Chapter 843: Life Tide

Aside from the original six, a new old demon had joined them. This demon's appearance was rather comical; he had small eyes, a large nose, and wide mouth, an extremely long chin, and a hunched back. Despite his appearance, all of the other six old demons very naturally stood before him in a formation of subordination.

"Why has a Life Tide suddenly appeared, Boss?" Old Demon Scourge asked in an urgent manner.

The old man shook his head with tightly furrowed brows. "I don't know what happened, either. I've been restricting the destructive energy on this island this entire time, and all of a sudden, the destructive energy suddenly became weaker, immediately following which this Life Tide appeared. This Life Tide is also different from the ones in the past; under normal circumstances, I can sense a Life Tide around 10 years before it arrives as it steadily builds before erupting all at once. However, this Life Tide arrived without any premonition. Go and release those kids so they can be blessed by this Life Tide; they really are extremely fortunate to have encountered a Life Tide."

"I'll go right away!" Old Demon Nightmare immediately volunteered.

"Wait a minute, look at the direction the Life Tide is stemming from," the rotund old man suddenly said.

"It's coming from his treehouse?" Old Demon Scourge also quickly realized what was happening.

"What's going on?" the unfamiliar old man who had just appeared asked.

Old Demon Desire explained, "It's that Tang Wulin. He's been in deep meditation for over three months, and the Life Tide seems to be stemming from where he is rather than from around the fragment of destruction; this is really strange."

"Could it be that his deep meditation triggered this Life Tide? How is that even possible?" Old Demon Hatred was completely incredulous.

All of the old demons glanced at one another to see their own astonishment mirrored on each other's faces.

They'd been here for over 1,000 years, and they'd grasped all of the patterns on this demonic island. Whenever something that didn't follow these patterns occurred, they would gain a greater understanding of the demonic island.

Even though they were only spiritual entities, they were the guardians of this place, so it was naturally imperative for them to understand as much as they could about this place.

"Let's go!" The leader of the old demons waved a hand, and all seven of them vanished amid flashes of light.

Tang Wulin didn't know what was happening in the outside world. He could only feel the life force energy around him becoming more and more abundant, and it was enveloping him like a massive cocoon.

This was a very unique and wonderful feeling; he couldn't even breathe anymore, but he had never felt so comfortable before.

Unbeknownst to him, a halo of light had appeared around his body. It wasn't one of his normal Bluesilver Emperor soul rings, and nor was it one of his golden bloodline soul rings. Instead, it was that greenish-golden soul ring.

The soul ring glowed with a peculiar light, and when he'd first attained it, he couldn't even activate its power after injecting all of his soul power into it. Only with the assistance of Atlas Douluo Yun Ming was he able to activate it for a short time.

Tang Wulin had named the soul skill that this soul ring gave him "Son of Nature".

At this moment, the greenish-golden soul ring was glowing brighter than it ever had, and the rich life force energy emanating from it was fusing as one with the energy from the Life Tide.

Throughout this process, the entire demonic island was shuddering slightly, and in the distant ocean, countless sea soul beasts surged toward the island in a frenzy. More and more sea soul beasts began to gather to absorb the immensely rich life force energy here.

Tang Wulin's consciousness was completely immersed in life force energy around him, and much to his surprise, a series of illusionary images were appearing deep within his mind.

He saw a nine-colored ball of light that was flashing steadily, and every time it flashed, it struck the beholder with the sense that their soul had been elevated to a higher plane.

The ball of light then gradually began to expand to several times its original size. At the same time, it also became more and more transparent as if its exterior were thinning out.

Tang Wulin could see clouds and mist, as well as mountains and rivers within the ball of light. It was an incredible sight to behold.

Right at this moment, a burst of powerful grey energy surged forth from the distance. The grey energy was far too enormous; spread over the entirety of heaven and earth, encompassing everything in his field of view, including that ball of light.

The light from the nine-colored ball began to flash more rapidly, and with every single flash, the ball would shudder violently. Thin cracks began to appear on its surface, and it seemed to be about to shatter in the face of the grey energy.

However, right at this moment, the surface of the ball of light suddenly transformed, and two balls of light appeared. One of them was green while the other was purple, and they combined to form a mystical white light that encompassed the entire nine-colored ball of light within it. The cracks sealed, and the nine-colored ball of light shrank down again, making it impossible to see what was inside it, but at the very least, it didn't shatter.

The enormous and terrifying burst of grey energy swept forth, and the nine-colored ball of light trembled incessantly before being swept away into the distance.

For some reason, a hint of indescribable sorrow welled up from deep within Tang Wulin's heart upon seeing this. At this moment, he wanted nothing more than to yell with all his might and latch onto that ball of light.

All of a sudden, three specks of light began to expand in his field of view. Two of the specks of light were purple and green, but compared to the balls of light that had protected the nine-colored ball of light, these two specks of light were a lot more feeble. The two of them gradually became clearer to Tang Wulin as they clashed over and over again, and he discovered that there was a humanoid figure within each ball of light. However, they were extremely faint and indistinct, to the extent that they were only barely visible. The purple figure seemed to be a man, while the green figure appeared to be a woman. They were trying to reach for one another, but were simply unable to do so.

Finally, following one more clash, the purple figure shattered into countless tiny purple shards that flew away in all directions. The green figure let loose a cry of grief before also disintegrating into specks of green light that proliferated outward. These specks of green light latched onto those purple shards before winding themselves around the shards like a series of green vines.

The third speck of light also became clear to Tang Wulin at this moment, and it was a golden ball of light. His heart rate suddenly accelerated drastically at the sight of it, and a strong sense of sorrow and dejection welled up in his heart.

The speck of golden light abruptly began to expand before him, and in the next instant, everything disappeared.

Both Tang Wulin's body and soul trembled uncontrollably, and he was unable to collect himself even after a long while.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally gradually regained his composure. Life and destruction; those were life and destruction that he'd just witnessed.

The purple light seemed to represent destruction, while the green light represented life; so what did that golden light represent? And what was that ball of light that destruction and creation had both tried to protect?

Only a short time had passed in real life, but Tang Wulin felt as if he'd been in this trance-like state for an entire century.

He could clearly sense that there was something extra in his mind, but he simply couldn't grasp it or make sense of it.

He exhaled in a resigned manner before slowly opening his eyes. Much to his surprise, a series of green and purple halos had appeared around him, and they were gradually fading away.

There was nothing different with his body, but he had a unique indescribable sensation in his heart. He inspected himself internally and was surprised to find that something had appeared at the center of his recently formed soul power vortex.

These were two tiny specks of light, one of which was green while the other was purple. They were slowly rotating around one another, and when Tang Wulin tried to decipher what they were by directing his consciousness toward those balls of light, he was struck by a sense of disorientation before everything became blurry in his mind.

A short while later, everything returned to normal, and he found himself inspecting those two specks of light once again.

Did they stem from life and destruction? But why had they appeared in his body? He already had the Golden Dragon King bloodline and Mysterious Heaven Method soul power; was it not crowded enough already in there?

More importantly, Tang Wulin had no idea whether having these energies in his body was a blessing or a curse. He shook his head in a speechless manner before opening his eyes once again.

"Argh, you..." He was given quite a fright as he was greeted by the sight of seven pairs of eyes, all of which were focused intently on him.

In addition to the six old demons he'd seen before, a new one had appeared, and he was standing directly before Tang Wulin.

"Both a Life Tide and Destruction Tide have appeared at the same time, and you triggered both of them. What did you do?" the old man asked in an urgent manner.

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