Chapter 855: Immense Power

After hurling his Golden Dragon Spear through the air, Tang Wulin immediately unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight, taking him directly to the side of the giant skull before his right hand lashed out with devastating force.

Five dark golden claw projections that were each seven meters in length struck the giant skull with ferocious might, and a piercing screech rang out, followed by the sound of something being shattered. Green light erupted in all directions as green flames exploded violently.

Tang Wulin crossed his arms in front of him, and a golden light barrier appeared to envelop his body as he tumbled to the ground. At the same time, he waved his right hand through the air, and a streak of golden light returned to his grasp. It was none other than his Golden Dragon Spear, which had played a pivotal role in deciding this battle.

Even Purple One was completely flabbergasted, let alone the three other yellow agents on the team.

It had only taken Tang Wulin the span of a few breaths to shatter the skull that had caused them so much trouble. This was simply incredible!

"Run!" Tang Wulin roared, and everyone immediately returned to their senses. All of them began to rush out of the industrial area as quickly as they could.

Strangely enough, as soon as they emerged from the area, the fearsome pressure instantly disappeared, and no enemies rushed out to pursue them.

Purple One swiped his hand through the air, and the Tang Sect battle vehicle shot forth out of his storage ring. He leaped into the car first, and everyone hurriedly followed suit. He immediately put the pedal to the metal, and the car hurtled back the way they'd come like a bolt of lightning.

Within the industrial area.

A figure silently emerged in the distance. He appeared to be a middle-aged man in his forties, and there were seven soul rings shimmering around him, consisting of two yellows, two purples, and three blacks. He held an inky-black staff in his right hand, and on the tip of the staff was a ball of light formed by green light mist.

He currently wore a very dark expression on his face.

"I didn't think that they'd break my Demon Devouring Skull! The Tang Sect will most likely be deploying more people to this place soon, so we can't stay here for much longer. Gather up all of the vengeful spirits that you can; we have to get out of here."

"Yes!" Countless skulls suddenly appeared around him, and all of them had green flames shimmering within their eye sockets, but they were far smaller than the massive skull that had just appeared. These smaller skulls quickly sped away in all directions.

The Tang Sect battle vehicle continued to race along at a high speed, and everyone's suits of battle armor vanished into their bodies amid flashes of light.

Yellow Four couldn't help but turn to Tang Wulin with a stunned expression. "How did you do that, Yellow Three? That last attack was way too badass! I can't believe you smashed that skull like it was nothing! My god, you're the man!"

Tang Wulin replied, "I'm not all that great; it's just that the skull isn't actually as powerful as all of you imagined it to be."

Purple One had just finished issuing a report to the headquarters. All of their communication devices returned to normal as soon as they exited the industrial area. After hearing Tang Wulin's response, he couldn't help but turn around, and asked, "Can you tell us what you did?"

Tang Wulin explained, "When the sobbing first appeared, we didn't discover any people in the nearby area, which indicates that those sobs didn't come from any living beings. During our search, I constantly had this unsettled feeling in my heart, and I made a bold guess that these sobs came from the vengeful spirits of all those who had perished in the factories. According to the information we received, a major explosion has taken place in that industrial area in the past, and that has resulted in leakage of harmful substances, so a lot of people must've died during that incident.

"Those people died under unjust circumstances, so there's a chance that they could become vengeful spirits. Vengeful spirits should naturally disappear quite quickly, but they can perhaps be preserved by beings like evil Soul Masters. Hence, when we were unable to ascertain the source of the sobbing, I made an assumption that they came from vengeful spirits. The illusionary realm that was conjured up after that also most likely drew upon power from these vengeful spirits. Controlling vengeful spirits requires a vast amount of spiritual power, and we didn't know where our enemy was hiding, so if we wanted to escape, we'd have to break our enemy's control over these vengeful spirits first.

"Hence, I used that sound-based soul skill, dealing both spiritual and physical damage through my roar. As expected, the result was that the enemy lost control over the vengeful spirits for an instant, thereby allowing us to rush out of the illusion. As for the giant skull, it possessed immense offensive prowess, but I noticed at the time that there were many halos converging toward it, and I made another assumption that it was drawing upon energy from the vengeful spirits in the factories. If my assumption was correct, then that indicated that our hidden enemy wasn't actually as powerful as we'd thought; they'd only become so powerful through borrowing the power of the vengeful spirits."

Tang Wulin paused here momentarily before continuing, "In that case, the skull that they summoned had to have some kind of weakness. That weakness clearly didn't lie in its offensive prowess, so I thought that it may have been quite lackluster in defense. I used that to my advantage to attack it, and sure enough, I was able to destroy it after cutting off the injection of vengeful spirits into the skull. After that, no enemies rushed out to pursue us, and that further supported my assumptions. The enemy lurking in the industrial area most likely isn't actually all that powerful, and they're not confident that they'd be able to defeat us outside of the industrial area."

After hearing Tang Wulin's analysis, the entire Tang Sect battle vehicle suddenly fell silent.

After a long while, Purple One finally sighed, "Did you really enter the same industrial area as we did?"

There was clearly a hint of bitterness and self-deprecation in his voice as he spoke.

He was the leader of this team, yet in the face of danger, he was completely unable to grasp the situation and ascertain the nature of their enemy. If it weren't for Tang Wulin's astute analysis and brilliant execution, they would've most likely been trapped and eventually killed in there.

Yellow One, Yellow Two, and Yellow Four were also staring at Tang Wulin as if he were some kind of freak.

His combat prowess was one thing, but his analytical ability during battle was downright terrifying!

Tang Wulin scratched his head in a rather oblivious manner. He felt as if he'd done something very normal, and he couldn't understand why his companions were so stunned.

Unbeknownst to him, after enduring the torturous training on the demonic island, he was no longer the same person he once was. His observation ability, reactions, and decisiveness had all been elevated to a whole new level that placed him far above even the average Battle Hall agent. Just the prowess that he was unintentionally displaying was enough to stun his peers.

The Tang Sect battle vehicle stopped after entering the city, and they began to await the arrival of reinforcements. Not long after that, two black agents silently appeared in the night.

They conversed briefly with Purple One, and Purple One gave a truthful recount of the situation, making no effort to hide the pivotal role that Tang Wulin had just played.

The two black agents cast glances of approval at Tang Wulin before instantly vanishing into the night.

"What do we do now, Purple One?" Yellow One asked.

Purple One replied, "Let's wait here and go back after an outcome has been reached. We'll also be able to confirm whether we've completed this mission. If anyone's tired, you can go and rest in the car; I'll stand on guard duty."

He was both astonished by Tang Wulin's abilities and also filled with guilt and frustration. If Tang Wulin hadn't turned the situation around, there was a very good chance that their team would've been completely wiped out back there. Even if he could escape, there was no way the entire team could emerge intact, and as the team leader, he would have to accept responsibility for the deaths of his team members.

Tang Wulin made his way over to Purple One to say something, but Purple One shook his head, and said, "It's alright, you don't need to try and comfort me. I'm very fortunate to have encountered a teammate like you, and at the same time, you've opened my eyes up to the fact that I still have many flaws when it comes to battling evil Soul Masters. I'll work on these flaws when we get back, and I'll be sure to improve!"

Tang Wulin gave him a thumbs-up. As expected of a Battle Hall agent!

There were many factors that had resulted in Purple One's lackluster treatment of the situation; firstly, everything had happened too abruptly, secondly, he wasn't familiar enough with evil Soul Masters, thirdly, he wasn't calm enough in the face of danger, and lastly, he lacked experience when it came to fighting evil Soul Masters.

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