Chapter 869: The Fearsome Tang Wulin

Right at this moment, another loud dragon's roar rang out as Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Roar again.

Neither Yuanen Yehui nor Ye Xinglan possessed dragon bloodlines, but even they couldn't help but shudder and become more sluggish in the face of Tang Wulin's almighty roar.

Tang Wulin stomped his right foot onto the ground, immediately following up his Golden Dragon Roar with his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. The surrounding space instantly warped, and Ye Xinglan, who was standing closest to him, was instantly immobilized.

However, she reacted extremely quickly, and as soon as she sensed that something was amiss, specks of bright starlight erupted from her battle armor to form a protective barrier. As such, she was only immobilized for a split-second before she managed to free herself through the use of her immense sword intent. 

Right at this moment, eight golden dragons erupted from the ground. All of the golden dragons rushed toward Yuanen Yehui while Tang Wulin took advantage of Ye Xinglan's split-second of immobilization to close down the distance between them.

His right golden dragon claws lashed out, leaving a trail of shattered space in its wake, and powerful suction force erupted from the broken space, dragging Ye Xinglan's body forward.

Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword slashed upward, and even without the sufficient distance required for her to complete a proper charge, she managed to fuse herself as one with her sword.

"Ding ding ding!" A string of crisp clangs rang out as her sword clashed with Tang Wulin's dragon claws over and over again, and the difference in their power was finally displayed. Ye Xinglan was already trying to unleash her sword intent to its maximal degree with each and every attack, but she was still constantly being forced back by Tang Wulin. There was simply no way for her to bridge the massive power gap.

Tang Wulin twisted around and swept his right leg through the air. A loud dragon's roar rang out as he unleashed his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail, transforming his leg into a massive dragon tail.

Tang Wulin wasn't all that technically astute, but he employed a simple and violent method of attack that crushed everything standing in his way. He didn't allow Ye Xinglan to fully display the power of her sword intent and swordsmanship; he was merely crushing her with pure power.

As such, Ye Xinglan had no choice but to transform her Stargod Sword into countless sword projections while she tried to rush back in retreat, but she was still sent flying by the Golden Dragon Whips its Tail.

After blasting Ye Xinglan away, Tang Wulin didn't even take a second glance at her before he raised his right arm to unleash his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws!

Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie had faced his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws together, but on this occasion, Yuanen Yehui was facing this attack on her own, and she had only just taken care of the eight dragons conjured up by the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

The terrifying dragon claws descended from above with immense suction force, and gleaming with the dark golden light of the Golden Dragon Dreadclaws. This was definitely the most powerful attack among Tang Wulin's Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon to date.

It was already too late for Yuanen Yehui to take evasive measures by adopting her Fallen Angel form. As such, her sixth soul ring lit up, and she joined her twin hammers before her to form a protective shield. 

At the same time, her feet seemed to have taken root on the platform of the trial grounds, and a giant hand with a diameter of around 10 meters suddenly appeared behind her. The massive hand clenched into a fist and launched a retaliatory strike against Tang Wulin's golden dragon claws.

That's right, just like Yue Zhengyu, Yuanen Yehui had also become a six-ring Soul Emperor.

"Boom!" Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui both shuddered violently in unison, and the Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws and Titan Grip shattered at the same time. The two attacks were evenly matched!

However, one had to realize that in order to withstand this attack, she had donned her suit of battle armor, and she also unleashed her Titan Strength, Diamond Titan, and Devil Titan, along with her sixth soul skill.

However, the fact of the matter was that she'd managed to withstand Tang Wulin's most powerful attack, and at this moment, a speck of cold starlight appeared behind his back.

Tang Wulin's right arm abruptly swept backward, and a streak of golden light shot forth; it was none other than his Golden Dragon Spear. At the same time, his suit of one-word battle armor also instantly appeared on his body.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were more powerful than Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu, so it would be quite difficult for him to defeat them without summoning his battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui's sixth soul ring continued to glow, and she tossed the giant hammer in her right hand into the air. Her Titan Grip appeared again, catching the hammer before sending it crashing down from above.

Meanwhile, Ye Xinglan's fifth soul ring lit up, and her entire body instantly transformed into a dazzling and scorching star. Fearsome sword intent locked onto Tang Wulin's body from behind, and it seemed that their combined efforts would finally be able to spell his defeat.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and he seemed to have entered a special state. His eyes became remarkably bright, and in the instant that the giant hammer was about to strike him, his battle armor suddenly took on a mirror-surface-like appearance.

"Boom!" The giant hammer was repelled by his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body.

Golden light flashed rapidly all over his entire body, and at the same time, he thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward to meet Ye Xinglan's fifth soul skill, Star Sword.

"Ding!" A deafening clang rang out, and Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi all hurriedly covered their ears as their expressions changed drastically. Yue Zhengyu immediately positioned himself in front of everyone, spreading open his wings to unleash his holy light. In the next instant, a powerful shockwave surged toward them.

Ye Xinglan let loose a muffled groan as she was sent flying through the air, and she'd already thrown up a mouthful of blood.

An apologetic look appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes as he swiveled around, sweeping his Golden Dragon Spear through the air. On this occasion, he unleashed his Golden Dragon Whips its Tail with his Golden Dragon Spear as opposed to his leg, and Yuanen Yehui was also sent flying.

After putting on his suit of battle armor, Tang Wulin had become far too powerful for them to face.

Xu Lizhi had already rushed over to Ye Xinglan and quickly fed her a Recovery Pork Bun.

After eating the Recovery Pork Bun, Ye Xinglan gave Tang Wulin a big thumbs-up.

Tang Wulin also hurriedly rushed over to her. "I'm sorry, Xinglan; your sword intent was too powerful, so I couldn't control myself."

Ye Xinglan smiled, and replied, "It's alright, I had a really good time. I can tell that you already held back at the last moment. Otherwise, I would've been seriously injured by that attack."

Tang Wulin had indeed already done his best to hold back his power. However, it was still not enough, and he'd ended up hurting Ye Xinglan.

Everyone gathered around, and Xie Xie couldn't help but exclaim, "How did you become so powerful all of a sudden? Even Xinglan and Yuanen are no match for you now!"

Tang Wulin replied, "I only managed to attain greater control over my own strength, and my bloodline also awakened a step further. If you guys had known about the improvements I'd made beforehand, I wouldn't have been able to win so easily. Of course, I would've still beaten you just as easily anyway." 

Xie Xie chuckled, "That's alright, we'll team up next time. Won't that mean that your power will enhance me rather than intimidate me? I think the two of us can take on the five of them with no issues. I'll always stand with you, Boss!"

"Will it kill you not to boast?" Yue Zhengyu scoffed.

"How about we try it then?" Xie Xie stood beside Tang Wulin with a smug expression, creating a rather comical sight to behold.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Tang Wulin said, "I think we can try that. Xinglan, are you still able to fight?"

Ye Xinglan replied, "I'm fine, but do you really want to try this?"

Two-on-five was drastically different from one-on-two. Even though Xu Lizhi didn't have much combat prowess, his steamed buns greatly enhanced his allies, and for a mature team like Shrek’s Seven Monsters, everyone's teamwork was exemplary. With the addition of each person, their overall power would increase significantly, and that wasn't even taking into effect Xu Xiaoyan's absolute control abilities.

Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu were all assault system Soul Masters, and there were two six-ring Soul Emperors among them. With sufficient assistance from Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi, it would not be easy for Xie Xie and Tang Wulin to keep them at bay.

However, Tang Wulin nodded in a determined manner. "Let's give it a try. The sparring matches for today are mainly being held so that I can gauge your current powers, and after this, we're going to begin creating our suits of two-word battle armor. I'm planning to give all of you a surprise on the forging side of things when we begin this process."

Xie Xie asked in a curious manner, "What's the surprise?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "I've already made a breakthrough."

Everyone was stunned to hear this, and they exclaimed almost in unison, "You're a Saint Blacksmith now?"

Tang Wulin naturally had nothing to hide from his friends, so he nodded with a smile in response.

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