Chapter 896: He's Still Alive!

From the current situation, it could be confirmed that Shrek City had been severely damaged, and both Shrek Academy, as well as the Tang Sect headquarters, had been completely destroyed, culminating in an immeasurable amount of destruction.

There didn't appear to be any news reports about his friends at this point.

Was the Holy Spirit Cult really capable of unleashing such a fearsome terrorist attack on their own? Was the military being paid to do nothing? How had those 12th-grade soul missiles been stolen so easily? There was most definitely more than just an Evil Soul Master organization involved behind all of this.

The existence of Shrek City had always been an anomaly in the federation. It was just that even the federation didn't dare to do anything to Shrek City as it held such a lofty status on the continent.

From this terrorist attack, it was quite apparent that the federation already had the power to wipe out Shrek City with these super weapons, but there was no way that they could do that. Could it be that the federation had used the Holy Spirit Cult to get rid of Shrek City for them? Alternatively, perhaps some high-ranking officials of the federation had worked together with Evil Soul Masters to destroy Shrek City.

The Holy Spirit Cult didn't care about its reputation being further tarnished as they had no reputation to begin with, yet what they had done would undoubtedly be benefitting many powerful figures. Without the influence of Shrek Academy on this continent, it would be much easier for some ambitious figures to accomplish what they wanted to do.

However, Tang Wulin wasn't aware of any of the specific details. After all, he hadn't studied politics in great detail.

The Tang Sect headquarters had also been destroyed during this attack, and it was very clear that they'd been targeted as some of the people in power were quite wary of them, just as they were wary of Shrek Academy. This incident was most definitely not as simple as it appeared on the surface.

What about the Spirit Pagoda?

The Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and the Spirit Pagoda were the three most powerful super organizations on this continent. Why was it that the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had been dealt fatal blows, yet the Spirit Pagoda's headquarters had remained completely unscathed, even though it was situated so close to Shrek City?

From the perspective of the Evil Soul Masters, the Spirit Pagoda clearly posed a more prominent threat than the Tang Sect. At the very least, the Spirit Pagoda was a more powerful organization on paper, and it most definitely had more powerful Soul Masters than the Tang Sect did. However, the second Godslayer missile had struck the Tang Sect headquarters instead of the Spirit Pagoda; was there really no foul play involved?

Tang Wulin wasn't suspecting that the Spirit Pagoda had allied themselves with the Holy Spirit Cult, but at the very least, he couldn't eliminate that possibility.

As such, the current Spirit Pagoda couldn't be trusted, which was why he hadn't revealed his own identity back in the Star Dou Forest. At this point in time, no one was aware of the fact that Shrek’s Seven Monsters were still alive. In this situation, it was definitely much better for him to stay in the shadows than be out in the open.

The Holy Spirit Cult was more powerful than he'd imagined, and on the giant skull that had appeared on that day, there was at least one Evil Soul Master who was not inferior in power to Atlas Douluo Yun Ming by much.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of such a catastrophic terrorist attack, all of the traces and evidence had been destroyed during the explosion, thereby making it very difficult for them to investigate anything. Even if they were to find any leads, they were currently too weak to do anything about this situation.

After thinking through all of these things, Tang Wulin concluded that there was only one thing that they should be doing: biding their time!

He didn't just need to grow more powerful on his own. Instead, he had to build up enough forces to be able to oppose the Evil Soul Masters.

He slowly opened his eyes before making his way over to the window. Even though he'd gotten two rooms, both he and Gu Yue were staying in the same room at the moment.

Gu Yue was curled up in a ball, sound asleep on the bed. There was a blanket draped over her body, and her long hair spilled down her pillow. Her long eyelashes rested on her cheeks, and she was as beautiful as an oversized doll.

Tang Wulin was immediately instilled with a sense of calmness at the sight of her. He cast his gaze out through the window again before taking out his soul communicator and turning it on, then slowly dialing a number.

He was feeling quite nervous, and his heart was pounding in his chest. Whether this call was answered or not would determine whether he was alone in this world.

"Wulin?' An urgent voice sounded from the other end of the line, and he couldn't help but shudder slightly upon hearing this voice.

He took a deep breath, but his voice still trembled slightly as he said, "Xinglan, I'm fine."

The other end of the line suddenly fell silent, and just as Tang Wulin was beginning to grow anxious and perplexed, deafening cheers of elation suddenly rang out.

Tears immediately began to stream down Tang Wulin's face as he heard the voices of all of his friends. He could hear the voices of Ye Xinglan, Xie Xie, Yuanen, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi... Everyone was there. Their voices were cracking slightly from overexcitement, but Tang Wulin could still clearly discern all of their individual voices.

It was them; they were all alive and well.

Tang Wulin felt as if there were a lump in his throat that was rendering him completely unable to talk.

They had truly survived against all odds!

"Boss, Boss!" Xie Xie's sobbing voice rang out from the other end of the line.

"I'm here." Tang Wulin was only able to muster up that reply after forcibly calming himself down.

"Where are you, Boss? Are you really still alive? I'm not dreaming, am I?" Xie Xie's voice was trembling violently, and Tang Wulin could sense just how worked up he was.

"I'm still alive, and I'm completely fine. Gu Yue saved me. She teleported herself to me using the token that she left me, then teleported both of us far away. We're currently situated in a small city roughly 200 kilometers away from Shrek City; I don't even know this city's name. What about you guys? Where are all of you right now? Are you all safe and well?"

Ye Xinglan took the soul communicator back from Xie Xie, and replied, "We're all fine as well, and we're currently in Heaven Dou City. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali is also with us, but her emotional state is..."

Holy Spirit Douluo? Tang Wulin's heart jolted upon hearing this. He suddenly recalled that Yali seemed to have only fallen unconscious in the aftermath of the attack, so she was still alive. It was great news that a Hyper Douluo from Shrek Academy had survived the attack, but Tang Wulin couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness for her when he thought about her relationship with Yun Ming.

If he were in her shoes and Gu Yue was the one who had perished instead, he would be in a world of pain.

"Try to comfort her as best as you can; I'll go to meet up with all of you as soon as possible. Also, don't trust any organization at this time, including even the Tang Sect. The academy may have been destroyed, but we must stay strong. It's just like the pavilion master said; we are the final hopes of the academy. Our survival is imperative if the academy is ever going to make a resurgence someday, so our top priority right now is to protect ourselves. Hence, we can't expose our identities to anyone, and ideally, all of us should constantly be in disguise."

"My thoughts exactly," Ye Xinglan replied in an affirmative manner, "We all disguised ourselves prior to coming to Heaven Dou City, and we've contacted no one since the attack. We all recalled seeing Gu Yue appear on the scene of the explosion, but we weren't sure if you two were dead or alive following that missile explosion, so we've been waiting for you ever since we came here. Come to find us, Wulin; we'll wait for you, and you make sure to stay safe as well."

From her voice, Tang Wulin could hear that the perpetually calm and steadfast Ye Xinglan was completely exhausted, both in body and mind.

"Alright, wait for me; I'll go to meet all of you as soon as I can. Stay in touch."

After ending the call, Tang Wulin wiped the tears from his face before taking a deep breath.

At the very least, all of his friends were still alive; what could be better news at a time like this?

He gradually began to hatch a plan. He was going to reunite with his friends first, then find a way to cure Gu Yue's amnesia. Only then were they going to search for an opportunity to revive Shrek Academy.

They had to make use of all resources that could be put to use, and Heaven Dou City was a good place for them to do all of this.

He hesitated momentarily as he held his soul communicator, but refrained from calling anyone else in the end.

At a time like this, he could only think of two people who could help him. One of them was his teacher and the master of the Body Sect, Mu Ye, while the other was naturally his uncle-teacher, Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua.

However, he didn't rush to contact them for now. Everything could wait until he reached Heaven Dou City. In the aftermath of this vicious terrorist attack effected by the Holy Spirit Cult, his uncle-teacher was most likely in a very perilous situation as well. As the only Divine Blacksmith on the entire continent, he posed no direct threat to the Holy Spirit Cult, but he could churn out an endless supply of four-word battle armor masters.

Tang Wulin returned to the bed, and as soon as he laid down, a sense of exhaustion instantly spread through his entire body. He was not just physically exhausted, but also completely mentally drained.

Only after encircling his arms around Gu Yue and embracing her through the blanket did he feel slightly better, and he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

They slept until noon the next day, and after having some food to eat, the two of them continued to travel along the highway in his Tang Sect battle vehicle.

Tang Wulin had already inspected the GPS, and he chose a route to Heaven Dou City that was longer than the shortest possible route, but took him away from Shrek City. At a time like this, he could never be too careful.

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