Chapter 899: Holy Spirit Healing

Mu Ye was just as excited to see him, and he rushed forward before giving him a massive hug.

"I'm so glad you're alive! I thought that the most exceptional disciple the Body Sect had seen in over 1,000 years had passed away, just like that!"

Aside from Yali and Gu Yue, the latter of whom was suffering from amnesia, everyone else naturally recognized Mu Ye, and all of them stepped forward to extend respectful salutes.

"Alright, come into the bunker first."

This stone bunker was very easy to overlook even by satellites as it was blended in extremely well with the mountains around it. However, after walking into the bunker, the interior was completely different.

The rear section of the bunker led straight into a cavernous space within the mountain behind it, and inside that space were a dozen or so powerful Soul Masters. It was quite apparent from some of their bodily traits that all of them were Body Sect Soul Masters.

"Teacher, how is my uncle-teacher right now?" Tang Wulin asked.

Mu Ye replied, "His condition is stable, but he's not getting any better. The one who attacked him was an Evil Soul Master who was very close to a Limit Douluo, and if it weren't for your uncle-teacher's suit of four-word battle armor, he'd most likely be dead right now. Come with me; I'll take you to see him."

Tang Wulin turned to Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, "Aunt Yali, you..."

Yali had told them to refer to her as such rather than address her as "Your Highness".

Yali merely nodded in response.

Mu Ye took a glance at her, and he heaved a faint internal sigh, but he didn't say anything as he led the way deeper into the mountain.

Zhen Hua was recovering deep within the belly of the mountain, and he was lying on top of a stone bed. His eyes were tightly shut, and his face was very pale. A layer of faint green energy could be seen on the skin of his face, and that energy was giving the entire stone chamber a sinister feeling.

Mu Ye said in a grim voice, "After reaching a four-word level, suits of battle armor will attain a certain degree of intelligence, so it's no exaggeration to say that they're the second bodies of Soul Masters. Zhen Hua's suit of battle armor has sealed off many of the important areas of his body to prevent the malicious spirit from spreading, but it's too powerful for us to completely eradicate. We've already tried many ways to get rid of it, but the malicious spirit almost infiltrated our bodies in the process, so we had no choice but to give up. The power of his four-word battle armor can only maintain this strained state of equilibrium for now, but it's really hard to say how long he'll be able to last like this."

Yali made her way over to Zhen Hua's bedside, and a hint of life finally returned to her eyes at the sight of the green energy flowing over Zhen Hua's face. A series of soul rings began to slowly rise up from beneath her feet, and as her holy aura gradually became stronger, the sinister aura in the stone chamber was instantly significantly alleviated.

Releasing her martial soul seemed to have also nurtured her body, and her shriveled appearance returned to its former dazzling beauty. Even Mu Ye was momentarily entranced by the sight of her.

Her soul rings glowed while gentle white light emanated from her body before encompassing Zhen Hua's entire body. The white light seeped into Zhen Hua's body as thin threads, and a white vortex began to take shape above him.

The stubborn green energy that refused to leave his body was drawn out little by little by the white vortex before slowly vanishing amid the white light.

A string of shrill roars began to ring out, and it was as if there really were countless malicious spirits howling with fury inside the stone chamber. However, these roars only grew more and more feeble in the face of the white vortex.

One green ball of light after another was drawn out of Zhen Hua's body before being eradicated within the white vortex, and Zhen Hua's complexion gradually began to improve.

Mu Ye looked on with astonishment and bewilderment as Yali treated Zhen Hua. He could sense from the energy fluctuations emanating from her body that she was a Hyper Douluo! Furthermore, she was no ordinary Hyper Douluo; she was a healing system Hyper Douluo. 

What did that entail? At the very least, he had never seen a healing system Soul Master of such a high caliber.

It was already extraordinarily difficult for healing system Soul Masters to become Titled Douluos, let alone Hyper Douluos.

Furthermore, the soul rings that Yali had released were also of a very high level; there were two red soul rings while the other seven were all black. Even Mu Ye's soul ring configuration was inferior to this.

It was quite apparent that she had to be an extremely important figure in Shrek Academy.

When the final ball of green light was drawn out, a grim expression suddenly appeared on Yali's face. Right at this moment, a layer of golden light began to glow from her body, and a pair of massive golden wings spread open on her back. Immediately thereafter, a suit of armor quickly appeared to encapsulate her entire body.

A golden ring of light appeared beneath her feet, and within that ring of light was a series of golden feather-shaped patterns. As soon as it appeared, the entire stone chamber was baked in a golden color, and all of the sinister energy in the room was instantly replaced by a holy aura.

A clear holy song rang out, and it was extremely delightful to the ears as it reverberated throughout the chamber, striking everyone present with the feeling that their hearts and souls were being cleansed.

A crown appeared on Yali's head, and three tiny angels were dancing on top of the crown. She raised her right hand, and a shimmering golden staff appeared in her grasp. Her aura was instantly elevated to a level that even Mu Ye could only look up to.

"Four-word battle armor!"

This was the first time everyone had seen Holy Spirit Douluo release her battle armor and martial soul with all her might. Her aura was immensely powerful, but there was no pressure emanating from it. Instead, it made everyone feel as if their souls were being elevated to a higher plane.

She pointed her staff at Zhen Hua, and the skin all over his entire body turned purple. Immediately thereafter, the purple color surged out in a frenzy, forming a massive purple skull in mid-air that let loose a roar of fury toward Yali.

Yali's eyes also turned into a holy golden color, and they were filled with rage and contempt.

A beam of dazzling golden light erupted from the tip of her staff, and brilliant golden light radiated from the purple skull in retaliation, but it only managed to last an instant before it was destroyed and purified by the holy light.

However, a sinister thought then reverberated throughout the stone chamber in its wake. "The Holy Spirit Douluo is still alive?"

The golden light receded, and Yali's suit of four-word battle armor was also withdrawn into her body. Her powerful aura vanished, but strangely enough, her greyish-white hair had returned to its original glossy black color, and she had also returned to her former stunning beauty. All of the life force energy that had left her body seemed to have been replenished as soon as she released her martial soul.

At Yali's current level, her powers were comparable to that of a Limit Douluo after she released her four-word battle armor. At her level of power, it would be difficult for her to die even if she wanted to, so a loss of life force energy was naturally nothing to her.

Zhen Hua's complexion had returned to normal, and a faint healthy flush was slowly returning to his cheeks. All of the malicious energy in his body had completely disappeared.

Mu Ye turned to Yali with a stunned expression, then glanced at Zhen Hua before expressing his gratitude in a solemn manner. "Thank you, Your Highness."

Yali merely gently shook her head before walking off to the side. Her eyes had become completely glazed over again, and she resembled a walking dead person.

Just when Tang Wulin and the others thought that Zhen Hua would require some more rest to fully recover, he suddenly exhaled and slowly opened his eyes.

It had to be said that Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was most definitely the number one healer in the entire world.

Zhen Hua sat up and looked down at his own body, then turned to Tang Wulin and Mu Ye with a surprised expression. "I've been cured? That malicious spirit..."

Only then did he catch sight of Yali, and he hurriedly got down from the bed as he greeted in a respectful manner, "Your Highness."

Yali merely nodded in a show of acknowledgment, but she didn't say anything.

Zhen Hua took a moment to recover his composure. He knew that she had to have been responsible for his recovery, but he could also tell from her expression and demeanor that the recent tragedy had dealt her an extremely heavy blow.

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