Chapter 881: Father

Recover soul power, inject soul power into her body, recover, inject...

After a few cycles of this, Tang Wulin gradually began to sense that Gu Yue's aura had become stronger. This was a very good sign, and it showed that his injections of soul power were proving to be effective.

The sky gradually dimmed as night fell.

The sky slowly lit up, and the dawn of a new day arrived.

During this time, Tang Wulin had already injected soul power into Gu Yue's body on seven separate occasions, and the relentless cycle of cultivation and injection was making him very exhausted.

After injecting soul power into her body for the eighth time, Gu Yue's condition had completely stabilized. However, she still hadn't woken up, so he could only enter a meditative state again despite his exhaustion.

After attaining his soul power vortex, his rate of soul power recovery had sped up considerably compared to in the past, and two hours later, his soul power had recovered, and his exhaustion had also been significantly alleviated.

However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of a pair of large purple eyes situated extremely close to his own eyes, and he was given such a fright that his qi almost deviated. Thankfully, his soul power vortex reacted just in time and drew that wisp of soul power back to normal.

"You almost gave me a heart attack! You're awake!" Tang Wulin had to take a few deep breaths to recover from the fright that he'd received, but his heart was quickly filled with elation.

Gu Yue was sitting right in front of him and was wearing a set of his clothes. Her original dress was in complete tatters, so Tang Wulin had changed her into his clothes with his eyes closed.

His clothes were clearly too big for Gu Yue, and she blinked as she sat on the ground. Her eyes were extremely clear, and they resembled a pair of clear ponds that reflected Tang Wulin's face.

"Gu Yue?" Tang Wulin called out in a hesitant manner.

A smile suddenly appeared on her face. She was extremely beautiful with Na'er's appearance, and her smile had Tang Wulin feeling slightly entranced.


"Thump!" Tang Wulin had just sat up, and he collapsed straight to the ground again.

He quickly sat bolt upright once again and stared at Gu Yue in a dumbstruck manner. "Wh, what did you just call me?"

Gu Yue seemed to have been startled by the sudden fall that he took, and she reached out to tug on his sleeve while placing her other thumb into her mouth as she murmured, "Father."

Tang Wulin almost passed out as his eyes threatened to roll into the back of his head. What the hell was happening?

"Quit playing around, Gu Yue, you..."

"Father..." Gu Yue cried out again, but on this occasion, her voice was filled with indignation, and tears began to well up in her beautiful purple eyes.


No matter how he looked at it, she didn't seem to be acting!

Tang Wulin massaged his own brows as he said, "Don't cry, let me think about this for a second."

Gu Yue pouted and tugged on his sleeve with both hands as she swung his arm from side to side. "Father, I'm hungry."

Tang Wulin was initially filled with grief in the aftermath of Shrek Academy's destruction, but the fact that Gu Yue was referring to him as her father gave him such a huge shock that he temporarily forgot his sorrow.

He forcibly calmed himself down as he hurriedly replied, "Alright, let me get some food out for you."

As a massive foodie, his storage ring was never short of food.

He produced some dried rations before handing them over to Gu Yue, who accepted the food and immediately began munching on it. However, her expression indicated that she was quite displeased. As she ate, she murmured to herself, "This doesn't taste good."

Tang Wulin could only heave a resigned sigh. How could dried rations possibly taste good?

He gradually began to realize what may have happened as he looked at the diverse range of expressions that were appearing on Gu Yue's face.

Could it be that she was suffering from amnesia? But even so, why was she referring to him as her father?

"Gu Yue, why are you calling me father?" Tang Wulin asked.

Gu Yue looked at him with a slightly befuddled expression. "The first one I see is my father."

Her voice was very child-like, and she couldn't even enunciate her words properly, but she spoke in a very serious manner.

The first person she saw was her father? Wasn't that one of the laws of the animal kingdom?

He originally had a bunch of questions for Gu Yue, but he couldn't bring himself to ask them now.

After eating the dried rations, Gu Yue seemed to be full, but she was still not very pleased. "Father, it doesn't taste good. I want to eat good food."

"Alright, I'll try to find some good food for you," Tang Wulin said with a wry smile on his face.

Gu Yue immediately held onto his arm in an excited manner before resting her head on his shoulder like a dependant little girl.

Tang Wulin stood up, and only now did he get an opportunity to survey their surroundings. This was a lush forest that stretched as far as the eyes could see. There were no signs of agriculture or human activity here, and this seemed to be a primitive forest. The life force energy here was very rich, but he could detect a faint sense of danger here.

Where was this place?

If everything hadn't been a dream, then at the time, he and Gu Yue had both been caught in the explosion of that high-grade soul missile before they somehow ended up here.

So be it, I'll adapt as the situation requires. This is a forest, so we should be able to make our way out of it eventually. 

With that in mind, Tang Wulin patted Gu Yue's hand before walking further into the forest with her hand in his.

He held onto Gu Yue's hand with his left hand while holding his Golden Dragon Spear in his right, using it like a machete to cut through the undergrowth. However, he quickly discovered that his Golden Dragon Spear was completely superfluous here.

Strangely enough, all of the plants in the surrounding area were extremely affectionate toward him. All of the plants in his way would part themselves to open up a path for him, so he was able to travel quite smoothly through the forest.

What was going on here? His martial soul had transformed into Bluesilver Emperor following its second awakening, but the effects of that certainly weren't this pronounced.

Could this be because of his fifth soul ring, that Son of Nature?

With that in mind, Tang Wulin stopped and began to focus his attention on experiencing the aura of the natural setting around him.

As expected, he could sense that all of the plants were striving to express their affection and intimacy toward him.

If he were to cultivate here, he would definitely be able to progress very quickly.

Unfortunately, cultivation was currently the last thing on his mind. All he wanted to do was get out of this forest as quickly as possible. After that, he would return to Shrek City to find his friends, then cure Gu Yue of her amnesia.

In the aftermath of the horrendous tragedy that had just taken place, he was feeling utterly exhausted.

With that in mind, he turned to glance at Gu Yue. With her by his side, he was feeling a lot better. If he'd been on his own, he would most likely only be feeling worse than this.

At the sight of Tang Wulin turning to look at her, Gu Yue immediately gave him a sweet smile. "Father."

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Can you not call me that? I get goosebumps everywhere every time you call me father; it's..."

Gu Yue immediately pouted in a pitiable manner as tears welled up in her eyes. "Does Father not want me anymore?"


Tang Wulin could only heave a resigned sigh. "Of course not. You can call me whatever you want."

"Father, carry me!" Gu Yue spread open her arms toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was rendered completely speechless, but Gu Yue had already jumped onto his body in an excited manner before clinging to him like an octopus.

Her long silver hair swayed in the breeze as peals of tinkling laughter rang out.

Tang Wulin could only support her by placing a hand on her backside, and she squirmed in his arms while he did his best to repress the scorching feeling that had welled up in his lower abdomen.

Gu Yue encircled her arms around his neck before resting her head on his shoulder in an affectionate manner. 

A gentle look replaced the resigned expression in Tang Wulin's eyes, and he stroked Gu Yue's long hair as he allowed her to cling onto his body. He supported her with one hand while continuing onward through the forest. Gu Yue's body weight naturally didn't pose much additional burden to him.

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