Chapter 871: You Cheated!

Xu Xiaoyan's expression had already changed drastically as she saw what Tang Wulin was doing, and she'd managed to summon her Dazzling Starlight just in the nick of time, sending countless specks of starlight hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin. The specks of starlight instantly encompassed his entire body, but at that point, his Golden Dragon Spear had already left his grasp.

He then immediately unleashed his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and in the instant that the Dazzling Starlight reached him, he did something that was rather strange-looking.

He positioned one hand above and curled his fingers back to form claws with both his palms facing one another. After that, he stepped forward with his left foot, and it looked as if he were trying to catch something.

Yue Zhengyu's expression instantly changed at the sight of the oncoming Golden Dragon Spear. His Light of Judgment had already struck Tang Wulin's body, but it had also been too slow to prevent Tang Wulin from hurling his Golden Dragon Spear.

The Light of Judgment was absorbed by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and his mirror-like suit of battle armor began to shimmer rapidly. At this moment, the Dazzling Starlight had already immobilized him.

Yue Zhengyu positioned himself in front of Xu Xiaoyan and thrust his holy sword forward with all his might to try and keep the Golden Dragon Spear at bay. However, the Golden Dragon Spear hadn't even reached him, and he could already sense that he wouldn't be able to block it. He was sure that even with the enhancements of his Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun and battle armor that the Golden Dragon Spear would still puncture his body with ease.

Right at this moment, a sharp sword projection finally arrived before striking the side of the Golden Dragon Spear with unerring accuracy. A loud dragon's roar rang out from the spear, and the golden light around it dimmed slightly before it struck Yue Zhengyu's holy sword.

Even though Ye Xinglan had already nullified most of the Golden Dragon Spear's power, Yue Zhengyu still shuddered violently from the force of the clash, and he rushed back as if he'd been electrocuted, almost crashing into Xu Xiaoyan as he did so.

The Golden Dragon Spear was repelled, and the holy sword was broken.

As such, the only one who was still rushing toward Tang Wulin was Yuanen Yehui. Tang Wulin was attacking Xu Xiaoyan as he knew that the others would be forced to save her, and in the face of the threat from his Golden Dragon Spear, Ye Xinglan had no choice but to turn back.

The giant hammers were raised aloft before being brought down with devastating might.

In Yuanen Yehui's eyes, Tang Wulin had been immobilized by the Dazzling Starlight, and his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body had also been activated by the Light of Judgment. If he were to retaliate now, he would be extremely difficult to handle, but his defenses were also at their most feeble at this moment. 

In order to save time, she didn't use any soul skills, but she was still unleashing this attack with the full power of her Devil Titan form.

I've got him! 

A hint of elation welled up in Yuanen Yehui's heart, but right at this moment, she felt a strange rotational force surge toward her from Tang Wulin's body. Her giant hammer was supposed to strike him on the chest, but it was suddenly twisted toward him, and her body also began to spin as a result. The instant that the giant hammer fell into Tang Wulin's hands coincided with the moment that he recovered the Dazzling Starlight, yet instead of attacking Yuanen Yehui with the hammer, he hurled it toward Xu Xiaoyan again.

A burst of sharp light flashed past Tang Wulin, reaching Yuanen Yehui in a flash. It was none other than Xie Xie.

Yuanen Yehui was still trying to arrest her rotational momentum, yet Xie Xie was completely fine as Tang Wulin had blocked the Dazzling Starlight for him. As such, he was able to unleash all of his accumulated power at this critical juncture in the form of this attack. His body had split up into two clones, one illusionary and one substantial, and the two of them attacked Yuanen Yehui from both sides.

All of a sudden, a loud dragon's roar erupted from Tang Wulin's body as a golden ring of light lit up beneath his feet. It was none other than his fourth bloodline soul skill, Violent Golden Dragon Domain.

Xie Xie had some dragon clan bloodline in his body, so he benefited more from the Violent Golden Dragon Domain's enhancement effects than everyone else did. He could feel his own bloodline aura elevating drastically, and his two clones reached Yuanen Yehui in a flash. 

"Xie Xie." Right at this moment, a strange turn of events unfolded.

Instead of adopting any defensive or evasive measures, Yuanen Yehui withdrew both of her hands, and her body instantly shrank down as she reverted back to her original form. At the same time, she uttered Xie Xie's name in an extremely mellow voice.

Her voice was so soft and gentle that it was virtually a croon, and if someone were to stand beside Xie Xie to inspect his skin with a magnifying glass, they'd discover that goosebumps had appeared all over his body.

The two clones flashed past Yuanen Yehui, but both of them had withdrawn their daggers, and neither of them attacked her!

Yuanen Yehui smiled as she turned around before lashing out with both of her legs, kicking the two Xie Xie's on their backsides to send them flying into the protective barrier.

Tang Wulin was completely speechless. Yuanen Yehui was in a completely dire situation, yet Xie Xie had dropped the ball at the most critical juncture.

A two-on-five battle was already a format that was heavily against his favor, so he had to think outside of the box if he wanted to win. Xu Xiaoyan was their biggest threat, so Tang Wulin hurled projectiles at her to restrict her, then created an opportunity to single out Yuanen Yehui. Even though he'd been immobilized, as long as Xie Xie could take her out, the equation would become two vs four as opposed to two vs five, and that would be a lot easier.

However, Xie Xie had truly screwed up. Not only had he been sent flying, he collapsed to the ground and couldn't get up. Yuanen Yehui had sealed his bloodline once again.

The hammer that Tang Wulin had hurled was far less powerful than his Golden Dragon Spear. It didn't have the same speed and sharpness, so Ye Xinglan was able to divert it away on her own.

Tang Wulin unleashed a powerful punch to send Yuanen Yehui flying, but he didn't actually inflict any substantial damage to her as the Astral Chains allowed them to distribute the impact among all five of them.

"You cheated! You can't do that!" Tang Wulin exclaimed with grief and indignation.

Yuanen Yehui chuckled, "We just came back from the demonic island, Captain; have you forgotten everything we've learned there already?"

Before her voice had even trailed off, Ye Xinglan and Yue Zhengyu had also joined her to attack Tang Wulin from three sides. A Starwheel Shackle also appeared beneath his feet with unerring accuracy.

As such, Tang Wulin had no choice but to unleash his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body again while adopting the same strange-looking pose as before.

Strangely enough, after he adopted that pose, everyone who attacked him would immediately be sent flying. Even Yuanen Yehui's immense power was unable to break through his strange defense, let alone everyone else.

Even Ye Xinglan felt as if her Stargod Sword had plunged into a vortex before she was sent flying by the rotational force.

Through the use of this strange pose, Tang Wulin endured one barrage of attacks after another.

However, he was being attacked by five people all at once! His friends also had Xu Xiaoyan's absolute control on their side, and Tang Wulin couldn't do anything aside from defend.

What made him even more speechless was that Xu Lizhi was the one who broke his defense in the end.

While he was being attacked by everyone else, Xu Lizhi snuck behind him without him noticing before imprinting a pair of blackish-purple hands onto his back.

As such, Tang Wulin was distracted by the immense destructive energy surging into his body, thereby preventing him from adopting that strange pose before he was struck by the Dazzling Starlight and Starwheel Shackle...

Five minutes later.

Tang Wulin was bruised and battered as he sat on the trial grounds with a gloomy expression. Xie Xie didn't even dare to look at him.

Yue Zhengyu wore a smug expression as he said, "You see now, Captain? Having a trashy teammate is worse than having to face god-like opponents! If I were you, I'd be challenging him to a one-on-one battle right now!"

They hadn't held back in the slightest after mobbing Tang Wulin. However, his defensive prowess stunned them once again. All three of them were assault system Soul Masters, but Tang Wulin acted as their punching bag for a full five minutes before he finally chose to surrender. During this process, he had almost escaped on multiple occasions, only to be thwarted by Xu Xiaoyan's absolute control.

It was undoubtedly the case that without Xu Xiaoyan's ultra-powerful control abilities, there was no guarantee that they would've been able to defeat Tang Wulin. Even if they could, they'd have to pay a price in the process.

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