Chapter 890: Dream

Among the four of them, the middle-aged man was clearly their leader. He had a head of long black hair with a strip of golden hair that trailed down in front of his cheek, and as soon as he appeared, the surrounding forest naturally fell silent. It wasn't that the creatures here were being intimidated by him; they were simply compelled to fall silent in his presence.

"My Lord," the middle-aged man immediately called out in a respectful voice at the sight of Gu Yue.

Gu Yue raised her head, and there was a hint of fear in her eyes. "Wh, who are you? Don't hurt my father!"

All four of them were rooted to the spot, and they didn't know whether they should laugh or cry.

The handsome young man turned to the middle-aged man, and asked, "What's going on here, Boss? Our Lord..."

At this moment, Tang Wulin was already in an unconscious state, and Gu Yue clearly wasn't just putting on an act.

The middle-aged man made his way over to Gu Yue, and the latter immediately ducked her head in a frightened manner. She then pounced onto Tang Wulin to shield him with her own body.

Thus, Gu Yue also entered that rainbow light, and as soon as the middle-aged man's hand came into contact with that light, his entire body shuddered violently. He was immediately forced to stumble back several steps as an astonished look appeared on his face.

His three companions were also stunned beyond belief. They knew exactly how powerful this middle-aged man was, yet even he was being forced back by this seemingly gentle rainbow light. Just what was this light?

"It really is the will of the Dragon God," the middle-aged man's brows were tightly furrowed as he mused, "But why has the will of the Dragon God descended upon him? He may have the bloodline of the Golden Dragon King within his body, but he's still a human, and he definitely isn't a reincarnated soul beast. It's already very strange for him to possess this Golden Dragon King bloodline; where did this will of the Dragon God come from?"

The purple-haired woman also had a wry smile on her face. "This is the most powerful will of the Dragon God I've ever seen. What do we do, Di Tian?"

That's right, the middle-aged man standing before her was none other than the Gold-eyed Black Dragon King, Di Tian. This was the man who was widely renowned as the Beast God and the leader of the 10 Great Beasts.

Di Tian's eyes narrowed slightly as he turned to the young man. "Yao Ling, get our Lord out of there so I can examine her condition."

The young man was clearly taken aback by this request. "How can I possibly do something that even you failed at, Boss?"

Di Tian explained, "This will of the Dragon God only has a powerful intimidation effect on dragons like us. You don't possess any dragon bloodline, so you won't be affected. However, as long as we're here, you can't hurt him. Otherwise, the will of the Dragon God will force us to protect him."

The young man became even more surprised. "This will of the Dragon God sounds really intriguing! I haven't seen something this interesting in a very long time. Should I take him away from you guys and kill him, Boss? After we kill him, our Lord could recover the might of the Dragon God."

A wry smile appeared on Di Tian's face. "That's something for our Lord to decide. Now that he has the will of the Dragon God in his body, the decision is going to be even harder to make. Perhaps our Lord was the one who arranged for the will of the Dragon God to be installed in his body in the first place."

The young man quickly made his way over to Di Tian before reaching out toward Gu Yue. A layer of faint azure light immediately appeared around her body, and the light was very gentle, but she was completely unable to resist its power as she was drawn away from Tang Wulin.

She struggled with all her might, but the azure light remained firm and unyielding.

Di Tian reached out and pressed a hand onto Gu Yue's forehead. There was gently light shimmering from his fingertips.

Gu Yue's eyes instantly became glazed over, yet in response to the energy emanating from Di Tian's palm, a layer of faint silver scales also appeared all over her body.

Moments later, Di Tian withdrew his hand and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Our Lord is fine. She seems to have suffered some kind of spiritual damage from a certain heavy impact, and that has jumbled up her memories. With our Lord's immense self-regenerative powers, even without any external assistance, she'll return to normal very soon. In the words of humans, she's suffering from temporary amnesia."

His three companions immediately heaved sighs of relief as well. A smile appeared on the Demonic Infernal Dragon Monarch's face, and she said, "I see. I almost had a heart attack when our Lord called that man father! What should we do now, Di Tian?"

After a brief moment of contemplation, Di Tian replied, "This matter is not something that we can take care of; only our Lord will be able to take care of this. With her powers, there's no way she could've sustained any substantial injuries. After she recovers her memories, everything will cease to be an issue. This human is called Tang Wulin, and we'll have to keep observing him. The fact that the will of the Dragon God has appeared in his body should have something to do with our Lord. 

"I'm beginning to understand why our Lord has refrained from killing him now; she's most likely trying to nurture the will of the Dragon God within his body. With this power of faith, there will be a far greater chance for our Lord to awaken the Dragon God after she integrates the Golden Dragon King's power. When that time comes, we'll be able to construct a Divine Realm that belongs to us soul beasts on this Douluo Continent, and we won't have to live in constant fear of humans anymore!"

Frenetic expressions appeared in the eyes of all of the other Great Beasts present upon hearing this, and all of them unconsciously clenched their fists.

The four of them silently departed, and the azure light around Gu Yue's body also faded. Only now did the Demonic Greenbird dare to poke its head out of Gu Yue's silver hair and look on at the four departing figures with fear in its eyes.

Tang Wulin was dreaming throughout this entire process.

He dreamed of a colossal island with no end in sight. Giant dragons flew in the air overhead, and all of them were of different shapes and sizes with scales of different colors on their bodies.

On the ground below, the gargantuan Mountain Dragon King descended into the ocean to form land. In the air above, the holy giant dragon raised its head and roared to the heavens in a show of power and intimidation.

Within the sea, water dragons were constantly repeating the process of flying into the air before diving back into the water, creating massive splashes in the process.

Everything was forced to bow in subordination in the face of the true dragons. This was a true paradise for the dragon clan.

After an indeterminate period of time had passed, heaven and earth suddenly turned red, and one gargantuan fireball after another fell from the sky, landing in the ocean and onto the earth.

A series of giant dragons rose up into the air, using their colossal bodies to stop the descending fireballs.

The fireballs exploded, bringing countless disasters to the world. The forests were set alight, the rivers and lakes ran dry, and the land was severely ravaged. The entire world seemed to be constantly disintegrating in the face of these countless fireballs.

One giant dragon after another shielded the world from those fireballs with their bodies, protecting this world with all their might.

Their bodies fell from the sky, and in the moments prior to their deaths, all of them raised their heads and let loose howls of anguish as if they were calling a name.

Rainbow light descended as a massive yet illusionary rainbow dragon appeared in the air. Most of the fireballs were kept at bay by this rainbow dragon, and the doomsday-like disaster was finally just barely averted.

However, the dragon clan had been completely crushed. Reproduction was very difficult for the dragon clan, and the loss of so many true dragons was definitely a fatal blow.

Countless giant dragon carcasses littered the landscape, and dragon blood flowed like rivers.

The other races that were being protected by the dragon clan began to mutate as they immersed themselves in the dragon blood, and they began to develop powers of their own.

Were these the first soul beasts? Was this the origin story of soul beasts?

In the air above, the giant rainbow dragon projection abruptly flapped its wings, and the entire heavens tremored as a gargantuan rift appeared. Enormous suction force erupted from within the rift, carrying countless dragon carcasses into the air before drawing them into the rift.

Most of the dragons in this world had disappeared. There were very few true dragons that remained, and all of them were severely wounded.

The rift in the sky slowly sealed, and the rainbow projection also vanished into the rift.

The image then transformed into the dragon tomb that Tang Wulin had visited once before.

Within the massive tomb were countless dragon carcasses.

As time passed, their flesh gradually rotted away until they were reduced to nothing more than skeletons. A peerlessly bleak and melancholy aura permeated through the tomb as countless dragon skeletons were left out in the open as if they were trash in a landfill.

The rainbow projection was situated at the direct center of the dragon tomb, and its entire body was shimmering as light slowly surged toward it from the dragon skeletons around it.

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