Chapter 885: Crushing the Two Beasts

After witnessing Tang Wulin's transformation and hearing his dragon's roar, the Crimson Fire Monkey King was already fleeing the scene. It transformed into a reddish-golden streak of light and appeared over a kilometer away in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Greenbird was escaping at an even faster speed. After almost suffering complete genocide, the few Demonic Greenbirds that remained had become a lot more adept at protecting themselves. As such, it immediately began to flee after sensing how powerful its enemy's aura had become.

However, Tang Wulin wasn't going to let them get away. He hated these two soul beasts with a vengeance. They had almost just taken the life of the woman he loved the most!

He waved his right hand toward the Demonic Greenbird, and the air abruptly congealed as immense energy surged violently. The Demonic Greenbird's lightning-fast speed was immediately significantly hampered, and it was as if it were flying through treacle. It was still struggling to forge ahead, but it had slowed down drastically.

Tang Wulin flapped his rainbow dragon wings, and in the next instant, he appeared right in front of the Demonic Greenbird before lashing out with his rainbow dragon claws.

The Demonic Greenbird reacted extremely quickly as a bright ring of green light erupted from its body. The rainbow dragon claws struck the ring of light amid a resounding boom, and the latter was destroyed, but Tang Wulin's claws were also repelled.

One had to realize that after undergoing this Divine Dragon Transformation, Tang Wulin's current cultivation rank had been elevated by three major levels at the very least, which meant that he was currently comparable in power to a Soul Douluo. Furthermore, his bloodline power was countless times more immense than when he only had his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

As such, it was very extraordinary that the Demonic Greenbird had been able to withstand one of his attacks.

However, in the next instant, a rainbow vortex suddenly appeared on the palm of Tang Wulin's rainbow dragon claws.

In the instant that the rainbow vortex appeared, the green light emanating from the Demonic Greenbird's body dimmed significantly, and it let loose an alarmed cry as it was drawn directly toward Tang Wulin's dragon claws.

Elemental stripping!

This was undoubtedly one of Gu Yue's abilities. This Demonic Greenbird was a wind attribute soul beast, and only through the propulsion force of wind did it manage to reach such high speeds. 

Generally speaking, all fast soul beasts possessed either spatial attribute powers or wind attribute powers. Spatial attribute soul beasts were more proficient in displaying explosive spikes in speed and were generally more unpredictable. Wind attribute soul beasts were lacking in those areas in comparison, but they were more agile and had greater stamina.

However, in the face of elemental stripping, it didn't matter what attribute soul beast this bird was. Not only were the elements in the space surrounding the Demonic Greebird completely stripped away, in his Divine Dragon Transformation state, Tang Wulin was even able to directly strip the bird of the elemental energy within its body.

Without the enhancements of the wind elements, the Demonic Greenbird's speed suffered drastically.

It was about to land in Tang Wulin's palm at any moment now, yet all of a sudden, it turned around, and its eyes turned into a crimson color. In the next instant, its green body abruptly took on a fiery red hue. Was this a wind and fire dual attribute soul beast?

The fiery red color only appeared for an instant before reverting back to green, and everything had happened in the blink of an eye, but Tang Wulin could clearly sense that his elemental stripping no longer affected it.

The Demonic Greenbird had made use of the wind and fire vortex within its body to resist his elemental stripping ability. This would only work for a very short time, but it gave the Demonic Greenbird a chance to survive.

It flapped its wings with all its might, and its speed abruptly increased drastically. Its long beak became as thin as a sword, and it abruptly shot forward. In the instant that it underwent this acceleration, a sonic boom rang out, indicating that it had broken the sound barrier, and it was truly fleeing as quickly as it could.

This was the fastest soul beast that Tang Wulin had ever seen, but he wasn't going to let it escape no matter what.

With such a powerful and fast enemy constantly lurking nearby, Gu Yue would be in perpetual danger. What if she were to stray further away from him next time? If he allowed the Demonic Greenbird to escape, only for it to return and kill Gu Yue when he least expected, he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

As such, in the instant that the Demonic Greenbird accelerated once again, Tang Wulin's left hand had already slammed into the air.

Space instantly shattered, and the surrounding plants fell completely still as a black hole abruptly appeared out of thin air.

With the enhancements he received from the Divine Dragon Transformation, Tang Wulin now had exemplary control over his own power. He had created a black hole with a diameter of one meter that was just large enough to encompass the Demonic Greenbird's entire body. Even though it had just broken the sound barrier, it still faltered for an instant in mid-air in the face of the black hole's terrifying suction force.

The split-second delay was all it took for Tang Wulin to lash out with his Duskgold Dreadclaws.

The claws were shimmering with rainbow light, and its effective range had been increased to a terrifying 50 meters! Five 50-meter-long rainbow claws projections fell from the sky, slamming the bird directly into the ground.

"Boom!" The Demonic Greenbird crashed to the ground, and a plume of green feathers flew in all directions. However, much to Tang Wulin's surprise, this bird had extremely powerful defensive prowess, even though its forte clearly lay in its speed. Even after taking an all-out attack from his Duskgold Dreadclaws in his Divine Dragon Transformation state, it still wasn't killed. It was only knocked unconscious, and an extremely deep wound through which bone was visible had been inflicted on its body, but that wasn't a lethal injury.

Tang Wulin didn't have time to finish the Demonic Greenbird off, so he waved his right hand through the air and drew it into his grasp. At the same time, his body swayed, and golden light flashed, following which he immediately appeared around a kilometer away. After just a few more flashes, a crimson figure appeared in his field of view.

"Get down here!" He let loose a cold roar as his left hand shot for like lighting, sending a streak of golden light hurtling through the air. The Crimson Fire Monkey King screeched and attempted to evade, but right at this moment, its entire body was suddenly compressed by boundless energy from all directions. Everything around it had turned into a golden color, and it could only look on as the streak of golden light punctured its body with unerring accuracy.

Powerful life force energy surged into Tang Wulin's body in a frenzy. The immense bloodline energy being funneled through the Golden Dragon Spear was quickly replenishing the energy that he'd expended.

He descended from the sky and spread open his rainbow dragon wings before landing on the ground.

In just the span of a few breaths, the Crimson Fire Monkey King was reduced to nothing more than skin and bones by the Golden Dragon Spear.

The spear was still golden in color, but there was a layer of rainbow light shimmering around it, and it was clearly able to devour life force energy at a faster rate than it had been able to in the past.

Just as Tang Wulin had expected, following the death of the Crimson Fire Monkey King, it didn't contribute to increasing the age of his soul rings. Instead, an inky-black soul ring took shape above its body.

This was a 10,000-year soul ring, so this was a real soul beast!

Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and he was just about to do something when he felt the energy in his body quickly seeping away. Immediately thereafter, a figure detached itself from his body, and he hurriedly encircled his left arm around her slender waist. It was none other than Gu Yue.

Her face was rather pale, and she seemed to have received quite a fright. She was blinking her large purple eyes, and it seemed that she was on the verge of tears.

Waves of feebleness washed over Tang Wulin, yet much to his surprise, they weren't as intense as the feebleness he's been afflicted by when they'd undergone their Divine Dragon Transformation in the past. Perhaps this was due to the fact that he'd absorbed the Crimson Fire Monkey King's life force energy. In any case, he could still retain his consciousness, and he had at least 30% of his power left.

This was a very good thing as he was still holding a Demonic Greenbird that he was yet to take care of. If he were to fall unconscious only for the Demonic Greenbird to wake up before him, then they would be in very big trouble.

Tang Wulin unwound his arm from around Gu Yue's waist before preparing to finish off the Demonic Greenbird.

"Father, don't!" Gu Yue let loose a loud cry, and Tang Wulin's golden dragon claws faltered right above the Demonic Greenbird's head.

"What is it?" All of the shock and horror in Tang Wulin's eyes had vanished, and there was only elation shimmering in his eyes as he appraised Gu Yue.

Back when Gu Yue had appeared at Shrek Academy to save him from that soul missile, Tang Wulin was already almost certain that she'd teleported herself to his side using that silver dragon scale that she'd given him. As such, he was 70% sure that this woman was indeed Gu Yue, despite her resemblance to Na'er. However, he was basically 100% sure that this was Gu Yue now. If not, how had he managed to unleash that Divine Dragon Transformation? What could be more indicative of her identity than their soul fusion skill?

Gu Yue strode toward him before taking the Demonic Greenbird from him and holding it in her arms. "It's so cute! Please don't hurt it."

Tang Wulin stumbled slightly upon hearing this.

Cute? This thing had almost just eaten her brains, yet she was calling it cute?

However, only now did Tang Wulin get a chance to inspect the Demonic Greenbird's appearance, and he had to admit that cute wasn't exactly an inaccurate adjective to apply to it.

Its body was only around a foot in length, and its green feathers were like jade. Its long beak was green with faint traces of gold, and it was very translucent. Its body was sleek and slender, and unsurprisingly, it was extremely streamlined. It was indeed a very good-looking bird. It currently had its eyes closed, and its eyelids were also of a faint golden color. There was also a golden pattern running all the way from the tip of its head to the end of its tail.

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