Chapter 861: Secret?

After Mu Ye left the kitchen with Tang Wulin, a faint smile appeared on Zang Xin's face. "The Body Sect has finally found an exceptional successor."

Zhen Hua also smiled, and said, "I'm quite surprised that the Tang Sect holds Wulin in such high regard. In all honesty, I also have very high hopes for him. I heard from Mu Chen that he's very close to becoming a Saint Blacksmith; he's most likely paying me a visit so I can instruct him in making a breakthrough."

"Saint Blacksmith? How old is that kid?" Xu Shengqun was very stunned to hear this.

A proud look appeared on Zhen Hua's face. "Wulin is the most talented blacksmith I've ever seen. If there's going to be another blacksmith that appears on this continent who's capable of heavenly forging, then it's definitely going to be him."

Everyone was naturally aware of what it meant for a blacksmith to be capable of heavenly forging, and Zhen Hua had only said this in such a roundabout manner as he didn't want to boast about his own Divine Blacksmith status.

Tang Liyue and Zhu Xuan exchanged a glance, and both of them could see their own intrigue mirrored in one another's eyes.

Zang Xin still wore a faint smile on his face, but he said, "The Tang Sect holds him in higher regard than any of you can imagine, so please don't think about trying to recruit him."

He naturally wasn't saying this to Zhen Hua. The blacksmith association didn't have any conflict of interest with the world of Soul Masters. On the contrary, the two formed a symbiotic relationship. However, the same couldn't be said about the Tang Sect, the Spirit Pagoda, and the Battle God Hall.

Tang Liyue smiled, and said, "You can't be too protective and overbearing, Senior Zang! Our Battle God Hall never discriminates; just because he's a Tang Sect disciple doesn't mean he can't join our Battle God Hall as well."

Zang Xin merely smiled in response.

Xu Shengqun wanted to say something, but he decided against it in the end after taking a glance at the smiling Amorous Douluo.

He was one of the seven most powerful people in the Spirit Pagoda, but even he didn't dare to cross any lines in the face of Zang Xin. Zang Xin's official title was the vice-palace master of the Douluo Palace, but as one of the most powerful people in the Spirit Pagoda, Xu Shengqun knew that he was essentially the Douluo Palace Master, a man who stood at the very pinnacle of the world.

The Spirit Pagoda chairman had once said that the opponent he least wanted to face on this continent wasn't Atlas Douluo of Shrek Academy. Instead, it was the two Douluo Palace Masters. That in itself was extremely high praise toward these two palace masters.

In the kitchen.

After closing the door, Mu Ye's expression relaxed a little, and he suddenly raised a hand before bringing it down toward Tang Wulin's shoulder.

Tang Wulin knew what he was going to do, so he stood on the spot and allowed Mu Ye's hand to fall onto his shoulder.

An immense burst of power immediately descended onto his body.

Compared to Zhen Hua, it had actually been a longer time since he'd last seen Mu Ye. The two of them hadn't met ever since he'd returned from the Star Luo Continent.

Mu Ye was clearly quite taken aback. He'd already taken into account the fact that Tang Wulin's strength had to have increased, so he'd exerted a lot of force with that palm, but much to his surprise, Tang Wulin displayed no reaction to his power whatsoever.

A smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and Mu Ye raised an eyebrow as he abruptly exerted even more power through his palm.

Tang Wulin continued to wash potatoes in a composed manner. "Teacher, do you need these peeled?"

Mu Ye's lips twitched, and his heart was filled with astonishment. Even a normal power system Soul Sage would've been crushed by the strength that he'd just exerted, yet Tang Wulin was making it seem as if he didn't even feel it. How was this possible?

He didn't continue to exert more downward force as cracks were already beginning to appear on the ground beneath Tang Wulin's feet. If he were to go any further, the entire level of this building would collapse.

"What kind of miracle foods did you eat, you little bastard? How did your strength increase so significantly?"

Tang Wulin shrugged, and replied, "That's a secret. However, I can tell you that my strength has exceeded 100 tons long ago, and I can sense that it's been constantly increasing."

As the master of the Body Sect, Mu Ye had always been extremely prideful when it came to his own body. He still hadn't become a Hyper Douluo yet, but he had always been convinced that his body was just as powerful as that of a Limit Douluo. However, Tang Wulin was only a Soul King, and his strength was making Mu Ye's confidence waver. If Tang Wulin were to continue to improve like this, it wouldn't be long before he exceeded Mu Ye's strength.

"You win, kid. I'm going to bestow upon you the body refinement method of our Body Sect later. You've got insane strength, but you have to learn how to use it."

"What do you mean by that, Teacher?" Tang Wulin asked with a surprised look on his face.

Mu Ye answered his question with one of his own. "You may have over 100 tons of strength, but how much of that can you unleash if you don't get close to your opponent?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Outside of close-quarters combat, my strength is only used when I hurl a weapon or use it in conjunction with my martial soul or soul skills."

Mu Ye shook his head upon hearing this. "Your strength shouldn't be limited to just that. There's no conflict between your strength and your bloodline soul skills or martial soul soul skills. You're like a man sitting on top of a mountain of gold, but you don't know how to excavate it, and our Body Sect's body refinement method will teach you to do just that. However, don't become too enamored by your own strength; the key to cultivation still lies in improving your soul power. With sufficient soul power, every other area of your cultivation will progress far more quickly. In my younger days, I made the mistake of becoming too determined to improve my own physical strength. After that, I spent too much time researching mechas, and that's why I've still yet to become a Hyper Douluo."

"Yes, Teacher." Tang Wulin nodded with a serious expression. Mu Ye was definitely giving him heartfelt advice, and the look in his eyes indicated to Tang Wulin just how much this was weighing on him.

In his youth, Mu Ye was a prodigy of the Body Sect, and he was touted as the man who was most likely to surpass all of his predecessors. However, as he progressed, he began to run out of teachers of a high enough level to instruct him properly, thereby leading to some mistakes in his cultivation. On top of that, he was a jack of all trades, master of none, and that delayed him further in his soul power cultivation. Otherwise, with his aptitude, there was a very good chance that he would've become a Limit Douluo with proper dedicated cultivation.

Mu Ye was preparing food ingredients as he asked, "Have you met this Amorous Douluo before?"

Tang Wulin shook his head.

Mu Ye continued, "I didn't think that the Tang Sect would be seeing you as such an important prospect. If you ever get the chance, try to forge a good relationship with him. He's an extremely powerful man in the Tang Sect, and a lot of the time, even the Douluo Palace Master isn't as influential as him. The Tang Sect Ice Fire Badge that he gave you is an extremely important opportunity; make sure you grab it with both hands."

A curious look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Teacher, what is the purpose of that Tang Sect Ice Fire Badge? You all seemed to be quite shocked when it was given to me."

Mu Ye replied, "The Tang Sect has a far longer history than our Body Sect, and its founder, Tang San, came across a treasured realm even before he founded the Tang Sect. This place is extremely obscure, and it's said that it's filled with traps and lethal poisons. However, there are many extraordinary spirit items being nurtured in that place, many of which are the best on the entire continent. I don't know the exact details because I've obviously never been there myself, but all you have to know is that both Tang San and Huo Yuhao had benefited immensely from that place."

Tang Wulin became even more intrigued by the Tang Sect Ice Fire Badge upon hearing this, but it was quite clear that Mu Ye couldn't offer him any more information.

Mu Ye continued, "After you get back to the Tang Sect, I'd advise you to use the seal right away. With the guidance of the Amorous Douluo, I'm sure you won't go wrong. By the way, don't get too close to him, though."

Tang Wulin was rather perplexed. Mu Ye had just told him to forge a good relationship with Zang Xin if possible, so why was he telling him not to get too close to the Amorous Douluo now?

A peculiar look appeared on Mu Ye's face as a layer of gentle energy emanated from his body, encompassing both himself and Tang Wulin while isolating them from the outside world.

He then asked, "Do you know the Douluo Title of the current Douluo Palace Master?"

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