Chapter 907: Turning the Tables

"We pay our respects to the Dragon Masters!" All six of the Great Beasts took a few steps backward with respectful expressions on their faces.

In the air above the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well was a pair of giant dragons that had been formed by the water in the lake. One of them was icy blue while the other was fiery red. Both dragons were radiating dazzling light, and peerlessly powerful auras erupted from their bodies. Even with Amorous Douluo Zang Xin's immense powers, he couldn't help but take a step backward to shield Tang Wulin and the others.

Following the emergence of the pair of dragons, all of the plants in the entire Ice Fire Yin Yang Well seemed to have sprung to life. All of a sudden, the life force energy in this place swelled drastically, and all of the plants began to expand at a rapid rate, exerting enormous pressure on Tang Wulin and the others.

Zang Xin's expression had darkened significantly. "Brother Luo, our Tang Sect has protected the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, yet you're repaying our efforts by plotting against us?"

The purple-robed man said in an indifferent voice, "Protect us? It's true that you've helped us avoid many unnecessary troubles, but at the same time, we've also given you a lot in return. Ever since the founder of your Tang Sect, Tang San, discovered this place, you've been constantly taking from us! Now that your Tang Sect is falling into ruin, there's nothing left to be said. We don't need your protection anymore; with our abilities, self-preservation isn't an issue."

Zang Xin raised an eyebrow. "Are you not afraid that I'll leak the location of this Ice Fire Yin Yang Well? When that time comes, you'll be targeted by the entire human race."

A faint smile appeared on the purple-robed man's face. "As long as I keep all of you here forever, will the Tang Sect expose us?"

Zang Xin was enraged to the point of laughter upon hearing this. "Looks like you're very confident, Brother Luo. Do you really think you can keep me here?"

The purple-robed man replied in an indifferent manner, "I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have absolute confidence. Do you know where these two Dragon Masters come from?"

Zang Xin's expression changed slightly. "Please enlighten me, Brother Luo."

The purple-robed man explained, "The patriarch of us soul beasts, the Dragon God, had nine sons. These nine sons included the seven holy elemental dragons, which include water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and space. The other two sons are the mountain dragon and the golden dragon, the latter of which is the most powerful of the nine sons. These nine sons are collectively known as the Nine Dragon Masters. After the Dragon God perished in the Divine Realm, all of the nine Dragon Masters encountered different fates.

"The Water Dragon King and Fire Dragon King among the nine Dragon Masters both perished at the same time, and they descended to this place. Their bodies are buried deep under the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, and that's also how the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well came into existence. All of the plants here are being nurtured by the bodies of two Dragon Masters. Through countless years of painstaking effort, we've finally managed to summon the dragon souls of these two Dragon Masters to protect this place. No matter how powerful you humans are, there's no way you can oppose the two Dragon Masters, both of which were godly beings before they perished! Even though only their dragon souls are present, I'm sure it won't be too difficult for the combined powers of both of the Dragon Masters to keep you here, Amorous Douluo."

Zang Xin's expression darkened even further as he looked up at the two immensely powerful dragon souls hovering in the air above.

Following the bombing of the Tang Sect headquarters, the Tang Sect had been dealt an unprecedented blow, and never would he have thought that trouble would be brewing in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well as well.

As a Limit Douluo, he was naturally able to sense the immense auras emanating from the bodies of the two Dragon Masters. Even though they'd already perished and only their dragon souls remained, the wills of these two Dragon Masters were still incredibly powerful. If he were to don his suit of four-word battle armor, he would just barely be able to match one of them in battle, but if he had to face two of them at once, it would be very difficult for him just to escape.

The purple-robed man's judgment was based on the power of Limit Douluos, and he had a limited understanding of battle armor, but even so, these two dragon souls and the six Great Beast were far too formidable for him to handle. Even if he could escape, he'd most likely sustain severe wounds in the process, and there was no chance for him to save Tang Wulin and the others.

He had been too confident and complacent in the end.

Zang Xin heaved a faint sigh, and said, "Brother Luo, would you be willing to let us leave if our Tang Sect continues to fulfill our promise of protecting the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well?"

The purple-robed man chuckled, "Amorous Douluo, you should know that plants of our caliber possess intelligence that's not inferior to that of you humans, so why would you say something so naive? We've already revealed our trump card to you; do you think there's any way we'll let you leave this place alive?"

A cold expression appeared on Zang Xin's face. "Do you really think this is enough to kill me?"

If he had come here alone, he naturally wouldn't stoop to negotiating with these Great Beasts, but for the sake of Tang Wulin and his friends, he had no other alternative.

Just as he was preparing to release his suit of four-word battle armor to intimidate the Great Beasts, a voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

"Vice-palace Master, these dragon souls aren't anything to be afraid of."

Zang Xin and the six Great Beasts immediately turned their attention to the person who had just spoken.

Tang Wulin strode over to Zang Xin's side with Gu Yue's hand in his, and he appraised the purple-robed man with a calm expression as he said, "You know of the existence of the Water Dragon King and the Fire Dragon King, but do you recognize our auras?"

The blood essence vortex within his body began to rotate at a rapid speed as he spoke, and his Golden Dragon King bloodline erupted forth in a frenzy!

Gu Yuena didn't really know what was happening, but under Tang Wulin's guidance, a layer of yellow light also appeared around her body. All of the rainbow elemental fluctuations in the surrounding area began to surge violently, and her aura instantly intertwined with Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline aura.

All of a sudden, the pair of giant dragon souls up above suddenly faltered in mid-air. Immediately thereafter, they descended from the sky until they were hovering only around 100 meters above their heads.

All of the fearsome pressure from before instantly vanished, and a sense of excitement and intimacy began to exude from the pair of dragon souls.

Gu Yuena giggled as she flapped her wings and rose up into the air. The purple-robed man wanted to stop her, but a peerlessly sharp aura suddenly erupted from Zang Xin's body, completely immobilizing the six Great Beasts.

Gu Yue rose up into the air, and Tang Wulin didn't stop her. Instead, he raised his head and let loose a long roar. A massive golden dragon head encompassed his entire body, and he had unleashed none other than his Golden Dragon Roar.

In the face of this almighty roar, the pair of dragon souls up above shuddered in unison, and a hint of fear began to emanate from them. They were nothing more than dragon souls that consisted of essential energy, so they didn't possess any intelligence. They had only managed to take shape again after being nurtured by all of the plant system soul beasts here for many years, yet no matter how powerful they were, they couldn't change the genetics that were rooted deep within their bloodlines. The roar of the Golden Dragon King and the aura of the Silver Dragon King were extremely close to their hearts, but also very intimidating to them.

Gu Yuena flapped her wings as she ascended into the air, and the two dragon souls revolved around her body as they let loose a string of elated roars. Peals of tinkling laughter escaped Gu Yuena's mouth, and all of a sudden, the tense atmosphere had been completely alleviated.

Zang Xin's eyes were filled with astonishment, while the purple-robed man turned deathly pale as he exclaimed, "You have the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King on your side? B, but that's impossible!"

Tang Wulin said in an indifferent voice, "Nothing is impossible in this world. If you ask me, it looks like those two Dragon Masters most likely aren't going to be helping you anymore. Gu Yue, get them to return to their rightful place."

Gu Yue nodded in response before flapping her wings and flying toward the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well. The two giant dragons had been manifested by the water from the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, and under Gu Yuena's guidance, they immediately flew back before disintegrating into a two-colored lake again, leaving only a pair of small dragon souls that were only about two meters in length each revolving around Gu Yuena in an elated manner.

The Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King were the clones of the Dragon God created after its demise. The Silver Dragon King had inherited the Dragon God's ability to control all seven elements, while the Golden Dragon King inherited the powers of the golden dragon and the mountain dragon. As such, the Water Dragon King and Fire Dragon King were naturally very attracted to the aura of the Silver Dragon King. They were like a pair of children who had been reunited with their mother, and they'd completely forgotten about the plant system Great Beasts.

The Amorous Douluo was clearly very surprised by this development as well, and a faint smile appeared on his face. "Looks like the tables have turned, Brother Luo. I didn't think that our Tang Sect would be unknowingly protecting a bunch of ungrateful backstabbers for so many years. It seems that there's a reason why soul beasts have been hunted to the brink of extinction on this continent."

A thunderous expression appeared on the purple-robed man's face. "You humans use us soul beasts as tools to better yourselves; how could we not devise plans to protect ourselves? Even without the Dragon Masters, the six of us will take you down!"

The purple-robed man had lost all of his prior composure and had become quite desperate. Zang Xin's eyes narrowed slightly as his smile widened. "Let me see if your Beautiful Silk Tulip is more powerful or if my Amorous Sword is superior."

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