Chapter 904: Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

This seemed to be a very sophisticated illusionary realm.

A faint golden chain that was shimmering with starlight linked everyone together, and it was none other than Xu Xiaoyan's Astral Chain. Even if they were to encounter any danger, the chain would distribute the damage that any one of them incurred.

"What is this place, Father? It's so strange," Gu Yue asked in a low voice.

Tang Wulin had told her many times not to call him father, but she simply couldn't kick the habit. In the end, he was only able to convince her not to call him that in settings where there were many people around.

After walking for a while, Zang Xin suddenly stopped, and their surroundings also became clear again.

Only then did Tang Wulin and the others discover that they'd arrived beside a cliff. They turned around to discover that they'd just traveled through a forest, but this was a rainbow forest with many plants that they'd never seen before. Those were undoubtedly the extremely poisonous plants that the Amorous Douluo had been referring to.

The combination of the lethal poison of the plants and the illusionary realm provided an ideal natural barrier for this place.

"Your suits of two-word battle armor have all been completed, right? The place we're going to is situated within the valley."

Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Zang Xin said, "Show me your suits of battle armor."

Golden light flashed within Tang Wulin's eyes, and a low dragon's roar erupted from his body. Specks of golden light then began to appear at all of his joints, as well as all of the important parts of his body, such as his forehead and his chest.

A series of golden lines connected these golden specks of light, and the first things that appeared were his pair of golden dragon claws. Layers of patterns appeared as his golden dragon claws emerged, and a suit of armor that resembled dragon scales quickly spread along both of his arms. There were three sharp curved blades on the sides of each of his forearms, and compared to his suit of one-word battle armor, these blades were curved to a greater angle.

The pauldrons [1] were the next to appear, and there were several layers to them, which led downward to the breastplate.

After the golden suit of armor encapsulated his entire body, Tang Wulin's aura swelled drastically. Each and every scale on his suit of armor was slightly ridged, and there was faint light shimmering over all of those ridges. The cuirass [2] consisted of a rhomboid piece of metal that resembled a massive scale.

Golden light flashed from his forehead, and a helmet immediately appeared. A pair of sharp dragon-horn-like protrusion were situated on either side of the helmet, and at the same time, a golden visor emerged to cover his face, leaving only his bright eyes exposed.

Tang Wulin huddled over slightly, and a massive pair of golden wings abruptly appeared on his back. The wings looked as if they'd been constructed from countless scales, and the wingspan was in excess of four meters. When the wings were folded away, they covered the entirety of his back.

In the instant that the pair of wings appeared, Tang Wulin's aura swelled dramatically once again, and the suit of battle armor was a perfect combination of power and beauty.

Dragon Moon was the name that Tang Wulin had given to his suit of two-word battle armor.

Dragon as in Golden Dragon King, and Moon as in Gu Yuena.  [3]

He was Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

Gu Yue suddenly giggled as she stood beside Tang Wulin. "I have one, too!"

A speck of silver light abruptly appeared on her forehead, and she raised her head slightly. All of a sudden, her disguise was lifted and her hair color returned to normal, revealing her original stunning beauty.

Strangely enough, there was no silver light shimmering on any other part of her body aside from on her forehead. The light was coming from an ovular silver gem, and the gem spread outward to form a crown-like helmet around Gu Yue's head. A silver visor also descended to obscure her gorgeous features, and her suit of silver armor "flowed" down from above her head like cascading liquid mercury.

The oval shape was a very prominent theme in her suit of armor. There was also an ovular silver gem situated right at the center of her chest, and there was faint rainbow light shimmering within the gem.

Compared to the powerful and intimidating appearance of Tang Wulin's suit of battle armor, Gu Yue's battle armor was a lot more petite and agile. There were no exaggerated pauldrons or melee combat weapons like Tang Wulin's sharp curved blades, and the entire suit of armor was very beautiful and lavish, giving her the appearance of a celestial maiden who had descended from the heavens.

A pair of silver dragon wings spread open on her back, and the wings were slightly smaller than Tang Wulin's but there were a total of 18 gems on her wings, all of which were shimmering with faint light. As soon as she donned her suit of battle armor, all of the elements in the air became noticeably more active, and they naturally gathered around her to form a layer of rainbow light.

Gu Yue's suit of battle armor hadn't been constructed by Tang Wulin and his friends. Instead, she suddenly recalled that she also had a suit of armor after she witnessed Tang Wulin's completed suit of two-word battle armor, and she immediately released it in an excited manner. Only then did everyone discover that she'd already completed her suit of two-word battle armor, and she had even named it already.

Dragon Qilin was the name that Gu Yue had given to her suit of battle armor.

Dragon as in silver dragon, and Qilin as in Tang Wulin.  [4]

She was Dragon Qilin Gu Yue, also known as Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena.

The golden and silver dragon scales illuminated one another, and there seemed to be some kind of indescribable connection between the two suits of battle armor. After Gu Yue donned her suit of battle armor, a layer of golden light immediately appeared around Tang Wulin's suit of battle armor in a very natural manner, creating a very intriguing sight to behold.

Dragon Moon Tang Wulin and Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena. Both of them were two-word battle armor masters!

Golden and rainbow light intertwined, and their respective auras were further enhanced in each other's presence. Amorous Douluo Zang Xin was very elated by what he saw. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena's suits of battle armor were undoubtedly far more powerful than he'd imagined.

Tang Wulin's Dragon Moon battle armor had been constructed from three types of alloys, all of which had been spirit refined to perfection, and the armor enhanced him far more than his suit of one-word battle armor did.

However, what came as quite a surprise to Tang Wulin was that after releasing her suit of two-word battle armor, a spear had appeared in Gu Yuena's right hand.

Wasn't that Na'er's Silver Dragon Spear? The only difference was that an ovular silver bead had appeared on the tip of the spear, so it had lost its sharp tip. However, when Gu Yuena gently waved her spear through the air, a silver spear projection that was over a foot in length would naturally emerge from the front of the silver bead.

Tang Wulin's weapon was his Golden Dragon Spear; was Gu Yuena's weapon a Silver Dragon Spear?

Meanwhile, their friends had also donned their respective suits of two-word battle armor.

In the instant that Ye Xinglan released her suit of battle armor, countless specks of light appeared all over her body. It was as if she'd instantly transformed into a miniature galaxy that was filled with stars.

Starlight flashed, and a suit of simplistic armor appeared over her body. After being upgraded to the two-word level, her suit of armor had taken on a strange scorching white color. It was as if the entire suit of armor were crystalline in nature and was shimmering with dazzling light.

Every aspect of her battle armor had been designed to be as sharp as a blade, just as she was. The suit of battle armor wasn't all that lavish, and even its wings were quite petite. However, they were extremely sharp and resembled the guiding wings that one would typically find on a mecha. In the instant that she donned the suit of armor and the visor descended over her face, a burst of natural sword intent erupted directly upward from her body.

The burst of sword intent was so powerful that it seemed to be threatening to pierce through the very heavens.

Star Wisdom was the name she'd given to her suit of two-word battle armor.

Star as in Stargod Sword, and Wisdom as in Xu Lizhi.  [5]

She was Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan!

The rotund Xu Lizhi stood beside her, and his suit of battle armor was rather strange-looking. His suit of one-word battle armor had been yellow in color, but that had since darkened into a brown color.

The suit of armor was very thick and heavy, and his battle armor was the most intimidating out of everyone's. Each and every piece of the suit of armor was like a slab of rock, and it encapsulated his entire body. There was a huge round yellow gemstone on his chest, and his helmet was of the most traditional style. The wings on his back were also extremely massive, even more so than Tang Wulin's, and he resembled an immovable mountain.

The aura emanating from his body was infused with destructive energy fluctuations that sent chills running down one's spine.

Guardian Star was the name that Xu Lizhi had given to his suit of two-word battle armor.

Everyone had jokingly urged him to name his suit of battle armor "Steamed Bun", but Xu Lizhi naturally vehemently rejected the idea. In the end, he decided to use Guardian, and Star as in Ye Xinglan.  [6] Everyone naturally knew the meaning behind this name.

He was Guardian Star Xu Lizhi!

Standing beside Xu Lizhi was Xie Xie. After his suit of battle armor reached the two-word level, it had taken on an illusionary appearance, and light was shimmering from its surface in an unpredictable manner. The suit of battle armor was semi-transparent with faint light shimmering within it, and it looked as if it had been carved out of a massive piece of crystal. There were dragon-shaped patterns all over the suit of battle armor, and compared to his suit of one-word battle armor, it had become a lot more mysterious.

His suit of battle armor appeared to be even thinner than Ye Xinglan's, and as opposed to one pair of wings on its back, there were two, both of which were quite short and small, but very streamlined and aerodynamic. There was no helmet over his head. Instead, there was a trident-like headpiece on his head, and there seemed to be a constant breeze flowing around his body.

His suit of battle armor provided him with only speed-boosting abilities, as well as speed and soul power dual enhancements. Its defensive properties were significantly inferior to everyone else's suits of battle armor, but it could definitely raise his speed to the very max.

Dragon Night was the name that Xie Xie had given to his suit of two-word battle armor.

Dragon as in Twin Dragon Daggers, and Night as in Yuanen Yehui.  [7] After his suit of battle armor was constructed, he made a bold declaration that he was definitely going to become a four-word battle armor master in the future, and when that time came, he would name his suit of battle armor Twin Dragon Night Radiance.  [8]

He was Dragon Night Xie Xie.

[1] [armor that covers the shoulders]

[2] [armor that covers the torso]

[3] [As previously explained, the "Yue" (月) in Gu Yuena literally translates to moon in Chinese.]

[4] [The "Lin" (麟) comes from the word Qilin (麒麟)]

[5] [The "Zhi" (智) in Xu Lizhi's name translates to wisdom.]

[6] [The "Xing" (星) in Ye Xinglan's name translates to star.]

[7] [The "Ye" (夜) in Yuanen Yehui translates to night.]

[8] [The "Hui" (辉) in Yuanen Yehui translates to radiance.]

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