Chapter 876: Atlas, Sunstrike

Yun Ming raised a hand but decided against stopping her in the end. It wasn't like he could stop her anyway.

He took a deep breath and calmly held onto Yali's hand. "I've already failed Shrek City, but now, I must do all I can to protect it."

Tang Wulin and the others had all turned deathly pale as they stood on the Sea God's Island.

They could also hear the explosions taking place in the outer city and see the mushroom clouds rising up into the air in the distance.

Their minds had gone completely blank. This was something completely unimaginable to them. They didn't even know where their enemy was, yet they were already afflicted by such a terrifying disaster.

The energy storm in the air still hadn't dissipated, and those mushroom clouds were undoubtedly taking countless lives.

Right at this moment, a voice that was filled with authority rang out beside their ears. "Come to the Sea God's Pavilion!" 

Tang Wulin shuddered and immediately returned to his senses. He waved a hand toward his friends, and all of them quickly rushed toward the Sea God's Pavilion.

The Sea God's Island wasn't very large, so they quickly arrived at the Sea God's Pavilion, where they were met by Atlas Douluo Yun Ming and Holy Spirit Douluo Yali.

Yun Ming appeared to be very calm, as if nothing were happening at all. Following the arrival of Tang Wulin and the others, he stepped forward, and commanded, "From now on, no matter what happens, stay in the Sea God's Pavilion. Go."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Pavilion Master, please allow us to help the academy in some way. We..."

"Shut up and get inside!" Yun Ming roared. He waved a hand through the air, and a terrifying burst of energy swept up the seven of them before dumping them into the Sea God's Pavilion.

"Remember that all of you represent the future of the academy. If the worst-case scenario happens today, you will be the foundation upon which the academy is rebuilt." Yun Ming's voice reverberated within everyone's ears.

Tang Wulin's expression changed drastically upon hearing this. Was the situation that bad already?

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that everything outside had turned purple without any premonition. The entire sky had turned purple, and the ground had also been stained the same purple color.

A burst of dazzling golden light suddenly erupted from the Golden Tree as well, encompassing the entire inner court within. The golden treehouse that was the Shrek Academy lit up immediately thereafter, conjuring up an extremely rich burst of life force energy that revolved around them while also barring them from exiting the Sea God's Pavilion.

Tang Wulin could clearly see that when the terrifying purple color appeared, the figures that had risen up from Shrek Academy earlier all disappeared without a trace, as if their very existence had been erased from the face of this world.

Atlas Douluo Yun Ming shuddered, and in the next instant, he rose up into the air with Yali's hand in his.

The purple color in the sky was becoming more pronounced, and even the golden light being released by the golden treehouse was gradually beginning to disintegrate.

A burst of peerlessly dazzling light erupted from Yun Ming's body, attempting to spear through the purple color, but even his immense powers proved to be too little. Right at this moment, a massive purple skull appeared in mid-air.

The skull had a diameter in excess of a kilometer, and it opened its mouth to blast forth a burst of flames. At the top of the skull sat nine people, all of whom wore black robes with green embroidered edges. Each and everyone one of them had nine soul rings around their bodies, and the one sitting at the very center of the group had an astonishing soul ring configuration consisting of four blacks, an orange, and four reds.

"Yun Ming, you didn't think that Shrek City would also fall someday, did you? From this day forth, Shrek City and the Tang Sect will both be wiped out of existence!"

The purple flames erupting from the giant purple skull's mouth clashed with Yun Ming's spear intent, and dazzling light instantly erupted from his Atlas Spear.

The light being released by the Golden Tree converged and fell upon him, making his entire body take on a shimmering golden hue.

A heavy yet regal suit of four-word battle armor appeared over his body, and in that instant, he resembled an invincible War God.

However, due to the fact that all of the energy from the Golden Tree was being focused on him, Tang Wulin and the others could clearly see that everything on the Sea God's Island around the Golden Tree was rapidly disintegrating in the face of that terrifying purple color.

"You've used a 12-grade soul missile! You'll face opprobrium from the entire world for this!" Yun Ming's enraged roar echoed through the air while terrifying energy fluctuations continued to surge over the entire Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin was completely rooted to the spot, as were all of his friends.

Xie Xie didn't even dare to imagine what would've happened had he decided against listening to Tang Wulin's instructions.

In the distance, another burst of light appeared. That burst of light was green in color, and the epicenter of that explosion was right at the Tang Sect headquarters.

The entirety of Shrek City had already been reduced to a world of death. From up above, one would only be able to see two vast vortexes, one green and one purple, expanding relentlessly while engulfing everything in their wake. The entire Shrek City was quickly disappearing off the face of this world.

None of the protective barriers served any purpose in the face of the green and purple colors.

Countless lives were being lost by the second in the face of this terrifying energy storm.

The golden treehouse shuddered violently, and Tang Wulin felt as if the entire world in his eyes were becoming illusionary. After forming his two energy vortexes, Tang Wulin had thought that he would be able to establish himself in the world of Soul Masters. However, in this moment, in the face of this disaster that was befalling them like divine retribution, he felt like an insignificant little ant.

If they were outside the golden treehouse at this point in time, then they would've definitely perished in the face of that deathly energy.

It was over for Shrek Academy.

Who would've thought that the number one academy on the continent, the Infallible Shrek, would be reduced to such a tragic state someday?

The golden treehouse continued to tremor violently, and the golden light around it was being relentlessly stripped away by the terrifying purple light.

Tang Wulin suddenly recalled Yun Ming scolding him about how the formation of his fifth soul ring had absorbed too much of the Golden Tree's energy. Perhaps if he hadn't taken so much energy from the Golden Tree, it would've been able to withstand this attack!

It was over; everything was over.

The golden light around the golden treehouse finally completely shattered, and the terrifying deathly energy was beginning to lay waste to the Golden Tree.

Tang Wulin bit down on his lower lip in a stubborn manner as he spread open his arms. He positioned himself in front of his friends and unleashed his Violent Golden Dragon Domain, he knew that in the face of this terrifying disaster, he couldn't do anything, nor could he protect anyone.

"Atlas, Sunstrike!" Right at this moment, an explosive roar erupted from outside.

The voice pierced directly into everyone's minds, and Tang Wulin and his friends instantly felt the terrifying pressure weighing down upon them less significantly. The disintegration of the Golden Tree suddenly ceased, and in that moment, time seemed to have come to a complete standstill.

In the air above, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming's expression remained as calm as ever, but there was boundless sorrow in his eyes.

He was the current Sea God's Pavilion Master, yet he could only look on as Shrek Academy was destroyed before his very eyes. Over 20,000 years of heritage had been razed to the ground in the blink of an eye! One could only imagine the pain and grief surging through his heart.

No one could've possibly anticipated an attack from 12th-grade soul missiles.

In this entire world, there were only three such missiles that had been created, and they were also the only three to have been successfully created in human history. In order to make them a reality, the federation had poured forth countless time, resources, and effort. However, at the time, the federation announced that no more of these weapons will be created, and with the resources on the Douluo Continent, there wasn't enough left to create a fourth one anyway.

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