Chapter 847: Him Again

The major had regained composure at this point, and he wrenched Shen Xing up from the ground.

Right at this moment, he suddenly stumbled as he felt as if something had bumped into his leg. He immediately dragged Shen Xing aside along with him, following which a square block of metal began to rise up from the ground right before his astonished eyes.

Immediately thereafter, a person crawled out of the opening, and the first things that appeared were a pair of shimmering golden arms that were covered in rhomboid scales.

The heavy metal block was like a weightless toy in his hands that was tossed aside with ease, and in the next instant, he had already fully emerged from underground.

Under normal circumstances, the major would've raised the alarm right away, but Shen Xing had just discovered his secret, so he certainly couldn't do that!

"Who are you?" the major yelled as a paralysis laser shot forth toward the golden figure from the gun in his hand.

The laser struck the man with unerring accuracy, but he'd managed to shield himself with one of his shimmering golden arms. A faint golden light emerged from the spot that had been struck by the laser, and the man examined his arms as he murmured, "It feels a little numb!"

Immediately thereafter, an indescribably fearsome aura erupted from his body, and the major felt as if he were facing a terrifying beast rather than a human. Just being in this man's presence was making him feel as if his blood were about to congeal in his veins.

A series of figures sprang out of the hole on the ground, and in the next instant, the major completely blacked out.

Tang Wulin looked down at the paralyzed Shen Xing with a surprised look on his face.

A long time had passed in Nightmare's illusionary realm, but he still immediately identified this advisor that he'd once held hostage. What a coincidence that they were meeting again here!

They had just left the demonic island and infiltrated the base through the underground tunnel he'd dug out before, and one of the first people he encountered was this old "acquaintance".

Prior to leaving the demonic island, Tang Wulin had discussed some options with his friends, and it was concluded that the best course of action would be to leave through the tunnel he'd dug out before. After all, this was the method that was least likely to get them caught. As long as they could enter the Northsea Legion base, it would be much easier for them to depart. Furthermore, from everyone's experiences in infiltrating the Northsea Legion base in Nightmare's illusion realm, they could roughly deduce that this warehouse was quite close to the inland direction of the city, so they wouldn't have to travel far to escape from the base.

On top of that, they had an additional advantage this time, which was that they weren't afraid of being caught.

After concluding their demonic island cultivation, they didn't have to worry about being delayed here anymore. In the past, they really had stolen a Skyglide 17 aircraft from the base, but that was the only real aircraft that they'd stolen; the rest were all simulated by Old Demon Nightmare's illusionary realm. It was still a pretty severe crime, but they were Shrek's Seven Monsters, so the military wouldn't dare to do anything to them. All they could really do was inform the academy and ask them for compensation.

As such, all they had to do was be detained after infiltrating the base, then fabricate a somewhat plausible explanation for everything that they'd done, and they'd be sent on their way sooner or later; it was just going to take longer that way.

Unfortunately, with their personalities, they certainly didn't want to return to the academy under such embarrassing circumstances; that would be a waste of all of the torment they'd suffered on the demonic island. They had learned so many things, and they had to put their newfound knowledge to good use.

However, what they didn't expect was to witness such a farcical scenario as soon as they entered the base.

Tang Wulin had already heard a part of the conversation as he hid underground which was why he'd managed to appear in the nick of time.

It had to be said, Tang Wulin was feeling rather strange at the sight of this Major Shen Xing, whom he'd abducted once before. At the same time, his admiration for Old Demon Nightmare grew significantly. He was only a spirit body, but his spiritual power had to have reached an unfathomable level! Only then would he be able to grasp the situation within the entire Northsea Legion base. If he wanted to, he could most likely destroy the entire base with ease with his insane spiritual power.

Shen Xing stared up at Tang Wulin in complete incredulity. When her body had been completely paralyzed, and she heard that the major was going to hand her over to some unknown enemy, she felt as if she were about to go insane. She was naturally aware of how terrifying it would be if she were to be held as hostage and used as leverage against her sister. Not only would that be a disaster for her, it would be a disaster for her entire family!

In her nightmares, her sister had succumbed to Tang Wulin's conditions in exchange for her release, and in reality, she firmly believed that her sister would do the same thing. They shared an extremely close bond as sisters, and she knew that her sister definitely wasn't the type of person to turn her back on family.

In important situations, her sister was more likely to turn to her subjective and emotional side rather than retain objectivity.

If her sister were to commit a major crime for her sake, then her entire family would undoubtedly suffer dire consequences. As such, she would've rather died than be abducted by the major.

Every young woman had an ideal image of a knight in shining armor in their hearts, and especially in dire situations, everyone wanted a hero that would step forward to save them. However, never would Shen Xing have thought that the man who had saved her would be the very same person whom she'd been cursing every day, and was constantly tormenting her in her dreams.

"Looks like you're in a rather sticky situation!" Tang Wulin remarked as a faint smile appeared on his face.

Shen Xing was looking up at him in an urgent manner. She was filled with resentment toward him, but those were only dreams, and she knew very well who these young men and women were. It was just that everything was far too coincidental; why had they appeared in the warehouse at a time like this? Could it be that she was still dreaming?

Tang Wulin turned to his friends, and said, "Strip off their clothes."

S... strip?

Shen Xing's face immediately turned deathly pale. What were they going to do?

The despair that had just faded from her heart returned in full force. Had she jumped out of the frying pan only to land in the fire?

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yue Zhengyu dragged the major and two captains aside before quickly taking off their clothes. Meanwhile, Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan positioned themselves in front of Shen Xing while Ye Xinglan undressed her.

Shen Xing was completely flabbergasted as she was quickly stripped down. Ye Xinglan was of a similar height and figure to her, and under the makeshift barrier formed by Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan also quickly stripped off her own clothes before exchanging them with Shen Xing's.

"Don't worry, we're only borrowing your clothes. You've been struck by a paralysis laser, but it'll only take you 20 minutes to recover at most. You can take care of those guys as you see fit after that." Ye Xinglan gave Shen Xing a reassuring pat on the shoulder before rising to her feet.

She then began to gently rub her own face while glancing at Shen Xing from time to time. Meanwhile, Xu Xiaoyan stood behind her and quickly styled Ye Xinglan's hair to resemble Shen Xing's hairstyle.

When Yuanen Yehui placed Shen Xing's military cap onto Ye Xinglan's head, Shen Xing was flabbergasted by the sight of a spitting image of herself standing before her. It was like looking into a mirror!

"All done over there?" Tang Wulin asked.

"All done; we just need three more sets of uniforms," Yuanen Yehui replied.

Shen Xing's eyes swiveled toward the three approaching figures to find that they were none other than the major and the two captains, all of whom were wearing their military uniforms.

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