Chapter 905: Ice Fire Yin Yang Well

Yuanen Yehui's suit of battle armor had been the most complex to construct due to her twin martial souls. Furthermore, her two martial souls were completely different in nature, so a lot of time was expended just to design her suit of battle armor.

At this moment, she had chosen to release her Fallen Angel martial soul. After the introduction of a third type of metal, the suit of battle armor had taken on a deep purple color, and every single one of its patterns exuded a sense of power. A pair of black wings spread open on her back, and that, in conjunction with the fact that she'd returned to her female appearance, gave her a strange sense of mystery and allure.

If she were to transform into her Titan Giant Ape form, her suit of battle armor would change accordingly. In order to ensure that her battle armor enhanced her combat prowess to the maximal extent, she'd decided to sacrifice her ability to fly in her Titan Giant Ape form and focus solely on power enhancement. As such, when Amorous Douluo Zang Xin had instructed everyone to prepare for flight, she had no choice but to release her Fallen Angel martial soul.

Sky Twin was the name that Yuanen Yehui had given to her suit of two-word battle armor.

Sky as in angel  [1], and Twin as in Twin Dragon Daggers.

Yuanen Yehui had initially prepared to name her suit of two-word battle armor Titan Sky to reflect both her Titan Giant Ape and Fallen Angel martial souls, but Xie Xie had finally convinced her to include his name after an extensive amount of nagging. He had to swear countless vows of monogamy and loyalty in exchange for this privilege. 

Thus, Yuanen Yehui was now known as Sky Twin Yuanen Yehui.

Xu Xiaoyan's suit of battle armor was the most glamorous among everyone. After reaching the two-word level, her entire suit of battle armor had turned transparent, as if it had been constructed entirely from translucent crystal. The armor was complex and lavish, and it consisted of all types of round curved lines. Within the suit of battle armor, there seemed to be countless shimmering specks of starlight. The concept of this design had been derived from the astronomical observatory of their academy.

All of these specks of starlight had been released by the circuits in the suit of battle armor, and they possessed extremely potent enhancement effects, allowing her to shorten the amount of time required to unleash each of her soul skills, while also extending the duration of their effects. At the same time, the suit of battle armor could also release a starlight barrier with extremely powerful defensive properties, especially at night. With the assistance of the power of starlight, her defensive prowess exceeded even that of Xu Lizhi.

Star Universe was the name that Xu Xiaoyan had given to her suit of two-word battle armor.

Star as in starlight, and Universe as in Yue Zhengyu.  [2]

She was Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan.

Yue Zhengyu stood behind Xu Xiaoyan and gently stroked her translucent and extremely intricate wings. A pair of pristine white wings had spread open on his back, and his current suit of battle armor was of the same color as his suit of one-word battle armor; it was pristinely white with golden patterns all over its surface, giving off a regal and holy aura.

A series of holy runes had been carved onto his suit of battle armor, and not only did it appear to be slightly thicker than his suit of one-word battle armor, the patterns had also become more spectacular. His wings had also been completely encapsulated within the suit of battle armor, and there was a crown sitting on his head. His entire body was radiating a holy aura, and it was still daytime at the moment, so the sunlight shining down upon him from above only contributed to this holy aura.

In direct contrast with Xu Xiaoyan, he possessed a Holy Angel martial soul, so his combat prowess was more potent during the day.

Sky Word was the name that Yue Zhengyu had given to his suit of two-word battle armor.

Sky as in angel, and word as Xu Xiaoyan.  [3]

He was Sky Word Yue Zhengyu.

All eight of them had attained their suits of two-word battle armor, and their powers had reached another level.

Compared to their suits of one-word battle armor, everyone's suits of two-word battle armor had changed quite significantly, with the exception of Yue Zhengyu. This was something that Tang Wulin had intentionally planned.

They were most likely not going to be able to appear before others with their true identities for a long time to come, so under these circumstances, their top priorities were to protect themselves. Their previous suits of one-word battle armor hadn't been exposed many times, but keen observers may still be able to identify them. As such, it was best to change the appearances of their suits of battle armor quite drastically as a precautionary measure.

Yue Zhengyu was an exception as his situation was rather special. All of the runes on his suit of battle armor were unique to the Holy Angel clan, so excessively altering the appearance of his battle armor would significantly hamper his combat prowess. Thus, after taking a variety of factors into account, they decided to retain its original style.

Dragon Moon Tang Wulin, Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena, Sky Word Yue Zhengyu, Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan, Sky Twin Yuanen Yehui, Dragon Night Xie Xie, Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan, and Guardian Star Xu Lizhi.

After attaining their suits of two-word battle armor, everyone finally received their own titles, which were combinations of their martial souls and the names of their lovers.

Zang Xin looked on as they released their suits of battle armor, and a genuine smile appeared on his face as their wings unfurled one after another.

This was the first time he had smiled in such a genuine and elated manner ever since the disaster that had befallen the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. These young men and women were even more outstanding than he'd imagined. Not only were their powers superior to that of their peers, their suits of battle armor were also extremely powerful, and he could tell that they definitely weren't rushed projects to give them quick power boosts. An extremely solid foundation had been built; all of their suits of battle armor suited them perfectly, and the quality of their battle armor was far superior to that of normal suits of two-word battle armor.

"Come with me."

Zang Xin's body swayed as he spoke, and he instantly appeared in the air above the valley.

Tang Wulin and the others also flapped their wings to follow him into the air.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had originally possessed flight abilities, so they were naturally most adept at flying. As for everyone else, they hadn't had much time to practice flying after attaining their suits of two-word battle armor, so they were looking slightly wobbly as soon as they rose up into the air. However, all of them were brilliant prodigies and it only took them an instant to stabilize their bodies. They spread open their wings and activated their soul power, thereby allowing them to hover steadily in mid-air.

Zang Xin waved a hand and descended toward the valley first. At the same time, a layer of faint golden light emanated from his body, forming a light barrier that enshrouded Tang Wulin and the others within.

The light barrier descended, and Tang Wulin and the others immediately caught sight of a glamorous layer of rainbow mist within the valley.

However, as the light barrier entered the rainbow mist, all of them were stunned to see that even with Zang Xin's immense powers, the protective barrier that he'd conjured up was rippling violently, and pits and indentations began to appear all over its surface.

"This is Rainbow Miasma, one of the most potent types of poison in the entire world. Anything that comes into contact with it will be eroded no matter what it is. The miasma has accumulated above this valley over many years, and in the past, they had spread over the surrounding forest as well. Our Tang Sect had to expend a vast amount of effort to gather all of it above this valley in order to increase its concentration. Even if a black mecha were to try and infiltrate this place, it would be quickly eroded into nothingness by this miasma. At the very least, one would have to be a Hyper Douluo to be able to use their own soul power to withstand this Rainbow Miasma for a short time."

It was undoubtedly the case that this was the most effective line of defense for the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well. Even Hyper Douluos could easily fall prey to such lethal poison if they didn't ascertain its nature beforehand!

Thankfully, the layer of miasma wasn't very thick. They passed through it after traveling for several dozens of meters, and a small valley was revealed to everyone.

As soon as they caught a clear glimpse of the valley, everyone was stunned by the scenes before their eyes.

The first thing that they saw was a strange two-colored lake. One side of it was blue while the other side was red, and there was a clear division between the two sections.

This was most likely the origin behind the name for the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well.

There were all types of strange and exotic plants growing on the shore of this two-colored lake, and there was one extremely gargantuan flower that was particularly eye-catching.

Tang Wulin activated his Purple Demon Eyes to get a closer look at all of the plants down below, only to discover that he couldn't recognize the vast majority of them. It was undoubtedly the case that these were all spirit items of the highest caliber.

Right after they descended through the miasma, a series of powerful intent suddenly swept toward them from down below, and all of them were clearly very unfriendly.

[1] [The word angel is 天使 in Chinese, and the 天 component means sky or heaven.]

[2] [The "Yu" (宇) in Yue Zhengyu's name translates to space or universe.]

[3] [The "Yan" (言) in Xu Xiaoyan's name translates to word or speech.]

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