Chapter 888: The Purple-haired Woman

Gu Yue was also quite curious. "Don't be scared, Little Green; tell us who the soul beast kings are!"

The Demonic Greenbird looked up at her and blinked its ruby eyes, but on this occasion, it lowered its head and refused to say anything.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly felt a burst of invisible pressure surge toward him from all sides. His spiritual power, which was spreading through the area with the assistance of the surrounding plants, was instantly forced back into his body.

Tang Wulin was very alarmed by this development, and he hurriedly rushed over to Gu Yue before latching onto her hand.

The Demonic Greenbird raised its head, and a hint of horror appeared in its eyes as the sky suddenly darkened.

The bright sunlight had vanished without a trace and was replaced by a vast expanse of darkness. Enormous pressure descended from the heavens, striking one with an indescribable sense of fear. What was even more unsettling to Tang Wulin was that all of the natural energies and energy particles in the air were quickly vanishing. To put it more accurately, they were fleeing the scene, and only darkness elements remained.

A low roar sent tremors running through the entire forest.

"Who dares to kill soul beasts here? Who has invaded the Star Dou Forest?" A voice echoed throughout the entire forest, and even though Tang Wulin was trying to communicate with the surrounding plants with all his mind, all of them had instinctively fallen silent.

Tang Wulin's heart had also completely sunk. Such a terrifying aura could only be coming from a soul beast that was over 100,000 years old. They were facing an unfathomably powerful enemy, and this was definitely the most powerful soul beast he'd ever encountered.

The only one that could compare to it was the colossal octopus he'd encountered in the sea when traveling toward the Star Luo Empire.

The sky turned completely inky-black in color with faint purple light flashing up above. The dense darkness elements in the surrounding area sent strange fluctuations surging through the air, and it was as if there were countless shrill howls of anguish erupting in all directions. The forest had been filled with life force energy just a moment ago, but all of a sudden, it was now resembling a ghostly realm.

Everything around them became deathly silent, and not even any insects or birds could be heard.

Tang Wulin was struck by a sense of asphyxiation, and both his soul power and blood essence power had virtually congealed in his body.

He had always been aware of the fact that his current powers were completely insignificant in the face of truly powerful beings, but he didn't want to resign himself to his fate.

He wasn't afraid of death, but he definitely didn't want to die. There were too many things that he still had to do; he had to resurrect Shrek Academy!

However, what could he do in the face of such a powerful enemy? Even if he were to unleash the Divine Dragon Transformation again, he most likely still wouldn't be a match for this almighty being.

Furthermore, they had just unleashed the Divine Dragon Transformation not along, so there was no way they could use it again.

He turned to look at Gu Yue, and she also seemed to be very scared. Her face was quite pale as she hid behind him and gripped tightly onto his arm.

Tang Wulin's heart sank even further. Were they going to die here in this forest together?

No! He couldn't allow this to happen! He had to protect her even if it meant he had to shed every single drop of blood within his body.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's aura suddenly began to elevate. His unyielding will set his bloodline alight, and his congealed bloodline aura began to rise up once again. Even his soul power had been infused with renewed vitality, and a layer of golden light began to emanate from his body.

"I won't let anyone hurt you before I die!" Tang Wulin took a deep breath as he quickly donned his suit of one-word battle armor. He swept his right hand over his forehead, and his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp. His aura also began to elevate in a frenzy alongside his bloodline power.

"Hmm?" A confused voice rang out in the distance.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin felt as if an extra path had opened up in the forest. The path was dark purple in color, and it was only barely visible.

At the conclusion of the path, a figure slowly emerged from within the darkness. She had blackish-purple scales that covered her entire body like a suit of armor, and she was quite tall and slender with a voluptuous chest, as well as a pair of long legs. Above her chest were a pair of fair and delicate shoulders, and a deep cleavage. She had a head of long purple hair that fluttered beside her despite the absence of any apparent breeze, and her facial features were extremely beautiful and seductive. Her eyes were of a deep purple color, yet her lips had a glossy purple hue. On her forehead was an inky-black scale that was radiating layers of purple light, which were surging over the top of her head in a natural manner.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but draw a sharp breath at the sight of her. He had thought that he was perhaps dealing with a 100,000-year-old soul beast initially, but he was now certain that the being he was currently facing was over 200,000 years old. This was most definitely one of the beings that stood at the pinnacle of the world of soul beasts; this was a Great Beast!

He had learned a lot about great beasts during his time at Shrek Academy, and he was very interested in them at the time, so he'd done some research of his own as well.

After cultivating to 100,000 years old, that was basically the limit of a soul beast. If they wanted to continue to progress, then there were two options open to them, one of which was to be reborn as a human and cast aside their beastly forms. In doing so, they would gain access to the higher levels of intelligence and learning abilities available to humans, thereby granting them a chance to strive toward becoming a god. If they could go beyond the upper limit of this world, then they would become godly beings.

Soul beasts couldn't become gods; this seemed to be a set rule, and Gu Yue had once revealed this to him in her story.

However, the vast majority of soul beasts refrained from taking this path. After all, even the most powerful human beings only lived for around 200 years. If they were to fail in their quest to become a god, then they would only live a fleeting life of less than 300 years before passing away.

The other option for them was to break through their own limits. For most soul beasts, the 100,000-year bottleneck was something that was akin to a heavenly tribulation. After reaching 100,000 years of age, the heavenly tribulation would strike within 100 years, and if they couldn't withstand it, then they would be destroyed both in body and soul.

The soul beasts that were confident in their own bodies would all choose to take this path as a successful breakthrough would mean that they could live for another 100,000 years.

Once a soul beast progressed through that bottleneck, their powers would be drastically enhanced, and they would become a Great Beast.

If a 100,000-year-old soul beast were the equivalent of a Titled Douluo, then a Great Beast would be the equivalent of a Hyper Douluo. The more of these bottlenecks a Great Beast progressed through, the more powerful they'd become.

There were even legends about Great Beasts that were over 1,000,000 years old. Those beasts would've had to break through 10 of those bottlenecks, and their powers would simply be unfathomable!

Only Great Beasts could adopt human forms even without choosing to be reborn as a human.

The woman standing before him was most definitely releasing the aura of a soul beast, yet she was able to adopt such a perfect human form, so she was definitely a Great Beast. She was most likely at least 200,000 years old, and that made her equivalent to a human Hyper Douluo.

Even with his suit of one-word battle armor, Tang Wulin would only be comparable in power to a seven-ring Soul Sage; one without a martial soul true body, at that. No matter how much of a cultivation prodigy he was, there was no way he could contend with this being, even though he could sense that this seemed to be a dragon-type soul beast.

The woman was slowly approaching them, and purple light was flowing off to both sides from within her eyes. The closer she came to Tang Wulin, the more pressure he fell under, and the more golden light he released from his body.

He knew that this level of pressure was already approaching his tolerance limit, and only the unyielding will emanating from his bloodline still kept him on his feet.

"A puny human like you dares to come to our Star Dou Forest to hunt for soul beasts? You sure are insolent!" As the purple-haired woman spoke, she stopped around 50 meters away from Tang Wulin.

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