Chapter 854: Spiritual Illusion

Purple One harrumphed coldly, "Stop playing these cheap tricks and show yourself!" 

He pointed a finger of his right hand up at the sky as he spoke, and none of his soul rings were activated, but a ball of white light suddenly erupted into the air. The white light remained as a condensed ball all the way until it reached an altitude of around 50 meters, upon which it suddenly exploded, forming a halo of bright white light that illuminated the ground down below.

Tang Wulin's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he was very impressed with Purple One's soul power control.

As expected of a purple agent! He had clearly unleashed that ball of light using his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power. Doing this allowed him to conserve soul power compared to if he'd used normal soul power, but it still illuminated the surrounding area. It appeared to be a very extravagant technique, but in reality, it barely expended any soul power.

There was nothing on the ground within their field of view, and they weren't able to see anything amiss even when using their Purple Demon Eyes.

Purple One instructed in a grim voice, "Come with me."

He hurriedly strode away as he spoke.

It was quite clear that there was something within this abandoned industrial area, so it was best for them to leave this place first.

"Waah..., waah..., waah..." The sobs rang out once again, and the surrounding air temperature began to drop.

Just as Purple One began to lead the yellow agents out of the industrial area, the surrounding space suddenly warped drastically, making it impossible to retain a sense of direction.

An indescribable sense of fear and spiritual pressure suddenly surged toward them like a physical wave, and what was especially disturbing was that they still hadn't even ascertained where their enemy was.

Purple One said in a grave voice, "This is a spiritual illusion, which means we're most likely facing an enemy with immense spiritual power. I can't get into contact with the headquarters; everyone, stay on your guard, and don't get separated."

Right at this moment, he discovered that a vine had wound itself around his waist. He reflexively looked around to see Tang Wulin extending a reassuring hand gesture toward everyone.

In an illusion, the worst thing that could happen to a group was for its members to be forcibly separated before being divided and conquered. Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor vines naturally provided a great counter to this problem.

The sobbing was growing louder and more unsettling by the second, and illusionary images were flashing all around them as if they were situated in a ghostly kaleidoscope. Purple One tried to unleash an attack, but it disappeared into the illusions like a sandcastle vanishing into the rising tide.

Purple One didn't dare to get complacent in the slightest, and his heart had already completely sunk at this point. Such a large-scale illusionary realm definitely couldn't be unleashed by a normal Soul Master; this was also close to a domain in nature. It would be extremely difficult to escape from such a powerful enemy's domain. Furthermore, the enemy had shut off their long-range communication devices, making it impossible to contact the headquarters to request reinforcements.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin's voice suddenly rang out in Purple One's earpiece. "Purple One, I'm Yellow Three. I have a way to temporarily dispel this illusionary realm. When I do so, get us out of here as quickly as you can."

"Alright!" Purple One didn't ask Tang Wulin about how he was going to dispel this illusion. This was an indication of the absolute trust that the Battle Hall's agents had in one another.

At the same time, Tang Wulin also made his voice audible to everyone else as he counted, "Three, two, one!"

All of a sudden, everyone felt the vines around their waists tighten, immediately following which Tang Wulin's body abruptly reared up. His five soul rings didn't change in appearance, but they'd actually already been switched to his four Golden Dragon King bloodline soul rings.

An earth-shattering roar of fury rang out, instantly drowning out all of the sobbing around them.

The roar was absolutely deafening, and a massive dragon head erupted into the heavens. All of the illusions around them vanished, and the industrial area seemed to have returned to normal.

Without the need for any further instruction from Tang Wulin, Purple One had already risen into the air. At the same time, he grabbed onto the Bluesilver Emperor vine around his waist with both hands and rushed away as quickly as he could.

It was quite clear that this sudden development had caught their hidden enemy completely off guard, and they were traveling extremely quickly, so they were about to rush out of the industrial area already.

"Argh!" An extremely shrill howl of anguish suddenly erupted, and a massive skull emerged from the ground right before they could make it out of the industrial area.

The skull was around 10 meters tall, and there were green flames burning within its eye sockets. It opened its mouth, and a massive wave of green flames hurtled toward Tang Wulin and the others.

There was no burning sensation, but all five of them were struck by intense pain in their souls. It was as if their minds had been set alight by these eerie green flames?

What the hell was this stuff?

Purple One let loose a loud roar as he activated his Purple Demon Eyes to their maximal extent, blasting two beams of purple light out of his eyes. At the same time, pieces of battle armor rapidly appeared over his body, and he spread open his wings to shield everyone behind him from the green flames.

A muffled groan escaped from his mouth as he stumbled slightly, and his suit of brown battle armor was completely inundated by the green flames.

Yellow Two let loose a delicate cry, and a pristine white pillar of flames landed on Purple One's body. "Spiritual Healing!"

She had gauged the situation very accurately and determined that these green flames were a spiritual attack. Sure enough, the green flames burning on Purple One's body instantly abated slightly. However, the flames erupting from the giant skull's mouth were already hurtling toward them from all directions.

Yellow Four let loose a low cry, and his fourth soul ring immediately lit up. A circular shield appeared in mid-air, and the surface of the shield was covered in strange scales. These scales quickly separated before forming protective barriers around everyone's bodies.

At the same time, everyone had already donned their suits of battle armor to increase their defensive prowess.

Purple One let loose a loud roar, and his sixth soul ring lit up. Everyone was finally made aware of what his martial soul was.

A loud cry rang out as a giant purple falcon rose up into the air. It spread its wings and flapped them violently, summoning a purple energy storm that swept forth for over 100 meters.

This was a Purplejade Divine Falcon, a very powerful flying-type soul beast. Purple One had just unleashed his sixth soul skill, Divine Falcon Heavenly Dance.

This soul skill allowed him to unleash a Purplejade Windstorm, which was an attack that covered a large range and struck enemies both on a physical and spiritual level.

The purple storm clashed with the green flames, but the former was only barely able to keep the latter at bay. The green flames clearly still held the upper hand here.

In that instant, everyone realized that their enemy was far more powerful than them. They hadn't even managed to catch a glimpse of this enemy yet, and they were already in this dire situation.

At this moment, Tang Wulin was the calmest among all five of the agents. After enduring so much on the demonic island, his mental fortitude was unmatched.

He wasn't in a hurry to attack. Instead, he was carefully observing the massive skull while Purple One, Yellow Four, and the others were withstanding its attacks.

He discovered that as the giant skull was bursting forth green flames, an extremely faint green halo was constantly converging toward it, indicating that it seemed to be absorbing something from all directions.

Tang Wulin was immediately convinced that he'd arrived at the correct conclusions upon seeing this.

His third soul ring lit up again as he unleashed another Golden Dragon Roar.

The green flames erupting from the skull's mouth wavered slightly, but it didn't abate at all. However, if one were to look closely, they'd discover that the faint green halo converging toward it on the ground had disappeared in the face of the Golden Dragon Roar.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin leaped up, and golden light flashed in his right hand as his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp. Dazzling white light erupted from his body, and he swung his arm through the air without any hesitation, hurling his Golden Dragon Spear directly toward the center of the skull like a bolt of golden lightning.

Less than a second had passed from the moment that he'd unleashed his Golden Dragon Roar to the instant that hurled his Golden Dragon Spear.

The giant skull had clearly been temporarily impacted by the Golden Dragon Roar, and the Golden Dragon Spear was upon it in an instant.

A green light barrier appeared, but when it came into contact with the tip of the Golden Dragon Spear, it was immediately punctured, and the spear continued onward without any impediment.

Pierce, bone penetration, and devour were the three special effects that his Golden Dragon Spear possessed, and every time he broke another Golden Dragon King seal, his understanding of his Golden Dragon Spear would be elevated to a higher level.

After being run through by the Golden Dragon Spear, the massive skull was thrown backward by the force of the impact, thereby making it spray its green flames up into the air.

Right at this moment, a loud dragon's roar erupted from Tang Wulin's body, and a shimmering golden dragon projection appeared in mid-air; Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

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