Chapter 868: He's Already This Powerful?

In contrast, Xie Xie was in far worse condition. Two massive gashes ran all the way down from his shoulder to his left hip, and his suit of battle armor had been completely torn open. The battle armor was constructed from spirit alloys, so it quickly repaired itself, but Xie Xie had already lost the ability to continue fighting, and he still hadn't even gotten up from the ground yet.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky and landed on the ground with a resounding boom. A brief period of deathly silence ensued.

Yuanen Yehui rushed over to Xie Xie before cradling him up in her arms to inspect his condition.

However, in the next instant, she raised her head again, and the astonishment in her eyes had grown even more pronounced. Xie Xie appeared to have suffered grievous wounds, but in reality, he was completely unscathed. His battle armor had been sliced open, but even his clothes remained completely unharmed. He had only had his bloodline and soul power sealed off. It was downright incredible that Tang Wulin was able to exercise such exemplary control when unleashing such a devastating attack.

No one was delusional enough to think that he simply lacked the power to hurt Xie Xie. It was quite apparent that if he wanted Xie Xie dead, he would already be in pieces right now.

Yue Zhengyu landed on the ground, and he wasn't in much better condition. Three massive gashes had appeared on his suit of battle armor, but it had superior defensive prowess compared to Xie Xie's battle armor, so it hadn't been completely destroyed.

After landing on the ground, he was completely dumbfounded. In the face of Tang Wulin's attack, he felt as if his body had been completely immobilized, rendering him unable to take evasive measures. As such, he could only take the attack head-on, yet his holy sword barely did anything to protect him. The sword was instantly shattered by Tang Wulin's terrifying golden dragon claws, and he was sent flying like a cannonball. 

If he hadn't defended with all his might, he would most likely be in a similar situation to Xie Xie right now. Furthermore, he could clearly sense that Tang Wulin had held back in that attack. What was even more astonishing was that he still hadn't even put on his battle armor! This was...

When did he become this powerful?

In the eyes of the other six members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Tang Wulin had completely left them behind. They'd only been apart for just over a month, yet he was like a completely different man. He was like a dragon that had soared into the heavens, displaying power far superior to what he was capable of in the past. Yue Zhengyu had already become a six-ring Soul Emperor, but he had no chance against Tang Wulin.

Yue Zhengyu understood that perhaps he'd only stand a chance if he were to use his Sacrifice ability, but even then, his chances would most likely be very slim.

How was there such a massive gap between them?

Xie Xie only awakened after Yuanen Yehui patted his body a few times, and even then, he still trembled uncontrollably for over 10 seconds before returning to a normal state.

"What happened to you?" Yuanen Yehui asked.

A wry smile appeared on Xie Xie's face. "That was bloodline intimidation! When Boss unleashed that Golden Dragon Roar, my bloodline instantly succumbed. How was I supposed to fight when my body felt like it had been filled with lead? When did Boss become this powerful?"

At this moment, Tang Wulin was like a different person in their eyes. He was no longer tall and slim. Instead, he was like an imposing mountain.

It was a similar feeling to when they were facing off against Dragon King Long Yue, except, Tang Wulin's aura was imbued with an additional air of wisdom and control. Only in his deranged state did Long Yue seem to be a match for the current Tang Wulin.

He had evolved; he had truly evolved. The dragon had emerged from the abyss and was rising into the heavens.

Tang Wulin looked down at his two hands and reflected on his utilization of his own body and power. He felt as if his strength, body, and spiritual power had combined to perfection, and this was a wonderful feeling.

After breaking the ninth Golden Dragon King seal, his blood essence power was more abundant than ever, and the Body Sect's bodily and spiritual control techniques played a pivotal role in his ability to control his newfound strength.

It was just as Mu Ye had said; pure strength alone was useless in a practical battle. It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin had achieved elementary mastery of his own soul power and blood essence power. The two vortexes in his body were still rotating at high speeds, and all of the energy he'd just expended was quickly replenished.

"Let me try!" Ye Xinglan suddenly appeared before Tang Wulin. In the face of the almighty Tang Wulin, not only was she not fearful in the slightest, she was filled with battle intent instead. This was her personality; she was always eager to face her next challenge. Her pursuit was to constantly challenge powerful beings and make breakthroughs over and over again by going beyond her limits.

"Alright, Yuanen can come at me as well." Tang Wulin waved a hand at Yuanen Yehui as he spoke.

It was undoubtedly the case that Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan formed a stronger partnership than Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu.

Yuanen Yehui stood up and strode over to Ye Xinglan's side. Much to Xu Lizhi's surprise, Ye Xinglan didn't turn down this arrangement. This was an indirect admission that she was no longer a match for the current Tang Wulin.

Xu Xiaoyan licked her lips in a nervous manner before making her way over to Yue Zhengyu and announcing, "Begin!"

Ye Xinglan took a step to the side, and she suddenly drew to a complete halt. However, in the next instant, the light around her suddenly seemed to have dimmed, as if all of the light rays were being absorbed into her body. An extremely sharp burst of sword intent erupted forth, sending ripples running through the protective barrier around the entire trial grounds.

The proliferating sword intent only appeared for an instant before it converged back toward her. It wasn't affecting anyone else, but it was only through this method that she was able to gather the most fearsome sword intent.

She closed her eyes and didn't release her martial soul. She seemed to simply be in a state of standing meditation, but a far grimmer expression had appeared on Tang Wulin's face.

Yuanen Yehui stepped forward, positioning herself in front of Ye Xinglan, and her body swelled dramatically in size as she unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul.

She raised both arms up into the air, and a pair of giant hammers appeared in her grasp. These giant hammers had been damaged during that battle against the evil Soul Masters, and after that, Yuanen Yehui had sought out a blacksmith and gotten them repaired. These hammers once belonged to a mecha, yet they were being wielded by her like a pair of toys despite their enormous weight.

Yuanen Yehui focused her gaze, and pieces of battle armor began to rapidly appear over her body. As soon as she donned her suit of battle armor, her aura instantly spiked drastically.

Tang Wulin took the initiative on this occasion. He tapped his foot onto the ground, and his body shot forth like a cannonball. Only through careful inspection could one see that as he was hurtling through the air at an astonishing speed, he'd clenched his right fist and pulled back his arm in preparation to unleash an attack.

Yuanen Yehui took another step forward, and she swung her giant hammers through the air in retaliation. She didn't hold back in the slightest on this occasion as she now knew just how strong Tang Wulin was.

The two clashed, yet even with her giant hammers and the enhancements from her suit of battle armor, Yuanen Yehui was still sent flying by Tang Wulin's devastating punch. She then crashed into the protective barrier in the distance, much like Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu had done before her.

Tang Wulin's body only faltered in mid-air for an instant before a golden dragon projection appeared behind him. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight to accelerate once again, and charged directly toward Ye Xinglan.

It was also at this moment that Ye Xinglan finally sprang into action. She raised her right hand to grab onto something behind her own head, and her Stargod Sword instantly appeared in her grasp. A streak of light flashed through the air, and it was as if all of the light in the surrounding area had been absorbed in an instant. From everyone else's perspective, it looked as if a dazzling streak of starlight were flashing through an inky-black expanse of darkness.


Tang Wulin descended from the sky, but his attack was kept at bay by Ye Xinglan's sword. This was the first time today that anyone had been able to withstand one of his attacks.

Ye Xinglan's entire body shuddered violently, and she also donned her suit of battle armor. All of a sudden, countless dazzling sword projections appeared around Tang Wulin, enshrouding his entire body within.

Tang Wulin raised his arms in front of him in a defensive manner before unleashing his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. His entire body suddenly sped up drastically, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake.

Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword was also very fast, but she was simply unable to land so much as a single attack on him.

Yuanen Yehui sprang up from the distance, sending two Air Cannon blasts hurtling toward Tang Wulin from both sides in order to restrict his movements. At the same time, she completed her Devil Titan transformation and raised both of her hammers before bringing them down toward Tang Wulin from behind, sandwiching him between her and Ye Xinglan's attacks.

Xu Xiaoyan stood beside Yue Zhengyu, and teased, "Look at how much more powerful Sister Xinglan and Sister Yuanen are compared to you guys!"

Yue Zhengyu rolled his eyes in response. "It's all Xie Xie's fault! He pretty much wet himself after Boss's Golden Dragon Roar, and he couldn't unleash any of his power as a result. Otherwise, how could I have lost in such a pitiful manner? Don't forget that I didn't even get to use my sixth soul skill, and I still had the power to continue fighting."

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