Chapter 863: Dual Circulation

Tang Wulin had always possessed immense bloodline power, but that required a vast amount of food consumption to maintain. Whenever he used this power, it would also expend a lot of energy, and after running out of energy, he would immediately fall into a feeble state. However, everything was suddenly beginning to feel different. The violent bloodline energy surging over his skin began to circulate in an intriguing manner, and this circulation didn't come into conflict with the circulation of his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power at all. Instead, it was allowing him to slowly absorb the bloodline power that was originally in his meridians into his skin instead.

His bloodline power circulated beneath his skin while his soul power circulated within his meridians, and as the two began to separate, a series of strange reactions began to take place.

Firstly, the circulation of Tang Wulin's Mysterious Heaven Method soul power became smoother, and the rate of circulation was clearly beginning to speed up. The soul power vortex in his body began to rotate at a higher speed, and a crystalline light began to glow at the bottom tip of the vortex.

After that, his bloodline power also began to circulate in a smoother manner after being separated from his soul power. Even more importantly, during this process, his bloodline power entered an unprecedented state where its violent nature began to ease, and at the same time, his bloodline aura began to steadily elevate. It was just like how his soul power could slowly increase over time with cultivation.

The two circuits were rather jerky initially, but they gradually began to operate more smoothly, and neither of the two disrupted the other, but they were somehow linked by a faint yet profound connection. One of them was on the outside while the other was on the inside. His Mysterious Heaven Method soul power circulated relentlessly within his body while his immense bloodline power circulated on the outside like a turbulent river.

A series of golden halos began to appear around the shattered ninth Golden Dragon King seal, fortifying his external bloodline aura circulation and making Tang Wulin feel as if he had been reborn as a new man.

In his spiritual world, he could also sense that a golden dragon seemed to have risen up, and it was hovering within his mind. From the dragon's head to its tail, there were a total of nine specks of shimmering golden light, and the dragon gave off a fearsome and menacing aura. This was an indescribable aura that seemed to be threatening to burst through this entire world.

For the first time, Tang Wulin sensed the unruly nature of the Golden Dragon King's power. This was the aura of a supreme being that stood above all of the living beings in this world. It was as if a supreme ruler had finally awakened from a lengthy slumber, and everything was compelled to bow to it in subordination.

In his mind, it was as if the Golden Dragon King bloodline within his body had sprung to life and become the true Golden Dragon King. It was looking down on the entire world with supreme arrogance, and it felt as if the bloodline were about to erupt out of his body.

In that instant, even without an explanation from Old Tang, Tang Wulin was finally able to understand why the second half of the Golden Dragon King seals were vastly different compared to the first nine.

How could a hibernating Golden Dragon King compare with an awakened Golden Dragon King? If he wanted to continue absorbing the power within the Golden Dragon King seals, he'd have to gradually tame this Golden Dragon King, and that was undoubtedly going to be an extremely perilous process.

Tang Wulin drew a sharp breath as a chill ran down his spine. However, he could also sense that the second nine Golden Dragon Seals were countless times more resolute than the first nine. This meant that it was going to be very difficult for him to break those seals, but at the same time, the power within those seals would also have a very hard time escaping into his body.

This should buy him ample time to prepare for all of his subsequent bloodline breakthroughs.

After completing 49 cycles of circulation, his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power and Golden Dragon King bloodline power both returned to their designated spots. His Mysterious Heaven Method soul power converged into the soul power vortex within his dantian, while his Golden Dragon King bloodline power gathered at his chest. It seemed to have also formed a golden vortex that was right below the skin on his chest.

All of the Titled Douluos present could even see that Tang Wulin's chest had lit up. Golden halos were erupting from his body, and even his clothes posed no impediment.

The aura emanating from Tang Wulin's body was still constantly elevating. He was only a five-ring Soul King, while all of the other people present were unfathomably powerful beings, but they could detect a substantial sense of pressure from him. Of course, this wasn't soul power pressure. Instead, this type of oppressive pressure stemmed from his bloodline.

"This kid's bloodline aura is even more powerful than yours! I'm not talking about the power within his bloodline; I'm talking about the essential aura of the bloodline," Zhen Hua said to Mu Ye as his eyes lit up.

Mu Ye also wore a peculiar look on his face. "I can feel that as well. I didn't think that his bloodline could continue to evolve. I thought I'd brought out all of his latent bloodline potential, but it appeared that that was only the beginning. Only now is he beginning to truly reveal his bloodline power, and his bloodline aura has formed an independent circuit; this is very interesting."

Amorous Douluo Zang Xin's eyes narrowed slightly as he murmured, "The fact that it's formed an independent circuit indicates that his bloodline aura could manifest something similar to a soul core. In all of the Tang Sect's extensive records, there has never been a precedent for a situation like this. Could it be that part of his bloodline belongs to that of a soul beast? As we all know, after reaching 10,000 years of age, soul beasts are potentially able to manifest soul cores within their bodies. In contrast with the soul cores that we Soul Masters manifest, their soul cores stem more from their bloodlines. After a soul beast perishes, their soul core wold become a soul ring. The most powerful or special soul cores could even impact their skeletal structures, thereby resulting in the creation of soul bones."

A solemn expression appeared on Zhen Hua’s face, and he suddenly said, "Everyone, I have a request; please keep everything that's happened here a secret. I don't want Wulin to be taken away by the federation and used as an experimental subject."

Zang Xin smiled, and reassured, "You don't need to worry about that. I can allow any other person to be taken away by the federation, but he's strictly off-limits. He's a member of our Tang Sect, and he'll definitely enter the Holy Hall in the future. Perhaps he'll even become the successor to our Douluo Palace. On top of that, don't forget that he's one of Shrek's Seven Monsters; will Shrek Academy allow him to be taken away as an experimental subject?"

As he spoke, his gaze brushed past the members of the Spirit Pagoda and the Battle God Hall that were present in a seemingly natural manner, and even though there was no overbearing aura emanating from his body, everyone's heart still stirred in response. It was quite clear that Zang Xin was speaking on behalf of the entire Tang Sect.

"You forgot to mention that he also belongs to our Body Sect; he's a direct disciple of mine," Mu Ye added in a proud manner.

Zang Xin merely glanced at him with a faint smile, but didn't say anything. In all honesty, Mu Ye was feeling quite frustrated, and he even shot Zhen Hua a disgruntled glare. If it weren't for Zhen Hua's Dragonblood Wine, Tang Wulin wouldn't have had to expose so much of his power in front of all of these powerful beings. This was most definitely undesired attention that was only going to be detrimental to him.

He was trying to think of a way to convince Tang Wulin to come with him and inherit the role of Body Sect Master, but he wasn't in too much of a hurry to do that as Tang Wulin's cultivation rank was still quite lackluster at the moment. However, now that he'd caught Zang Xin's eye, the higher-ups of the Tang Sect would naturally be focusing more of their attention on him as well. Zang Xin had already given him a Tang Sect Ice Fire Seal, and now, he was being made aware of the special nature of Tang Wulin's power; it was going to be next to impossible for Mu Ye to recruit Tang Wulin to his Body Sect now.

In response to Mu Ye's furious expression, Zhen Hua merely gave an innocent shrug. He was very happy to see this. He'd always known that this nephew-disciple of his was destined for great things, and he was finally beginning to display his radiance to the world. What was even more encouraging to him was Tang Wulin's calm and steadfast nature. Not only had he not become more arrogant and haughty as his power had increased, he had only become more mature and steadfast than ever. At the same time, he was also feeling a little forlorn. Everything would be perfect if the these Titled Douluos from the Battle God Hall and Spirit Pagoda weren't here.

After a long while, Tang Wulin finally exhaled as he slowly opened his eyes.

His aura was withdrawn, and everything about him returned to normal. However, in the instant that he opened his eyes, everyone clearly caught sight of a streak of bright light flashing through his eyes.

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