Chapter 846: Shen Xing's Nightmares

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this. They were going to leave after two whole years!

They had had more than enough of this place.

Tang Wulin turned to the old demons, and he could see hints of dejection and loneliness in their eyes.

"Senior, is there really no way for you to leave this demonic island? Alternatively, is there anything I can help you with or any requests that I can fulfill for all of you?"

Old Demon Greed shook his head, and Old Demon Scourge chuckled, "We appreciate the thought, but we're nothing more than bodies of energy, so if we leave here, we'll immediately dissipate into nothingness without the energies of life and destruction to protect us. We're extremely lonely here, but we're able to live far longer than normal humans, so it's not all bad here. If you want, you can come back to visit us from time to time. Of course, we wouldn't mind putting you through another round of training."

"Let's go, Captain!" Yue Zhengyu shuddered as he tugged on Tang Wulin's arm.

Tang Wulin's lips twitched before he suddenly yelled. "Attention, Shrek’s Seven Monsters!"

Everyone immediately stood up straight beside him. Tang Wulin then continued in a solemn manner, "Bow!"


"Argh!" Shen Xing was gasping for air as she sat up in her bed.

She had lost count of how many times she'd woken up in a cold sweat in the night during the past few months.

The dreams were always so realistic; she was only completing a routine check of the soul bomb warehouse, but she encountered a completely unexpected turn of events. That man's face was still so clear in her mind. He had kidnapped her and threatened her sister. He then abducted her onto a Skyglide 17 aircraft, and in the end, the bastard ejected her out of her seat!

All of her nightmares concluded with a strong sense of vertigo and weightlessness. Shen Xing could still clearly recall that when she'd awakened from this nightmare for the first time, she'd wet her bed in an extremely pathetic display. She had been humiliated beyond belief.

That man truly existed, and he had once been detained by the legion along with his friends before they stole an aircraft and escaped, but none of that had anything to do with her!

She hadn't even met him before the day that she was taken hostage, so what had she done to deserve these nightmares?

What was even stranger was that her sister had also suffered from similar nightmares that depicted scenes identical to those in her nightmares.

Dammit! Piss off from my dreams! 

Shen Xing thumped the mattress beneath her with her fists and found herself unable to fall asleep again.

She stood up before putting on her military uniform, then making her away over to a mirror. Due to how terribly she'd been sleeping recently, she constantly had dark rings around her eyes. In the past, she was able to fall asleep easily as she trained extremely hard during the day, but now, it was so difficult for her to get to sleep, so she had no choice but to dedicate more of her time to meditation.

Shen Xing decided to go out for some air. After getting some fresh air into her lungs, she would return to her bed to meditate. At the very least, she couldn't suffer from nightmares during meditation.

That bastard went to the demonic island; I hope he never comes back! Otherwise, he's going to pay for all of this! 

Shen Xing exited her room and wandered aimlessly through the base. She wasn't a high-ranking military officer, but she held an extremely important monitoring role, so all of the patrolling soldiers that were passing by extended salutes toward her.

The Northsea Legion base was situated near the coastline, so the sea breeze made the nights quite cool and balmy. Only after standing in the breeze for a while did Shen Xing's frustrations abate slightly.

"Huh? How did I end up here?" Before she knew it, she had unconsciously made her way to the soul bomb warehouse in her dreams.

Her brows furrowed as she turned to leave, but she then suddenly stopped.

Perhaps it was a good idea to visit the site of her dreams. Maybe that would give her some closure and rid her of these nightmares. Otherwise, it was extremely tortuous to be going to sleep every day with constant fear in her heart.

With that in mind, she made her way into the warehouse. With her high-level identification card, she quickly arrived underground on the elevator.

All of the soldiers who were on guard duty extended military salutes toward her as a gesture of respect.

"Advisor Shen, are you still doing your rounds at such a late hour?" the major who was responsible for managing the warehouse asked with a smile.

Shen Xing was very beautiful, but he didn't dare to try and cross any boundaries with her. She was the sister of the leader of the entire legion, so she held an extremely lofty position. She was only here at the legion base to accumulate some experience, and it was said that she would return to the military soon for another deployment.

"Yes, I'm just here to have a look," Shen Xing replied with an aloof nod.

"No problem. Open the gate!"

Important warehouses like this soul bomb warehouse required three keys and a designated password to be opened. A pair of key-carrying captains immediately rushed over at the major's behest, and the only gate only began to slowly open after the input of a special password, as well as an eye scan from Shen Xing.

The warehouse had many soul bombs stored within it, so it naturally gave off a menacing aura. There weren't any super soul bombs stored here, but the total value of all of the weapons here was still quite enormous, and it was one of the most important warehouses in the Northsea Legion base.

After making her way into the warehouse, a sense of nostalgia immediately welled up in Shen Xing's heart. She was dreaming of this place every single day, so she felt as if she visited this place regularly, even though that wasn't the case.

Shen Xing made her way through the warehouse and looked around at the soul bombs in a dazed manner. All of a sudden, she reflexively stopped in her footsteps. "There should be four fifth-grade soul bombs here; why have they gone missing? Bring out the warehouse records for me."

She had stopped right beside a shelf that was stacked with soul bombs, but in her memory, there should've been four fifth-grade soul bombs here as well.

She could clearly remember this as in her dream, that bastard had hidden near this shelf for a moment with her as his hostage.

However, as soon as the words slipped out of her mouth, she regretted what she'd said. Those were nothing more than dreams! It was ridiculous for her to ask about details that she'd seen in her dream in reality...

However, she received no reply for her request, and she reflexively turned around to look at the major that was responsible for managing the warehouse, just in time to see a hint of astonishment flash through his eyes.

That's impossible! The last time she was here was a few months ago! 

All soul bombs of all types and grades had extremely strict storage regulations, and their positions couldn't be changed unless they'd been sent to the front lines.

"I'm asking you a question!" Shen Xing was very smart, and she quickly realized that something was amiss. As such, her voice became quite cold as she exerted more pressure on the major.

The major hurriedly put on a smile, and said, "Those bombs were sent to the front lines, and it'll take me a while to get the records involved."

Shen Xing commanded, "Get the records for me right now!"

The major hurriedly nodded, and said, "Please wait here; I'll get the records for you right away." 

He turned and made a hand signal to the two captains as he spoke, and all three of them began to depart from the warehouse.

"Why are all three of you going at once? Just one is enough," Shen Xing said in a cold voice.

"Alright." The major faltered in his footsteps, but when he turned around, light suddenly flashed, and Shen Xing felt a tremor run through her entire body. A strong wave of paralysis then immediately washed over her, and she slowly slumped to the ground.

Her eyes widened in shock, and she couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

Military officials who were responsible for managing soul bomb warehouses had to go through rigorous political reviews, but it was quite obvious that not only was there an issue with this major, the two captains were also accomplices.

A sinister look appeared on the major's face, and he hurried over to Shen Xing before wrenching off the communicator on her chest. He did so in an extremely rough manner, so the top two buttons on her military uniform were also torn away.

The button's clattered to the ground, revealing a sliver of snowy white skin on her chest. However, she was completely paralyzed and couldn't even yell out.

The major's breathing accelerated as he yelled, "Why? Why are you able to remember things so clearly? Even I can't remember how many bombs should be on which shelves!"

Shen Xing couldn't say anything in response, so she could only glare at him with a cold expression.

A dejected expression appeared on his face. "I didn't want to do this. I know how severe a crime it is to sell soul bombs, but I had no choice. They abducted my entire family, and my son is in their hands. I really don't have any alternatives. I have to go now. If you want to blame anyone, then you can only blame yourself for being too nosy. I'll be taking you with me. You're the general's sister, so I'm sure you'll be very valuable to them, and perhaps they'll release my family in exchange for you. You two, carry Advisor Shen out of here; we have to leave right away. It's a good thing that it's night time right now; inform the people on the outside that we're leaving right now!"

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