Chapter 900: The Divine Blacksmith's Analysis

Tang Wulin approached Zhen Hua and extended a salute before giving everyone a recount of what had happened during the terrorist attack on Shrek Academy.

Mu Ye and Zhen Hua's expressions became grimmer and grimmer as they listened to his story.

Only Tang Wulin and his friends were aware of exactly what had happened at Shrek City during the attack. In the face of the two Godslayer missiles, everything had been annihilated. Even the protector of Shrek Academy, the Golden Tree, had completely disappeared.

The atmosphere in the stone chamber had become quite somber.

Zhen Hua turned to Tang Wulin, and asked, "What are your plans, Wulin?"

Tang Wulin replied in a grave voice, "I'm planning to keep a low profile and observe everything from the shadows, then think of a plan to gradually rebuild Shrek Academy after the situation on the continent stabilizes. During this time, we're also planning to craft our suits of two-word battle armor. Teacher, Uncle-teacher, do either of you know where I can find the spirit item known as the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum? Aunt Yali says that it's the only thing that can help Gu Yue recover her memories."

Tang Wulin was very eager to raise this question to these two as both of them had a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mu Ye's brows furrowed slightly as he shook his head. "I've heard of it, but I've never seen it before."

Zhen Hua said, "Same for me. I've heard that this Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum is extremely beneficial to Soul Masters who are cultivating body refinement techniques. However, I presume that there's one place where this spirit item can definitely be found. That place has the greatest wealth of rare spirit items on this entire continent, especially when it comes to plant-type spirit items."

Tang Wulin was quite elated to hear this. "What is this place you're talking about?"

Zhen Hua replied, "It's one of the Tang Sect's secret regions. Remember that Tang Sect Ice Fire Seal that the Amorous Douluo gave you last time? That badge will grant you access to that secret region, but you have to get into contact with the higher-ups of the Tang Sect first."

Tang Wulin's face immediately fell at the mention of the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect headquarters had also been destroyed during the attack!

"Don't wallow in despair; the Tang Sect is different from Shrek Academy. The entirety of Shrek Academy is in Shrek City, so it's been completely destroyed during the attack, but that's not the case for the Tang Sect. Even though many of the Tang Sect's most powerful beings were gathered at their headquarters, the main loss they suffered during the attack was in resources, not in personnel. 

"According to my knowledge, neither the Amorous Douluo nor the Heartless Douluo were at the Tang Sect headquarters at the time. Otherwise, even though Godslayer missiles had been detonated, the combined powers of those two and Atlas Douluo may have been enough to stifle the explosions. At the very least, even if they couldn't have completely stopped the explosions, the damage wouldn't have been as severe."

Tang Wulin's eyes immediately lit up upon hearing this. If the Tang Sect had retained most of its power, then the organization would definitely act as a powerful ally for them in their quest to rebuild Shrek Academy. After all, the handful of people who were gathered here simply weren't powerful enough to resurrect Shrek Academy on their own.

Zhen Hua's eyes narrowed slightly, and after a brief moment of contemplation, he said, "No one could've anticipated this latest attack from the Holy Spirit Cult, and we had no idea that they'd already mustered up such fearsome power. However, this incident has also completely exposed the extent of their powers. They may have destroyed most of Shrek City, but they must've suffered heavy losses in the process as well. I know a lot about Godslayer missiles; those three Godslayer missiles were sealed away right after they were created not just because they were too destructive, but also because they were too difficult to detonate as doing so required an extremely vast amount of energy. 

"To put it simply, all of the energy that it took for the entirety of Shrek City to function could only just barely detonate those three Godslayer missiles. As such, the Holy Spirit Cult had to have sacrificed a lot to detonate those two Godslayers missiles in Shrek City. We just don't know what method they employed to detonate those missiles.

"The current situation is very chaotic, but the federal government should be able to stabilize again after a period of time. When that time comes, we have to observe and see who benefited the most from this incident. It's very likely that the main beneficiaries in this scenario are related to the Holy Spirit Cult. All of you are still very young, and your youth represents hope. Even though Soul Masters and even battle armor masters are no longer as revered on this continent due to the rapid advancement of soul technology, I urge you not to lose confidence in yourselves just because of this incident.

"A Limit Douluo who's also a four-word battle armor master is definitely not inferior in power to a Godslayer missile. With the current state of the resources on the continent, it would be impossible for the federation to create more weapons of this caliber. It's very likely the case that the Holy Spirit Cult had to prepare for over 1,000 years before initiating this attack, so improving yourselves and becoming more powerful is extremely important no matter what happens. As such, I think that taking this time to craft your suits of two-word battle armor is a great decision.

"At the same time, you have to find a future path for yourselves. Shrek Academy has been completely destroyed, and rebuilding it will be far from an easy task. At the very least, you won't be able to accomplish such a monumental task on your own, so you must build up your own forces. Even if the Tang Sect were completely intact, they still wouldn't possess enough power to support you to complete this objective. Shrek Academy was simply too powerful, so much so that even the entire federation was wary of it. As such, the federation may well have played a role behind the recent attack. Hence, if you want to rebuild Shrek Academy, then you have to have a certain level of influence within the entire federation."

Zhen Hua's voice trailed off here, and a contemplative look appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he asked, "What do you suggest we should do, Uncle-teacher?"

Zhen Hua replied without any hesitation, "Join the military. If I recall correctly, that was your plan for after you graduate from the inner court, and it's a very good choice. The military is an entity that's separate from the political system, and even though there are also many factions within the military, these factions are all generally quite independent. Under those circumstances, all you have to do is gain control over some military resources, and progress as quickly as you can in the military. Only after you seize control over a considerable amount of military power will it be possible for you to rebuild Shrek Academy someday."

Ye Xinglan's brows furrowed slightly as she said, "Your Highness, there are so many alumni who have graduated from our Shrek Academy, and many of them have become important figures all over the entire continent; won't they stand up and heed our call if we attempt to rebuild Shrek Academy?"

Zhen Hua replied in an indifferent manner, "Don't be so naive, child. You're right, Shrek Academy has connections all over the entire continent, and countless people would step forward to heed its call, but that only applies if Shrek Academy is still around. This was also the main source of Shrek Academy's power. However, now that Shrek Academy no longer exists, the people of Shrek have lost their roots. How many people do you think will heed your call at a time like this?

"After entering society, one will inevitably be affected by societal influences, and they'll also have to shoulder more societal responsibilities. They'll have families and other things that will weigh them down; how many people do you think will truly be willing to lay down their lives and rebuild Shrek Academy with all of you?

"From another perspective, all of you may be extremely prodigious young talents, but have you considered that you're currently only a group of Soul Kings and Soul Emperors? Among your upperclassmen, there are countless Soul Masters of higher cultivation ranks; what right do you have to call upon them? What right do you have to represent Shrek Academy? It's not enough for you to just say that you're Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Only when all of you become four-word battle armor masters and can stand at the pinnacle of the entire continent will you be entitled to these rights. Remember this; if you want to rebuild Shrek Academy, you must have both power and influence!"

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