Chapter 894: Crashing Through by Force

If the people you were trying to threaten could sense indecision in your demeanor, then it was very likely that they were going to stall for time in order to devise a plan to kill you. It was undoubtedly the case that the longer this standoff lasted, the more things the situation would tilt against Tang Wulin's favor.

He lunged directly toward a purple mecha with Gu Yue in his arms as he spoke.

All of a sudden, he spun around before launching a kick onto the mecha's shoulder.

A resounding boom rang out as that mecha was sent flying by his terrifying strength before crashing into the mechas behind it.

"Strength analysis: over 150,000 kilograms. The mecha has sustained 21% damage."

Was this man even a human?

At this moment, many of the most important figures of the Star Dou Fortress had already gathered at the control tower. After witnessing the terrifying strength that Tang Wulin had displayed, their immediate initial judgment was that this deranged-looking man had to be a soul beast. Only a soul beast could possess such immense strength.

It was naturally very important for them to keep the Great Beasts from escaping, but Gu Yuena was a Reserve Spirit Envoy, so her life was definitely much more important to the Spirit Pagoda in comparison. In the face of Tang Wulin's deranged rampage, all of the mechas were constantly being forced back.

If Tang Wulin were asking them to lift the entire protective barrier over the Star Dou Forest, then that was clearly a demand they couldn't comply with. However, if he were only trying to escape on his own, then the situation became very simple. All they had to do was hunt him down after he escaped.

After crashing through the mechas around him, Tang Wulin continued to rush onward. He didn't know where he was going, but he was roughly aware of which direction that the Star Dou Forest was situated in, and he was charging away in the opposite direction.

After passing through a few passageways, more and more powerful beings from the Spirit Pagoda began to appear both ahead of and behind him, but he displayed no intention of stopping.

However, the structure of this place was extremely convoluted, and if he were to continue to run through one passageway after another, he was eventually going to lose his sense of direction.

It was undoubtedly the case that all of the surrounding powerful beings were waiting for an opportunity. As soon as he showed any sign of weakness or expended too much energy, they would swoop in and kill him on the spot while rescuing Gu Yue at the same time.

He couldn't just keep running around aimlessly like this.

With that in mind, he abruptly stopped in his tracks. He kept one had on Gu Yue's neck while lashing out toward the wall behind him with his other hand.

A rumbling dragon's roar rang out as he activated his bloodline power, but he didn't allow his dragon scales to appear over his body.

An enormous burst of power that exceeded 200 tons crashed viciously into the metal wall, and a thunderous boom rang out as the wall completely caved in, despite the fact that it was over two feet thick and was bolstered by soul energy. He withdrew his elbow before sending it crashing into the wall again.

Just the soundwaves from the collision alone were enough to send chills running down the spines of the powerful beings from the Spirit Pagoda.

After a third strike, a massive hole appeared behind Tang Wulin, revealing a relatively open space. He immediately rushed into the space through the hole, then continued onward in the direction that he had in his mind. Whenever he encountered a wall, he would simply crash his way through it with brute strength.

The Spirit Pagoda tried activating energy barriers to deter him, but he immediately threatened them with Gu Yue's life. As such, the barriers were lifted, and he was able to smash his way through one wall after another.

A representative of the Spirit Pagoda had even approached him, offering to lead him to the exit, only to be completely ignored. Tang Wulin wasn't going to trust anyone here; he was going to plow his way out of the fortress through his own strength.

"Boom!" Even after unleashing his seventh strike against this wall, it had only caved in very slightly. If the walls he'd encountered before this were only around two feet thick, then this one had to be at least five meters thick. Even with his insane strength, there was no way that he'd be able to bash his way through it.

However, as opposed to being disheartened, he was very elated instead. For a fortress like this one, the thickest walls were undoubtedly the outermost ones, so it was very likely the case that this wall was the only thing that stood between him and freedom.

What could he do? He couldn't just rely on brute strength anymore, but he still had other ways.

With Gu Yue's body shielding him, he surreptitiously released his left golden dragon claws before pressing them against the wall behind his back.

The special effect of his right golden dragon claws was crushing, while the special effect of his left golden dragon claws was tearing. Through the injection of his immense bloodline power, his left golden dragon claws were able to tear through one sheet of metal after another before flinging them toward the powerful beings from the Spirit Pagoda around them. After just a short while, a hole had been torn into the wall, and both he and Gu Yue had disappeared into it. 

At this point, the surveillance cameras were no longer able to see what they were doing, and Tang Wulin began to use both of his hands while Gu Yue positioned herself in front of him. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws with all his might, and a tunnel was quickly being drilled into the wall.

The alloys used to construct the outermost walls of the fortress were naturally extremely resolute, but it was important to remember that Tang Wulin was a blacksmith. His familiarity with metals helped him greatly during this process, and both he and Gu Yue burrowed deeper and deeper into the wall.

All of the powerful beings of the Spirit Pagoda were at a loss for what to do. At the same time, they were even more convinced that Tang Wulin was a Great Beast. If an outsider had infiltrated the fortress, there was no way that they'd have so little understanding of the internal structure of this place, nor would they employ such a primitive method to get out of here.

However, what left them feeling quite flabbergasted was that this extremely crude method seemed to be very effective.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin was met by the fresh air outside, and he discovered that they'd finally escaped. He'd forcibly plowed a tunnel into the outermost wall of the fortress, and it appeared that they were currently situated roughly over 100 meters from the ground below.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face.

Gu Yue turned around to say something to him, but he immediately clamped his hand over her mouth. If she were to say something to expose them right now, then they would be in dire trouble. With so many powerful beings from the Spirit Pagoda nearby, they'd be torn to shreds in seconds.

He encircled an arm around Gu Yue's waist again, and she let loose a cry of surprise as Tang Wulin leaped into the air, plummeting directly toward the ground.

An altitude of around 100 meters wasn't much to him at all. After descending for around 60 to 70 meters, he stomped his right foot into the wall of the fortress, and his body shot forth horizontally through the air like an arrow as he fled into the distance with Gu Yue in his arms.

As soon as they emerged, they were surrounded by over 60 mechas, which was being led by a red mecha.

"You've already escaped from the fortress, so release the hostage and we'll let you go." An electronic voice reverberated through the air.

Tang Wulin adopted his deranged kidnapper demeanor again as he roared, "Get away from me! Do you think I'm stupid? You expect me to believe that you'll let me go after I release her? I'll let her go in an hour! Piss off right now or I'll start tearing off some of her body parts!"

He swept his right hand through the air as he roared, and Gu Yue's outer garment was flung into the air.

She pouted in a rather displeased manner, but obediently remained silent in the end.

As expected, as soon as the item of clothing was hurled into the air, all of their pursuers immediately stopped. Thus, Tang Wulin carried Gu Yue in his arms and sped away toward a certain direction as fast as he could.

It would not be that easy to escape. The Spirit Pagoda definitely had the most advanced technology in the entire federation, and just their radars alone had to be effective within a massive range. On top of that, they could also request assistance from the federal military.

As such, as soon as Tang Wulin charged into a forest with Gu Yue, he immediately released his Bluesilver Emperor vines.

Through those vines, he was able to communicate with the surrounding plants, and only then was he able to completely conceal their auras. At the same time, he quickly dug a hole into the ground before entering it with Gu Yue.

With the abilities of his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, the soil parted for him, and he used his golden dragon claws to dig downward as quickly as he could. Within just a few minutes, they were already over 100 meters underground.

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