Chapter 877: Light of Atlas, Final Radiance

These three 12th-grade soul missiles had been created over 2,000 years ago, and following their creation, the advancement of human technology stalled for 1,000 years as they'd simply expended far too many resources to create.

The three 12th-grade soul missiles were being kept in the most secure federal facilities, and they were only to be used as the ultimate weapons of the entire Douluo Continent.

They also had a nickname: Godslayers! This meant that these three soul missiles were thought of as weapons capable of killing gods, and that alone was sufficient testament to their power.

No one had tested them before, and below the 12th grade, there didn't even exist any 11th-grade soul missiles. They were weapons that were held in the highest regard by the federation, and if they really were to be used someday, a unanimous vote of approval had to be given by the entire federal parliament. Even if there were only a single vote against their usage, they could not be used.

Who would've thought that these ungodly weapons of destruction, the ultimate weapons of the entire continent, would be used on Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect?

Two 12th-grade soul missiles were more than powerful enough to raze the entire Shrek City to the ground!

All of the Titled Douluos and inner court disciples that were in the air not long ago had all been erased from existence by the terrifying explosions. The Shrek Academy had stood at the pinnacle of the entire continent a moment ago, yet now, it completely ceased to exist.

This was the horror of technology, and it represented the pinnacle of the destructive power of human technology.

Yun Ming raised his Atlas Spear high into the air, and the life force energy stemming from the Golden Tree was emanating dazzling light. The 12th-grade soul missile that had struck Shrek Academy was known as Godslayer: Destroyer of Heaven and Earth, while the one that had fallen on the Tang Sect headquarters was known as Godslayer: Devourer of Heaven and Earth.

From Yun Ming's current perspective, he could see that the entire Shrek City was disintegrating.

A heartbroken smile appeared on his face, and his suit of four-word battle armor suddenly burst into violent flames. Even with his power as a Limit Douluo, there was no way that he'd be able to contend with the powers of these 12th-grade soul missiles, but if he were to try and escape, no one would be able to stop him.

However, could he really run away from all of this? He couldn't. Shrek Academy had been destroyed, and as the current Sea God's Pavilion Master, he couldn't abandon his post.

He could see the cold mockery in the eyes of all of the evil Soul Masters on the giant skeleton in the distance, and he could feel one life being lost after another within Shrek City.

However, no matter how remorseful he was, there was no way to reverse this situation.

How had all of this happened? How had these 12th-grade soul missiles fallen into the hands of these evil Soul Masters? Why was it that Shrek City's defenses had become so feeble after so many years of peace? If these two soul missiles had been launched from outside the city, they wouldn't have caused such a catastrophic disaster.

Countless thoughts flashed through Yun Ming's mind in an instant, but there was only one thing that he could do now.

Atlas, Sunstrike!

Piercing golden light erupted from his entire body, and streaks of golden light began to appear behind him. These golden lines intertwined to form a massive rune, and as soon as that rune appeared, time completely stopped, everything around him came to an instant standstill. Even the nine evil Soul Masters on the giant skull in the distance were stunned by what they were witnessing.

Their leader waved his right hand, and the massive skull abruptly retreated back to over 50 kilometers away in an instant. A dark expression appeared on his face as he spat through gritted teeth, "That's a godseat!"

The golden rune quickly took shape, and a cry of desperation and sorrow suddenly rang out from below Yun Ming. "Don't do it, Brother Ming!"

Yun Ming slowly lowered his head and looked down at the beautiful woman below him with boundless affection in his eyes. "I'm too ashamed to go and meet the forefathers of our Shrek Academy. Farewell, Yali; look after yourself and preserve the final seeds of our Shrek Academy."

After his voice trailed off, his Atlas Spear abruptly shuddered, and the golden rune behind him suddenly disintegrated. At the same time, a vast expanse of dazzling golden light erupted forth, instantly spreading over the entirety of Shrek City.

Yun Ming had been a Limit Douluo for several decades already, and during this time, he had been constantly searching for a way to break through the upper limits of human capabilities in order to ascend to that other world.

He couldn't sense the existence of the Divine Realm, but only after reaching his level of cultivation would one understand that the Divine Realm truly existed. However, it was no longer a realm that could be contacted by the human world.

If he wanted to become a true god, he'd have to recreate the Divine Realm.

Among all of the past generations of the Sea God's Pavilion Masters, Yun Ming definitely possessed one of the most powerful cultivation levels. He didn't know whether he'd be able to succeed during this lifetime, but he was constantly striving toward that goal, and at the very least, he was paving the way for his successors. He firmly believed that in the not-too-distant future, humans would be able to recreate the Divine Realm.

The godseat behind him was something that he had created, and he was preparing to use it to explore outer space. Godseats were required for a Divine Realm to be created; that was something that had been recorded in many ancient historical records. He would succeed in creating a Divine Realm once his godseat became powerful enough to at least encompass the entirety of the Douluo Continent.

Unfortunately, even after several decades of painstaking effort, he was still very much a novice in this endeavor. There was no way for him to be able to truly create a Divine Realm during his lifetime; all he could do was leave his experiences behind for his successors to reference.

In this dire situation for Shrek Academy, he released his incomplete godseat in an unreserved manner, and in that instant, he was a god.

His godseat was destroyed, which heralded the death of a god, but the power it brought elevated him to heights that he'd never scaled before.

The two 12th-grade soul missiles had successfully slain a god, but Yun Ming had also used the last of his power to nullify their terrifying destructive power.

The purple and green colors were neutralized and forcibly drawn into the air by the golden light, where they continued to clash and intertwine.

Yun Ming's body gradually turned transparent, and no matter how hard Yali tried, she was unable to rise up into the air.

Yun Ming lowered his head. He didn't look up at the clashing energies in the sky as he'd already done everything he could and given everything he had to give.

At this moment, there was only sorrow in his eyes. He couldn't bear to leave behind Shrek Academy and the woman that he loved.

He could see Yali screaming up at him, but he couldn't hear what she was saying. He could see tears streaming down her face, and her completely heartbroken expression.

He said in a gentle voice, "For the sake of Shrek, live on."

After that, he abruptly spread open his arms, and his Atlas Spear fell out of his right hand before landing in Yali's grasp. Through the enhancement of that final burst of godly power, his Atlas Spear finally evolved from a martial soul to an actual object.

After spearing open his arms, the golden light emanating from Yun Ming's body reached the peak of its brightness, and it was as if a scintillating golden sun had appeared in the air. In the next instant, he was already flying toward the giant skull in the distance.

This was the final radiance of the light of Atlas.

The nine evil Soul Masters on the massive skull were all horrified to see this, and they sped away as quickly as they could atop the giant skull. At this point, Yun Ming was already no longer a Limit Douluo. Instead, he was a fallen god, and the final radiance of this fallen god was definitely not something they wanted to face.

However, there was no way that they'd be able to outrun a godly being.

The giant skull was quickly inundated by golden light, and the entire sky turned into scorching white color. The night seemed to have transitioned into day, and the powers of the two 12th-grade soul missiles were also finally completely nullified by the final trace of godly light.

The entire world seemed to have been encompassed under this white light, and all of the life forms below it could only sprawl down onto the ground in the face of its fearsome radiance. The white light lingered in the air for a long time as if it were representing Yun Ming's reluctance to part with this world.

Tang Wulin lay sprawled on the ground like everyone else. He was trying everything he could to struggle to his feet, all to no avail. He had heard everything that Yun Ming had said before his passing, but his brain was still completely blank.

Everything had happened far too abruptly. The almighty Shrek Academy had been wiped off the face of the world in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

In a battle between a god and Godslayers, they were so pitiful and insignificant. They could only face the aftermath of this epic battle, yet they were far too weak to do anything during the battle. Without the protection of the Golden Tree, they would've been reduced to dust long ago.

After what seemed like an eternity, the white light finally began to fade. Everything seemed to have disappeared, and deathly silence ensued. When Tang Wulin raised his head again, he was met by the sight of the Sea God's Pavilion slowly crumbling into dust before being carried away in the wind.

It was also at this moment that a speck of white light suddenly flew out from deep within the Sea God's Pavilion before vanishing into Tang Wulin's glabella.

Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was lying on the ground nearby, completely unconscious. Death and destruction stretched for as far as the eyes could see in all directions.

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