her third soul ring then quickly lit up, and all of the starlight shining down from the heavens was completely absorbed by her Dazzling Starlight soul skill. After that, the starlight was released from the tip of her staff, and shone onto the Star Luo Spirit Bead.

The trembling Star Luo Spirit Bead immediately stiffened, and the golden halos that it had been releasing were instantly withdrawn.

A faint smile appeared on Xu Xiaoyan's face as she alternated between her first, second, and third soul skills, and all of the starlight shining down from above was absorbed by her, then transformed into soul skills that she cast onto the Star Luo Spirit Bead.

Every time the Star Luo Spirit Bead was about to break free, it would be immobilized again, causing it to jitter like a malfunctioning machine and creating a rather comical sight to behold.

A surprised look finally appeared on the purple-robed man's face as he turned his attention to Xu Xiaoyan. The bloodlines of the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King had already come as a huge surprise to him, but starlight being released by this Xu Xiaoyan was of the highest level of purity that he'd ever seen.

Every night, the Star Luo Spirit Bead would absorb the light of the stars and the moon to improve itself. All of the other spirit items here had naturally sensed what it was doing, and some had even managed to benefit from it. As such, all of them were aware of the Star Luo Spirit Bead's ability to control starlight. However, it was currently being completely dominated by this human, and it was quite clear that this human woman had a closer connection to the stars than it did.

Humans really were the beings with the greatest latent potential.

The purple-robed man heaved a faint internal sigh, and he knew that they were going to lose the Star Luo Spirit Bead as well.

Sure enough, golden light flashed, and the Star Luo Spirit Bead dropped obediently down into Xu Xiaoyan's palm as if it were no longer able to withstand her "torture". Golden light then flashed once again from the tip of the trunk, and a fingernail-sized golden fruit emerged in its place.

Xu Xiaoyan held the Star Luo Spirit Bead in her arms in an elated manner, and a wide smile appeared on her face as she sensed the pure astral power imbued within it.

Before she had a chance to do anything else, golden light suddenly flashed from the Star Luo Spirit Bead, and it shrank down rapidly before disappearing into her mouth as a streak of golden light.

Xu Xiaoyan stumbled slightly, and starlight immediately erupted all over her entire body. All of the specks of starlight on her suit of battle armor reached an unprecedented level of brightness, and she quickly sat down with her legs crossed. The starlight emanating from her chest was the most pronounced, and all of the other specks of starlight were converging toward it, basking Xu Xiaoyan's entire body in golden light in the process.

The purple-robed man's eyes dimmed slightly, and he heaved a faint sigh before turning toward another direction.

Yue Zhengyu hurried over to Xu Xiaoyan to detect the changes taking place within her body, but as soon as he tried to approach her, he was repelled by an extremely powerful resistant force.

She had only just consumed the fruit, yet it was already producing such a strong effect! This was undoubtedly going to be immensely beneficial to Xu Xiaoyan.

These spirit items could naturally improve their cultivation ranks, but their abilities to purify their bloodlines and enhance their latent potential were far more important.

To put it in simpler terms, if they could only be considered as prodigies in the past, then after consuming these 100,000-year-old spirit items, their aptitudes would instantly be enhanced to match that of the likes of Long Yue, who had inherited the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. Furthermore, they wouldn't have to face the issues of bloodline backlash that Long Yue had been afflicted with.

The purple-robed man continued onward, and when he stopped once again, a spirit herb that was as pristine white as jade had appeared before everyone.

"This is a 100,000-year-old Chaotic Element Immortal Herb. It is the ideal treasure for improving the soul power of you humans. Nothing can match it in terms of its ability to enhance one's soul power, and it can also help one compress their soul power to form a soul core. However, it has no other special properties aside from that. The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb is also relatively more benevolent, but it possesses a lot of power and won't be easy to tame."

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