Chapter 873: Warning Signs

It was extremely rare for someone of his age to possess Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power, and it was even rarer for someone of his cultivation rank to be able to maintain such a high speed of cultivation.

He got off his bed, and he was just about to go and practice his forging for a while when a scorching sensation suddenly appeared on his wrist.

He reflexively looked down to find that the teardrop-shaped nine-colored gem on his bracelet that he'd obtained from the Dragon Valley was shimmering with a faint light. The scorching sensation was coming from none other than that gem as well.

Ever since he'd obtained this bracelet, it hadn't really changed at all, and this was the first time it had displayed such a reaction, but what did this mean? Why was it suddenly heating up? Could it have been stimulated by his bloodline?

Tang Wulin flipped his wrist over with a confused look on his face, but the scorching sensation only grew more pronounced. At the same time, a sense of unease also began to well up in his heart.

This was very strange. Tang Wulin had never figured out what purpose this bracelet served; all he knew was that this was a parting gift from all of the true dragon skeletons in the Dragon Valley. At this moment, the scorching sensation emanating from it and the unease in his heart left him rather befuddled.

Could it be that this gem was trying to warn him about something?

But what could it be warning him about? If he were still on the demonic island or outside of the academy, then he would immediately be feeling very cautious.

However, he was currently situated in Shrek Academy! Was there a safer place in this world than Shrek Academy? In particular, this was the Sea God's Island; the core region of Shrek Academy. There were most likely more than 10 Hyper Douluos here, as well as Atlas Douluo Yun MIng. What could this bracelet possibly be warning him about?

It had to be a false alarm.

As a safety precaution, Tang Wulin hurriedly inspected his own internal condition and observed his own bloodline vortex, just in case it was his own bloodline power that was triggering this reaction from the bracelet.

However, his bloodline vortex was functioning in a normal manner, and his own blood essence was as powerful as ever, but it definitely wouldn't affect the rotation of his bloodline vortex.

He was in as good a condition as he possibly could be, and if he were to continue cultivating at this rate, he would definitely continue to rapidly grow stronger.

During these past few days, he'd already begun experimenting with creating alloys consisting of four different types of metals, and the results had been very encouraging. Now that he was capable of soul refinement, forging such alloys was no issue to him at all. He was even beginning to experiment with fusing five types of metals to form alloys, and if he could succeed there, everyone's battle armor would definitely receive significant boosts. Even if they were only suits of two-word battle armor, they definitely wouldn't be inferior to average suits of three-word battle armor.

Right at this moment, the bracelet on his wrist slowly began to cool, and everything seemed to have returned to normal.

Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh of relief and shrugged to himself. Who knew what had just happened? He was most likely just being oversensitive. After all, this was Shrek Academy; what could possibly happen here?

With that in mind, he emerged from the wooden cabin and made his way toward his forging room.

After consolidating his skills as a Saint Blacksmith, he was going to begin refining metals for everyone. The designs had already been completed well in advance, and after he refined the alloys required, Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui would be able to begin making everyone's suits of battle armor. With their cultivation ranks, this would definitely be quite a fast construction process. After all, they had their suits of one-word battle armor acting as foundations, so it would be a lot faster to craft their suits of two-word battle armor then if they had to make them from scratch.


"What is it, Mistress?" a woman in black asked in a faint voice.

She was situated at the summit of a tall mountain that extended all the way into the clouds, and vast expanses of clouds could be seen in all directions. The winds on the mountain summit were quite strong, blowing moisture through the air, but no condensation gathered around them.

Gu Yuena stood at the edge of her cliff, and her long white dress along with her flowing silver hair gave her the appearance of a celestial maiden. There was a disoriented look in her eyes, and she shook her head as she said, "For some reason, I'm feeling a sense of uneasiness. My heart rate has increased by five beats per minute compared to its normal resting rate."

"What?" the woman in black wore a stunned look in her face as she exclaimed, "What could that mean?"

Gu Yuena shook her head in response. "I don't know, either. How are you going with the things I asked you to prepare?"

The woman in black replied, "We've already completed 60%, so we've set up a foundation. Di Tian says that there are no problems on his end, and once all preparations are complete, everything will be ready for you, my Lord. After that, all we have to do is wait."

Gu Yuena nodded in response.

After a brief pause, the woman in black asked in a hesitating manner. "My Lord, those people have contacted us again. As the saying goes, the enemy of an enemy is a friend; are we really not going to cooperate with them?"

Gu Yuena abruptly turned around and waved her right hand through the air. A terrifying aura erupted from her body, causing the entire mountain summit to tremor slightly. All of the clouds and mist in the surrounding area were shattered, and they fell as rain onto the ground below.

The woman in black was sent flying while Gu Yuena's cold voice reverberated around the mountain summit. "How many times do I need to say this? We're never going to work with those putrid beings! Mention them to me one more time and I'll have you skinned!"

The woman in black disappeared and didn't return to the mountain summit.

Gu Yuena wore a grave expression on her face and remained silent for a long while. A figure gradually began to appear in her mind.

It's been so long; is he still doing fine? Why am I feeling so uneasy? The only thing that could evoke these feelings within me is him... 


This was a quiet yet extremely spacious room with a dome ceiling. Large patches of demonic symbols covered the entire room from the ceiling to the floor.

The room was around 30 meters tall with a diameter of over 50 meters. At the very center of the room, there were a total of 12 people sitting in a circle with their legs crossed, and all of them were murmuring something.

There were soul rings around every one of these people, and if anyone else were present at the scene, they'd be stunned to discover that each of them had eight soul rings. Eight-ring Soul Douluos were already considered to be very powerful, even in the world of Soul Masters, yet 12 of them were gathered in this one place to do one thing.

The demonic symbols on the ground that they were sitting on were even more complex, and what was quite unsettling was that there were puddles of blood flowing around the demonic symbols. The demonic symbols had all been carved into the ground, and the blood was constantly changing as they flowed through those complex patterns.

There were over 100 people standing around the outskirts of the room, and all of them were wearing completely black clothes with black balaclavas on their heads. Only their left hands were revealed, and the blood was flowing from none other than their slit left wrists.

The faint scent of blood permeated throughout the entire room, creating an extremely horrifying atmosphere, but this pungent odor didn't escape out of the room at all.

What was going on? What had happened? Why was this happening?

At the center of the circle formed by the 12 Soul Douluos was a blackish-purple hexagram. The hexagram was emitting an extremely strong odor of blood and gore, and something stood at the very center of the hexagram. This was a glowing blackish-purple object that was around three meters tall, and there were countless demonic symbols carved all over its surface.

Its tip was of a cylindrical shape, what appeared to be a series of metallic wings ran down its shaft. All of the enormous energy in the surrounding area was surging toward this object, which was like an insatiable black hole that was relentlessly absorbing all of the blood and energy.

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