Chapter 886: Father is so Cruel!

Tang Wulin could still recall that it had a pair of ruby-like eyes, and if it were to stand still without moving, it would be like a perfect jade statue.

But this thing was lethal!

"No, it's too dangerous. These Demonic Greenbird evolve through eating brains! Do you understand?" Tang Wulin said in an urgent manner.

"I'm not giving it to you." Gu Yue hugged the Demonic Greenbird tightly to her chest and turned around so that her back was facing him.

Tang Wulin immediately rushed around to face her with a serious expression. "Listen to me, Gu Yue; this thing is not some fun toy or pet; it almost killed you just now!"

"No! Father is so cruel!" Gu Yue turned away from him again.

Tang Wulin was completely speechless.

I'M the cruel one? If I'm not cruel here, it's going to kill us! 

"Be a good girl and listen to me, Gu Yue; this Demonic Greenbird is a lethal predator, and it once brought disaster to the entire continent in ancient times. This Demonic Greenbird is different from the ones that are described in written records; this one is even more powerful than the records claim! I've only knocked it out, but after it wakes up, it's going to pose a major threat to us! We can't even use our Divine Dragon Transformation now, so after it wakes up, it's going to kill us both! Do you want to see me die?"

Gu Yue looked up to find Tang Wulin extending his hands toward her with a serious look on his face. She blinked, and suddenly said, "I have a way to make it not hurt us!"

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to say anything else, she suddenly raised a hand and swept it through the air.

A series of strange lines immediately appeared in mid-air, and all of them appeared to be living beings that were shimmering with silver light.

These lines gradually formed a silver rune that slowly descended toward the Demonic Greenbird's head.

As the rune surged into his body, the Demonic Greenbird began to tremble, and Gu Yue gently stroked its green feathers as she crooned, "It's alright, Little Green; it'll be over soon."

Tang Wulin looked on with a surprised expression. He could clearly sense that the silver rune was imbued with an extremely enormous amount of spiritual power. Even with his Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power, he was unable to fathom just how much spiritual power that rune contained.

He hurriedly asked, "Have you remembered something, Gu Yue?"

Gu Yue shook her head. "No. Something in my mind told me that doing this to Little Green would stop it from attacking us. It's going to be a good Little Green now."

Tang Wulin was still rather concerned. "What if that doesn't work? It..."

"It'll work," Gu Yue insisted in a serious and confident manner.

Tang Wulin suggested, "How about this? I promise you that I won't kill it, but you have to let me tie it up with my Bluesilver Emperor vines, and we'll see how it reacts when it wakes up again."

Gu Yue was clearly rather reluctant, but she still nodded in the end at the sight of Tang Wulin's serious expression, and she carefully handed the Demonic Greenbird over to him.

Tang Wulin didn't dare to use normal Bluesilver Emperor vines; he released Goldsong right away, and the latter immediately wrapped itself around the Demonic Greenbird's body.

Gu Yue was very intrigued by the sight of Goldsong. Come to think of it, Goldsong had changed in appearance once again.

After Tang Wulin broke his ninth Golden Dragon King seal and separated his bloodline and soul powers, a single horn had grown on Goldsong's forehead. At the same time, its body had elongated to 18 meters in length. It appeared to be very slim and thin, but as opposed to the scale-like patterns it had in the past, it had golden dragon scales just like Tang Wulin's all over its body, giving it the appearance of a small golden dragon.

Its eyes were like a pair of golden crystals, and it clearly had a more powerful aura than before.

Tang Wulin could also sense a high level of intelligence from within Goldsong's body. This little guy was once just a defective soul spirit, but it was growing up at a rapid rate. Tang Wulin had a feeling that if Goldsong could grow dragon wings someday, then it would truly become an existence that was similar to a true dragon.

His Tyrant Dragon soul spirit also evolved along with his bloodline, but it was evolving to a far lesser extent than Goldsong.

This was partially because it was very powerful already, but more importantly, it was still a land dragon at its core rather than a true dragon.

Goldsong was different as it was Tang Wulin's first soul spirit. It had been with him ever since he awakened his bloodline, so its bloodline was completely equivalent to his bloodline. As such, it was more heavily impacted by Tang Wulin's growth.

Of course, if the Tyrant Dragon could grow dragon wings someday, it would be in the same situation as Goldsong, but they would still have different capabilities.

To a Soul Master, the most important function of a soul spirit was its ability to provide soul rings. For normal Soul Masters, their soul spirits couldn't do much, and for more powerful Soul Masters, their suits of battle armor served a far greater purpose than their soul spirits, so they spent most of their time and energy developing their battle armor.

Only the soul spirits that provided one with their final few soul rings were sufficiently powerful to be considered as strong allies in battle. This was why Shrek’s Seven Monsters very rarely released their soul spirits in battle. Their soul spirits had only provided them with their first few soul rings, and they had undergone evolution by absorbing energy from the Spirit Ascension Plane, but they still weren't powerful enough to be very effective in battles.

Only Tang Wulin's Goldsong was an exception to this as its evolution wasn't connected to the evolution of his soul rings. Instead, it evolved alongside Tang Wulin's bloodline. He had already broken nine Golden Dragon King seals, so the current Goldsong was extremely different from what it had once been.

Tang Wulin placed a hand on Goldsong's head, and it licked his palm with its forked tongue. There was a hint of pride in its eyes, and it seemed to be telling Tang Wulin through its expression that it had already become very powerful.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Alright, then I'll bring you out in my next battle and you can show me your powers then."

Goldsong nodded in a very humanized response before turning toward the Demonic Greenbird with an unfriendly expression, as if it were contemplating whether it should kill this bird.

Gu Yue glared at Goldsong, and warned, "Don't even think about it."

Goldsong turned to look at her with a rather dazed look in its eyes, and it then bowed its head as if in agreement and submission.

Only then did a pleased smile appear on Gu Yue's face.

The Demonic Greenbird had sustained rather severe injuries, so it wasn't going to be waking up anytime soon. On this occasion, Tang Wulin issued a very stern instruction to Gu Yue, telling her that she couldn't stray further than 10 meters away from him before he sat down with his legs crossed to resume his meditation.

His consciousness seeped into his own body as he inspected his two energy vortexes.

His blood essence vortex had clearly shrunk significantly, and it was also rotating at an extremely slow rate. It was undoubtedly the case that he'd expended a vast amount of bloodline energy after undergoing the Divine Dragon Transformation. His soul power vortex was also in a similar state, but much to his surprise, his meridians seemed to have been widened slightly in the aftermath of the Divine Dragon Transformation state he'd just adopted. His meridians were quite resolute, so they weren't damaged during this process.

Was he finally gradually becoming more able to handle the power of the Divine Dragon Transformation now that he'd become more powerful himself? As he meditated, he recalled back to the feeling of when the Divine Dragon Transformation had been triggered.

At the time, his heart was filled with nothing but fear. All he had on his mind was Gu Yue. He had wished with all his heart that he could die in her place, and after that, he managed to actively initiate the Divine Dragon Transformation for the first time.

The power flowing toward him from Gu Yue's body was far too immense, and his body was on the verge of bursting at the seams. However, right after he let loose that roar of pain, the injection of energy suddenly ceased. That was most likely due to an unconscious reaction from Gu Yue to cut off her flow of energy to him.

If Gu Yue hadn't suffered from memory loss, perhaps they'd be able to better control the Divine Dragon Transformation together and use this soul fusion skill to perfection.

That feeling of power had been absolutely glorious. Even more importantly, only after experiencing that level of power could he gain a better understanding of it, and that would help him avoid a lot of mistakes in his future progression.

On this occasion, he meditated for a long time, both to replenish the energy he'd expended, as well as to consolidate the observations he'd made.

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