Chapter 852: Tang Sect Battle Vehicle

Lastly, Yellow Four said, "I'm a Defense System Battle Soul Master."

Purple One gave a pleased nod upon hearing this. Agents had to keep their identities confidential to one another, and it was taboo for Soul Masters to enquire about one another's abilities, but everyone had to at least reveal their battle styles to accommodate better teamwork and synergy.

"Very good. Yellow Three, to what extent are you able to control battles?"

Tang Wulin replied, "My control abilities stem from vines that can encompass an entire battlefield. Their forte lies in binding opponents, but they also possess some offensive power as well."

Purple One said, "Good. You'll be the main control Soul Master in this temporary team, and I'll be the spearhead. Yellow Two, you're a healing Soul Master, so you stay in the rear. Yellow One, you'll be responsible for scouting the mission site, and Yellow Four, your mission will be to protect Yellow Two and Yellow Three, understood?"


All yellow agents were elite Soul Masters, so they were able to quickly understand what was expected of them from just a brief conversation.

"Let's go!" Purple One wasted no further time with words as he waved a hand, and all five of them quickly exited the Battle Hall before getting onto one of the soul cars that the Tang Sect had specifically prepared for its Battle Hall agents.

The soul cars of the Tang Sect were blue, and it was said that this color was to commemorate the founder of the sect, Tang San. This was not just a normal blue color; it was able to change colors in order to disguise the cars depending on the environments they were in. Furthermore, these custom-made Tang Sect vehicles had many other functions. 

Tang Wulin was only a white agent in the past, so he hadn't had a chance to come into contact with the cutting-edge technology of the Tang Sect. He had only seen the number of agent points required to exchange for a Tang Sect battle vehicle, and they were comparable in price to thousand-year-old spirit items!

Purple One drove the car, and Tang Wulin quickly came to realize the benefits of Tang Sect battle vehicles; this vehicle was very fast, smooth, and no external sounds could be heard from within the car. This was a five-seater car, and the seats were quite spacious and comfortable.

Purple One and Yellow One sat in the front, while Tang Wulin, Yellow Two, and Yellow Four sat in the back. Purple One drove the vehicle in an expert manner, and they quickly exited the Tang Sect headquarters before entering the highway en route to Heaven Dou City.

At the very front of the vehicle was a Tang character insignia, and as soon as they entered the highway, the insignia immediately lit up. At the same time, a loud siren rang out from the car. Tang Wulin was then surprised to find that the Tang Sect battle vehicle began to travel even faster than soul trains, and all of the soul cars on the highway immediately made way for their vehicle upon hearing the siren.

Not only was Tang Wulin surprised by the special privileges the Tang Sect battle vehicles clearly had, he was also stunned that a soul car could travel so quickly.

As someone who avoided soul trains like the plague, it would be awesome if he could own one of these high-speed vehicles that also had special privileges.

"Purple One, if we exchange for a Tang Sect battle vehicle with our agent points, will it also be given the special privileges of being able to travel over the speed limit and taking priority over all other vehicles?" Tang Wulin couldn't help but ask.

Purple One replied. "Of course not! Those privileges are only granted to us when undertaking special missions. Permission from the federation has to be secured first; our Tang Sect doesn't have these special privileges."

Tang Wulin was rather disappointed to hear this, but objectively, this arrangement made sense. After all, there were quite a few Tang Sect agents, and if all of them could drive these high-speed vehicles with special privileges, the entire traffic system could be heavily impacted. Hence, it made sense that these special privileges were only granted when undertaking special missions.

Purple One then continued, "However, that's not set in stone. If you've made special contributions to both the sect and the federation, you could receive a special contribution badge from the federation, in which you can be entitled to these special privileges when driving a Tang Sect battle vehicle. Of course, you'll need to apply for that as well. From my knowledge, a few of the agents from our Battle Hall have managed to secure these special privileges, so you can do more research on that yourself in the future."

"Thank you," Tang Wulin replied. This was fantastic news! He was going to ask around about this when they returned from their mission

If the Tang Sect could be entitled to these special privileges, then Shrek Academy had to be eligible for them as well. With that in mind, Tang Wulin couldn't help but think of his yellow mecha. With his current forging skills, the mecha was well overdue for an upgrade. With a mecha, it would be a lot more convenient for him to get around.

Just the thought of it brought a faint smile to his masked face!

Purple One's driving skills were exceptional, and the Tang Sect battle vehicle continued to hurtle along at a speed that was faster than a high-speed train.

It was starting to get late, and the car gradually decelerated before exiting the highway. They had arrived in Heaven Dou City. At the same time, the vehicle's camouflage systems were activated, making it resemble a normal car so that it didn't attract any attention.

After entering the city, a grim expression immediately appeared on Tang Wulin's face. There were many temporary tents and cabins lining the streets, and with his exceptional hearing, he could even hear faint sobs coming from outside. There were also all types of ambulances on the scene, and it was quite apparent that this terrorist attack had truly rocked Heaven Dou City.

The Holy Spirit Cult was simply far too abhorrent for destroying such an ancient city with over 20,000 years of history!

Purple One said, "It's getting rather late; are there any of you who will be handicapped when fighting at night?"

No one responded.

"Alright, then we'll go to the abandoned industrial area to commence our investigation right away. I don't know how long it'll take for us to find some leads, so the earlier we can start, the better. Yellow Two, how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Yellow Two replied in a crisp voice. Purple One had singled her out as she was a healing-type Soul Master.

Purple One glanced at the GPS before turning the steering wheel, driving the vehicle onto a small road. There weren't many cars on this road, so the battle vehicle gradually began to accelerate again.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes to rest. His right hand reflexively settled over the yellow agent badge that he'd only recently received.

A yellow agent badge could enhance one's spiritual power to a certain extent, and it also provided positioning, searching, and small-range radar functions. The badge wasn't very large, but its usefulness certainly belied its small size. On top of that, it also came with a communicator that was connected to the data within the badge.

Yellow agents clearly received far greater benefits compared to white agents.

If white agents were only backup troops, then yellow agents comprised the main forces of the Battle Hall.

Finally, after the sky had turned completely dark, the Tang Sect battle vehicle traveled into a dilapidated and abandoned area. A series of shadowy factories could be seen in the distance, and there were no lights around, so the entire place gave off a very eerie feeling.

The car had only just arrived in this area, yet an unsettling sensation had already welled up in everyone's hearts.

Purple One stopped the car and commanded in a low voice, "Test your communicators."

Everyone pressed down on their badges and verified that their communicators were functioning as they should.

After that, Purple One instructed, "Let's get out of the car."

He switched off the headlights before getting out of the car first, and everyone followed suit.

After getting out of the vehicle, the unsettling sensation became even more pronounced.

Purple One inspected their surroundings before instructing, "Yellow Two, you team up with Yellow Four. Yellow One, Yellow Three, we'll split up so we form four groups in total in order to search this area more efficiently. If you find anything, report back to me right away. If you discover any evil Soul Masters, make sure to be on your guard and call for assistance first. Remember to make safety your number one priority, understood?"


The abandoned industrial area was quite large, each of them had a map. Purple One laid out his own map before dividing the area into four sections. He was going to be responsible for searching through the innermost area.

"Let's go!"

Purple One waved a hand toward the Tang Sect battle vehicle, and light flashed from his rings as the vehicle was stowed away before he strode toward the abandoned factories.

Tang Wulin also had a storage ring that had enough storage capacity to even hold a mecha, but it was confiscated by the academy prior to their military training.

Yellow One also quickly disappeared into the darkness, and Tang Wulin glanced at his map before rushing toward his designated section.

His eyes shimmered with purple light, and he was able to see everything around him quite clearly with his Purple Demon Eyes even without using any lighting equipment. Purple Demon Eyes was a skill that was virtually compulsory for Battle Hall agents to master.

Purple One didn't advise everyone that their protective suits had to be worn as he was confident in their abilities. All of them had suits of battle armor, and those were superior to any items of protective clothing they could wear.

Tang Wulin didn't experience any discomfort. With his immensely powerful Golden Dragon King bloodline, no normal harmful substances could enter his body.

He quickly sped along while sensing his surroundings, and at the same, he activated his badge's radar function.

This was the first time he'd used a miniature radar like this, and it was able to project a three-dimensional image of everything in a radius of 100 meters into his mind. It was said that the inspiration for this design was derived from Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao's spiritual sensory ability. Of course, this radar's sensory ability covered a far smaller range than Huo Yuhao's could.

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