Chapter 875: Sea of Fireworks

The Titled Douluos of the academy were able to hold their own against these missiles, but the inner cour disciples were quickly forced back onto the ground by the terrifying explosions of energy.

Fearsome explosions erupted one after another, but the figures that had risen up into the air managed to keep all of the soul missiles at bay, detonating them before they could land on the inner city.

More and more figures began to rise up into the air from both the inner city and the outer city. There were countless powerful beings in Shrek City, both from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect.

All of them began detonating soul missiles one by one, and a sea of fireworks encompassed the entire sky above Shrek City.

Right at this moment, a series of figures rushed toward the Sea God's Island from the distance. They were none other than the other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Tang Wulin only returned to his senses after catching sight of them, and he hurriedly released his bloodline aura to guide them toward him.

"My God! What's going on? This is..." Xie Xie's jaw had already dropped to the ground.

He had initially been rather displeased with Tang Wulin as a rare opportunity to get intimate with Yuanen had been foiled by him, but he certainly wasn't going to complain now.

Everyone wore grim expressions on their faces.

All of them knew that such an attack against Shrek Academy was completely unprecedented!

The energy fluctuations in the air descended from above, and even though they were standing on the Sea God's Island, they could still sense the terrifying pressure radiating toward them. If those devastating shockwaves were to land on the ground below, the entire city would most likely be razed to the ground!

Right at this moment, a series of bright halos lit up, forming protective barriers. In the beginning, these barriers only appeared over the inner city, but they quickly began to appear in the outer city as well. The barriers rippled violently in the face of the powerful shockwaves, but they managed to keep the threat at bay.

Tang Wulin didn't say anything to his friends, and all of them wore extremely grave expressions. None of them were powerful enough to participate in this battle, but the question in their mind was; how had Shrek Academy become a battlefield?

During the day, Tang Wulin had thought about how Shrek Academy was the safest place in this world, yet a few hours after that, it was being assaulted by such a terrifying attack.

Over 100 soul missiles at or above the seventh grade had been launched at them; that would definitely have cost an astronomical price! Could it be that the federation was attacking Shrek City? Or could it be coming from the Holy Spirit Cult?

There was no way for the former to be true. After all, there were so many high-ranking federal officials who were alumni of Shrek Academy, and besides, Shrek Academy had always maintained a neutral stance; they had never influenced the federation's decisions, so there was no reason for the federation to attack them.

However, if the latter were true, then that would be an extremely terrifying prospect. How had an Evil Soul Master sect, a terrorist organization, gotten their hands on so many powerful soul missiles? What did this entail? Even the most patriotic of individuals had to believe that the federation was connected to the Holy Spirit Cult!

They couldn't allow those soul missiles to strike the city! Otherwise, Shrek City would become the second Heaven Dou City.

Tang Wulin's heart abruptly constricted at the thought of Heaven Dou City. This was because he recalled Guo Xiaoxu telling him that most of the damage dealt to Heaven Dou City had been caused by a ninth-grade soul missile.

Ninth-grade soul missiles were weapons that were too powerful for even a major city’s protective barriers to keep at bay. Soul missiles at or above the ninth grade were weapons that even Hyper Douluos wouldn't dare to face head-on.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin's throat immediately ran dry. If those Evil Soul Masters had prepared ninth-grade soul missiles on this occasion as well, then the worst was still yet to come.

At the Sea God's Pavilion.

The Sea God's Pavilion Master, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming stood at the top of the pavilion. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali stood beside him, and on his other side was Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue.

All three of them were casting their eyes into the sky, and Yun Ming finally understood why he'd been experiencing such a strong feeling of directionless unease. It turned out that the imminent tragedy that he sensed was going to befall Shrek City rather than anywhere else.

Just as Tang Wulin had thought that no one would dare to attack Shrek City, he had also been drawn to the same complacent opinion, and he wore a thunderous expression on his face.

Yali gripped tightly onto Yun Ming's hand. She couldn't even remember the last time that she had been this nervous.

All of them knew that the Holy Spirit Cult had to have more up their sleeves for them to dare to attack Shrek City.

"Times really have changed!" Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue chuckled coldly, "It seems that our Shrek City hasn't bared our fangs to the world for too long; even trash like these Evil Soul Masters dare to attack us now. Yun Ming, has our Shrek City's influence in the federation grown so weak already? How did all of these soul missiles get here? They were launched from inside the city! When did our Shrek City's defenses become so feeble?"

In the face of Long Yeyue's accusations, Yun Ming had no response. 

Indeed, Shrek City had experienced peace for too long. Everyone had become convinced that the Infallible Shrek was truly infallible; who could've imagined that someone would dare to attack Shrek City?

Yun Ming was well aware of what it meant for the city to be attacked by so many soul missiles from such close range, and his hands balled up into tight fists.

However, he knew that he had to remain calm and control the entire situation. The enemy's attacks definitely wouldn't be limited to just this.

Right at this moment, the ground began to tremor slightly, and Yun Ming and Long Yeyue's expressions both changed in unison.

A series of dull explosions rang out in the distance, and on this occasion, they were taking place on the ground rather than in the air.

From a birds-eye perspective, one would discover that a series of mushroom clouds were rising up in the outer city. A series of terrifying explosions erupted alongside the bloodcurdling cries of countless residents.

It had finally begun.

The enemies were able to launch soul missiles from within the city, so they could naturally detonate these missiles without even launching them.

Shrek City was the largest city on the entire continent, and it also had the largest population. Virtually all of the residents of the city were proud of their residency status, but at this moment, an unprecedented disaster had befallen them. 

Yun Ming's face had turned completely pale. The entire army within the Shrek City had already been mobilized. When the attack had first begun, he'd already issued an order to seal off all the streets and place the entire outer city into lockdown, not permitting anyone to enter or leave it.

However, that order had only been issued a few minutes ago, and it was now being met by a series of violent explosions.

The explosions in the air were dazzling fireworks, but the explosions on the ground were catastrophes! Over 15 explosions had rung out already, and countless innocent residents had undoubtedly perished.

This was most definitely a war that had been planned well in advance. That's right, it was a war, not just a terrorist attack. This was a disaster that had struck without any premonition.

Every city had all types of advanced sensory devices that could detect explosives, and if things like soul missiles were to be discovered, they had to be immediately taken care of by the city's officials.

However, so many high-grade soul missiles had appeared in Shrek City, the so-called infallible Shrek; what did that entail?

It entailed that the enemy had ways to breach Shrek City's defenses, and that Shrek City was no longer infallible.

Yun Ming suddenly understood everything now. The terrorist attack launched against Heaven Dou City had drawn everyone's attention, and both the Tang Sect, as well as Shrek Academy, had deployed many powerful beings to the city. However, the ultimate target of the enemy was never Heaven Dou City.

After all, Heaven Dou City didn't pose much of a threat to the Holy Spirit Cult, but Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were an entirely different story.

This had been the enemy's ultimate target all along!

"I'll go!" Yali yelled before attempting to rush out, only to be held back by Yun Ming.

This definitely wasn't the extent of the enemy's attacks. Both Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters were situated in the inner city. The outer city was being severely ravaged by these attacks, but this still wasn't enough to truly harm Shrek City's foundation.

As such, this was definitely not the end. If all of them were to panic and make rash decisions now, they'd only be falling into the enemy's trap and even more severe disasters will follow.

"Comrades of the Tang Sect, please save our injured citizens. I leave the outer city to you." Yun Ming's voice traveled far into the distance.

Light suddenly flashed, and Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue rose up into the air. She was unable to keep watching any longer.

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