Chapter 848: Escape, Return

Tang Wulin's voice sounded from within the major's mouth. "Using this for the first time really takes some getting used to; the bone structure changes feel especially weird, but I should be able to adjust quite quickly. Xie Xie, go capture a few people. Remember to find a fatter one for Lizhi."

"Sure thing!"

Xie Xie made his way out of the warehouse before issuing a command to three of the soldiers who were on guard duty outside. "You, you, and you, come with me; we're going to do a tally of the soul bombs."

The rest of the process was very simple. Soon, Advisor Shen Xing, Major Chen, the two captains, and the three soldiers were standing in the warehouse while seven identical people were lying on the ground.

Tang Wulin made his way over to Shen Xing before squatting down. "You've seen so many of our secrets; should I kill you so you can't reveal these secrets to anyone?"

Shen Xing's eyes quickly swiveled from side to side. She couldn't speak and nor could she move, but the fear in her eyes was quite apparent.

Tang Wulin chuckled, "Just kidding. We're going now; maybe we'll meet again someday. That major won't be awake for at least a day, so you can do whatever you want with him after you regain your mobility. We've helped the Northsea Legion weed out a traitor here, and I'm sure that's more than enough compensation for the aircraft we stole. Let's go!"

Tang Wulin rose to his feet as he spoke before extending a respectful hand gesture to Ye Xinglan, and the seven of them quickly left the warehouse behind her.

In a short amount of time, Ye Xinglan had grasped Shen Xing's demeanor. She walked with her chest proud and head held high, and there was a hint of haughtiness on her face as she made her way through the base.

After exiting the warehouse, they closed the gate. Of course, they only closed it halfway as they didn't really know how to operate it.

Tang Wulin scurried along beside her with a fawning smile on his face, "Please don't be angry, Advisor Shen; there are some inconsistencies with the warehouse records, but I'll get them to fix that right away. Rest assured, everything will be back in order as soon as possible."

Ye Xinglan harrumphed coldly, "I'll be reporting this to the higher-ups, and you'd better have all of these issues ironed out before an investigation squad is deployed here. Otherwise, you know what the consequences will be."

"Yes, yes!" Tang Wulin hurriedly nodded in response, and at this point, they'd already made it to the elevator.

"There's no need to accompany me any further," Ye Xinglan intentionally said.

Tang Wulin hurriedly replied, "That won't do! We have to accompany you to the surface. Advisor Shen, please put in a good word for me with the general!"

There were soldiers stationed all around them, but their conversation was impeccable, as were all their voices.

Not only had the seven old demons taught them how to disguise themselves, they were also taught how to infiltrate certain locations, how to change their figures, how to adjust their mannerisms, and how to alter their voices. With sufficient soul power as support, all of this became quite simple. It was just that the training process was rather painful, but it was nothing compared to the torture they'd suffered at the hands of the old demons.

"Ding!" The elevator door was opened, and Tang Wulin made a respectful hand gesture while Ye Xinglan entered the elevator first in a proud manner. Tang Wulin and the others hurriedly followed suit.

The elevator doors closed, and it quickly began to ascend.

During the elevator ride, no one said anything. There were surveillance cameras in the elevators, and talking too much could potentially result in mistakes that could get their covers blown.

Soon, the elevator carried them to the surface. With Shen Xing's identification card, they were able to easily make their way out of the warehouse. Tang Wulin gave Ye Xinglan an eye signal, and they quickly ascertained which direction they needed to head toward before quickly striding over to a dark corner.

Tang Wulin then pointed at a nearby military vehicle. It seemed to have just returned from patrol duty and was being driven toward them.

Ye Xinglan said, "I'll go."

"We'll all go together." Tang Wulin made a hand signal, and everyone quickly emerged from the corner with Ye Xinglan leading the way.

She removed her military badge before commanding, "Stop the car!"

Her epaulets were the best proof of her identity, and Shen Xing was vastly renowned for being the number one beauty of the legion, so the soldiers on the car naturally recognized her.

The leader of the group of soldiers was a second lieutenant, and he immediately got out of the car before extending a military salute toward Ye Xinglan. "Advisor Shen."

Ye Xinglan said in a serious voice, "We're on an urgent mission and need to go out of the base, so we'll be temporarily taking your car."

"Yes!" the second lieutenant replied without any hesitation.

If another major were trying to take his car, he would perhaps ask them some questions, but this was General Shen Yue's sister, and the goddess of the Northsea Legion. It wasn't often that an opportunity arose for him to make an impression on her, so he immediately agreed without any hesitation.

The soldiers quickly got out of the car, and Ye Xinglan made a hand signal to Tang Wulin and the others. Everyone immediately piled into the vehicle with Xie Xie in the driver's seat, Ye Xinglan in the front seat, and everyone else in the back.

They didn't say anything else to the soldiers before Xie Xie made a u-turn in an expert manner and drove straight toward the gate of the Northsea Legion base.

In the soul bomb warehouse.

Shen Xing's eyelashes fluttered, and she could finally blink. Not long after that, she was gradually able to move her fingers again as well. She quickly regained feeling in her paralyzed body, and she strove to take deep breaths, activating her soul power to stimulate increased circulation in order to rid herself of her paralysis more quickly.

She struggled into a sitting position, and complex emotions welled up in her heart as she glanced at Major Chen, the two captains, and the three soldiers, all of whom had been stripped down to their underwear.

The crisis had been averted, but she didn't know how to feel. Never would she have thought that the bastard in her nightmares would save her from a fate worse than death.

She struggled to her feet and quickly made her way over to the wall before pressing the alarm button.

Loud sirens immediately began to blare throughout the entire warehouse, as well as the entirety of the Northsea Legion base.

The soul bomb warehouse was an extremely important location, and an alarm being sounded from within it was an alarm of the highest level. Shen Xing was well aware that after all this time, Tang Wulin and the others had most likely escaped long ago.

There was no fierce battle, nor any blood being shed. Tang Wulin and his friends had already sped out of the Northsea Legion base on their military vehicle, and were quickly driving away from Northsea City.

It had to be said that military vehicles were far better equipped than private vehicles. Not only did it have an advanced GPS, it was also very fast, and Xie Xie quickly pushed the car to as fast as it would go.

"It's about time for us to abandon this car, so drive it to a more obscure location," Tang Wulin said.

Xie Xie was rather reluctant to part with this car. "This car is so good; if only we could drive it all the way back."

Yuanen Yehui grumbled, "Are you stupid? Do you WANT to be attacked by the legion? Get off this highway right now, and find a place to abandon this car."

Xie Xie took the next highway exit, and they arrived in a small town. He found a forest before driving the military vehicle toward it. Everyone quickly got off the car before rushing toward their destination according to the direction that the GPS had pointed them in. 

Their target was very simple. Despite how reluctant Tang Wulin was to go there, they were heading toward the soul train station.

It would be impossible to get away from the Northsea Legion base quickly unless they had a suitable mode of transportation. Tang Wulin had no doubt that the Northsea Legion would place the surrounding area into complete lockdown, and they couldn't continue to drive the military vehicle. As such, their best option was to take public transport, and high-speed soul trains were the fastest out of all of the public transport options available to them. Hence, they had no choice.

As they ran, they reverted back to their original appearances. When they'd gotten quite close to the soul train station, one of them went to purchase a few sets of clothes, and they stripped off their military uniforms before changing into these casual clothes. At the same time, they altered their own appearances slightly before entering the train station.

The seven of them bought tickets separately, and all of them purchased tickets for the most recent train departing from the city. Only after getting onto the platform were they reunited.

Due to the fact that this was only an intermediate stop, the platform was rather crude, and there wasn't even a roof over their heads, so the night breeze was rather chilly.

Tang Wulin stood with his hands in his pockets, and the seven of them were the only ones on the platform.

"Boss, I finally feel like I've returned to life. We're not still in Nightmare's illusionary realm, are we?" Xie Xie suddenly asked.

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Who knows?"

The torture that they'd suffered on the demonic island had left far too strong of a lasting impression on them, to the extent that they still hadn't completely mentally recovered. In particular, Yue Zhengyu would still space out from time to time.

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