Chapter 872: Unease?

The bruises on Tang Wulin's face were quickly fading. With his recovery abilities, these minor injuries were nothing.

Xie Xie wore a guilty expression as he said, "I'm sorry, Boss, but I didn't do it on purpose! Yuanen's never talked to me like that before; I swear this won't happen next time!"

Tang Wulin glared at him. "There won't be a next time! What if she calls you 'husband' next time? Are you going to turn around and stab me instead?"

Xie Xie raised his head and looked at Tang Wulin before glancing at Yuanen Yehui. There was indeed a very good chance that that would happen.

In the face of Yuanen Yehui, all of his combat prowess was thrown out the window.

Tang Wulin sent Xie Xie flying with another kick to the backside, and everyone burst into raucous laughter. Yuanen Yehui put on a disdainful expression as she scoffed, "Don't even think about it; there's no way I'm calling you that!"

Tang Wulin heaved a resigned sigh. "I've ascertained your current abilities and needs. I'm going to devise individual plans, then discuss them with each of you. Let's stop here for today."

Everyone departed, and Tang Wulin returned to his and Gu Yue's wooden cabin. Only now did he allow a hint of dejection to appear on his face.

All of his friends were in happy relationships, so it was naturally unavoidable for him to be envious. However, there was nothing he could do. He still hadn't received any news about Gu Yue and Na'er even after all this time. Where were they?

Gu Yue, are you really never going to see me again? Wait for me; I'm going to become powerful enough to go and find you! 


A soul bus traveled quickly over the highway. The bus appeared to be extremely normal and was no different from the average soul bus. The only thing that was different was that all of the windows were concealed by drawn curtains, making it impossible to see what was inside the bus.

The Shrek City checkpoint loomed up ahead in the distance, and the soul bus gradually decelerated, lining up behind all of the other vehicles that were waiting to be checked.

Right at this moment, an employee in an official uniform emerged from the checkpoint. From the looks of his epaulets, he was clearly quite an important figure at the checkpoint.

He quickly made his way out of the checkpoint before waving a hand at the soul bus, then pointing at a closed tunnel off to the side.

The soul bus reacted very quickly and immediately left the line, changing directions before driving toward the tunnel.

The employee entered the tunnel before switching on the devices inside, and the door of the bus was opened, following which a middle-aged man with an extremely ordinary appearance disembarked from within. The middle-aged man strode over to the employee before handing over some documents.

The employee glanced at the documents before returning it to the man, then making his way into the control room. The metal barrier blocking the tunnel slowly rose up, and the middle-aged man got onto the bus again before driving it toward Shrek City.

The metal barrier was lowered again, and the employee also emerged from the control room. This tunnel was going to remain closed.

This occurrence didn't attract much attention from anyone else. After all, there were people with special rights and privileges everywhere, and even Shrek City was no exception to this.

However, unbeknownst to everyone, after allowing the soul bus into Shrek City, the employee went straight back to the lobby of the checkpoint before changing into some different clothes. He then bade farewell to his colleagues and got onto a soul car that quickly departed. The soul car didn't take him toward Shrek City; instead, it was taking him away into the distance.

More and more cars appeared on the road, and the soul bus slowed down while continuing to travel on ahead. There were a total of over 10 people in the bus, and all of them were completely silent. They all wore black uniforms with balaclavas on their faces that only revealed their nose and eyes. Due to their attire, the entire interior of the soul bus had a sinister air about it.

Only the driver, who was also the middle-aged man that had just gotten off the soul bus earlier, seemed to be quite normal.

One of the men in black sitting near the front quickly made his way to the back before asking in a serious voice, "How's it going with the screening devices?"

Another man in black pulled out a device and took a glance at it before nodding in response. "Everything is normal. Nothing is being leaked aside from background radiation."

"Very good," the first man in black returned to the front of the bus, and said to the driver, "Proceed as planned."

"Yes!" the driver replied in a respectful manner. At the same time, a hint of deranged fanaticism appeared in his eyes.

The soul bus continued onward and quickly entered Shrek City. The inner city of Shrek City gradually appeared in their field of view.

However, the bus didn't continue on toward the inner city. Instead, it turned onto a wide street before driving for a while longer, then gradually decelerated. The bus stopped on the side of the street beside a building that appeared to be a hotel, and the doors of the building slowly opened. The bus drove into the building through the entrance, where it disappeared from the public eye.


On the Sea God's Island.

Atlas Douluo Yun Ming was sitting on his wooden bed with his legs crossed, and as he slowly opened his eyes, a hint of unease flashed through his pupils.

"Yali," he called out in a gentle voice.

"What is it?" Holy Spirit Douluo Yali immediately walked in from outside. She could clearly sense that there was something off about Yun Ming's voice. 

"For some reason, I'm feeling rather uneasy," Yun Ming said in a rather perplexed voice.

Yali was stunned to hear this. "What? You're feeling uneasy?"

One had to realize that Yun Ming was a Limit Douluo, and was widely renowned as the most powerful being on the entire continent, placing him at the pinnacle of the world of Soul Masters. His sensory abilities were countless times more potent than that of the average person, and his spiritual power had already reached the Spirit Domain realm. His senses were so powerful that it wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that he could detect all of the major changes taking place on the entire Douluo Continent.

The fact that he was feeling uneasy indicated that a major event was about to take place. For example, he'd been struck by a sense of foreboding prior to the Heaven Dou City terrorist attack, and he'd immediately reported this feeling to the federation. Unfortunately, the federation wasn't able to address his report in a timely fashion, and the tragedy of Heaven Dou City still took place.

"Is it a really strong sense of unease? Which direction is it coming from?" Yali asked.

Yun Ming's brows were tightly furrowed as he shook his head. "It's a very strong feeling, but it's also very strange. The feeling fluctuates in intensity, and I can't pinpoint which direction it's coming from. This is really strange. Could it be that a natural disaster is about to strike?"

Yali's brows were also tightly furrowed as she mused, "A natural disaster? And you can't sense the direction?"

Yun Ming shook his head in response. "Not at the moment. However, this is a stronger feeling than I've ever gotten before. If a disaster really is going to strike, it's going to be one of unprecedented proportions."

Yali drew a sharp breath upon hearing this. Yun Ming's words were sufficient testament to just how catastrophic this disaster would be if it were to take place. She asked in a grim voice, "What should we do?"

Yun Ming replied, "We can only report this to the federation. After what happened last time, they should take things more seriously on this occasion. Also, send out a Shrek Order and inform all of the graduated inner court disciples of this feeling of mine. Tell them to be on their guard, and if they encounter any signs of danger, they can request for assistance from the academy."

"Alright. Should I organize a Sea God's Pavilion meeting?" Yali asked.

Yun Ming shook his head. "Not yet. After all, I'm unable to confirm the nature of this feeling yet. After reaching this level in my cultivation, my own power is being severely oppressed by the heavens, so I can't entirely eliminate the possibility that this feeling could be false. Even so, it can't hurt to be more careful."

Due to the fact that the existence of the Divine Realm could no longer be felt in this world, Yun Ming would often suffer bouts of disorientation after becoming a Limit Douluo. During these lapses, he would feel as if he could sense something, but also nothing at all.

The closer one got to his level, the more they wanted to find out where the Divine Realm is, and whether it still even exists.

As such, his cultivation revolved entirely around interacting with the heavenly dao, so he couldn't eliminate the possibility that his senses were being disrupted by the heavenly dao. However, what was for sure was that feeling was continuing to linger in his heart.

Tang Wulin awakened his meditation, feeling completely reinvigorated and refreshed.

Ever since his martial soul had undergone a second awakening and he'd formed his two major power vortexes, his rate of cultivation had spiked drastically, to the extent that he could noticeably sense himself improving every day.

This improvement was not just limited to his soul power, but also everything else, such as his Purple Demon Eyes. After his bloodline power vortex had taken shape, the rate at which he could cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes increased by threefold, and as a result, even his spiritual power was increasing at a far faster speed.

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