Chapter 842: Soul Power Vortex

Behind all of the immense power that he was attaining, he could sense an unknown threat that was lurking. The negative side-effects of the Golden Dragon King's bloodline power were becoming more and more apparent to him. It was indeed tremendously powerful, but power could only serve him for the better if he could control it.

As such, he couldn't allow it to go out of control no matter what, which was why during his cultivation, Tang Wulin was constantly using his Mysterious Heaven Method to fuse his soul power with his bloodline. In doing so, he was using the pure nature of the Mysterious Heaven Method to filter his bloodline power of the unwanted elements it contained. 

Doing this didn't result in drastic improvements to his cultivation base, but it was constantly minimizing the risk of something going wrong. Furthermore, his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power was also further compressed during this process. He may only be a five-ring Soul King at the moment, but his levels of soul power compression and purity were definitely far superior to others of the same cultivation rank.

He was meditating now as he wanted to truly incorporate everything that he'd learned during the past year, so he wasn't in a hurry to improve his soul power.

Back when Mu Chen was instructing him in forging, the first lesson that had been taught to him was that it was imperative to build up a stable foundation before trying to scale to new heights. Only with a sound base could one go further in the future.

As such, Tang Wulin wasn't in any hurry in his cultivation at the moment. He was merely meditating while slowly circulating his soul power and bloodline power while experiencing all of the minute changes happening within his body.

Human bodies had countless secrets to be explored, as did martial souls. As he sensed all of the changes taking place all over his body, this notion became clearer and clearer to him. He gradually began to enter a profound state of mediation that was different from normal meditation.

"It only took 10 minutes to enter deep meditation? This kid is a freak!" Old Demon Nightmare's speechless expression was mirrored on the faces of all of the other five old demons.

"What do we do?"

"What CAN we do? It's not like we can just rouse him from his deep meditation!"

"It shouldn't be like this!" The rotund old man was at the height of his frustration and indignation.

"That's what you get!"

The profound state that Tang Wulin was in lasted for an indeterminate period of time, and during this process, his soul power continued to circulate in a natural manner. When he slowly came to his senses again, he was surprised to discover that in his own mind, his body seemed to have become transparent.

Everything within his body had taken on a faint golden color, and everything was in perfect harmony. Golden and white soul power drew his bloodline power into a repetitive cycle, thereby forming a vortex.

The vortex wasn't very large, but it was filled with extremely abundant soul power that had taken on a liquid form. The gentle soul power vortex combined perfectly with his bloodline power and rotated in a peaceful manner.

Tang Wulin could clearly sense that his soul power had become stronger. Even more importantly, all of the energies within his body seemed to be in perfect order. Life force energy was constantly nurturing his entire body, strengthening his flesh, bones, and internal organs while giving them a transparent, almost crystalline appearance.

Tang Wulin didn't know what kind of state his body was in, but it seemed to have reached a higher level.

As for the soul power vortex in his dantian, he knew a little bit about this. However, it was something that should only appear within the bodies of Soul Masters after attaining their sixth soul ring!

There was a major bottleneck between Soul Emperors and Soul Sages, and this stemmed from the fact that a qualitative change had to take place within one's soul power to facilitate that breakthrough.

A seven-ring Soul Sage had to manifest a soul core, and only then could their cultivation rank reach 70. After that, they'd enhance themselves through fusing their bodies with their soul spirits or soul rings, thereby attaining a martial soul true body and ascending to another level.

Only after becoming a Soul Sage could one be considered as a high-grade Soul Master.

It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin was still very far away from that stage, but forming a soul power vortex was a mandatory step on the path to manifesting a soul core.

It could also be said that a soul power vortex was the foundation of a soul core. After a Soul Master attains a soul power vortex, they'd be able to absorb more natural energies, and through the constant rotation of the vortex, their soul power would be compressed steadily until it became a solid soul core.

Tang Wulin's soul power was currently only at rank 53, so he was still over 10 ranks away from becoming a Soul Sage. Generally speaking, Soul Masters would only attempt to form soul power vortexes at rank 69, and after that, the soul power vortex would naturally form a soul core, thereby completing the breakthrough. This process was far slower than cultivating at lower ranks, which was why there were so few soul masters above rank 70.

Once a soul core was formed, a Soul Master would experience a massive increase in their ability to sense and guide natural energies, thereby making them extremely powerful.

After getting to that stage, they wouldn't have to worry about exhausting their soul power as their soul core would be able to constantly replenish their soul power from drawing upon natural energies. As long as there wasn't any extremely excessive expenditure of soul power during a battle, a Soul Sage's soul power should virtually be limitless.

Tang Wulin was only at rank 53, yet he had already formed a soul power vortex. This indicated that not only was his level of soul power compression far superior to that of others at the same cultivation rank, it also showed that his understanding of his own soul power had also far outstripped that of his peers.

Tang Wulin immediately experienced the greatest benefit of having a soul power vortex; through its power, he was able to better control his bloodline power so that it didn't break through his ninth Golden Dragon King Seal.

This was a very pleasant surprise! Furthermore, Tang Wulin could clearly sense that his soul power had increased from rank 52 to rank 53. Going up two soul power ranks in a year wasn't fantastic by any means, but this type of improvement was extremely consistent and reliable. Furthermore, he had learned so much during this past year as well.

He could conclude his meditation now, and he had no idea how much time had passed.

Just as he was about to awaken from his meditative state, his body suddenly shuddered, and an indescribable sensation welled up in his heart.

It was as if a seed had been planted in his body, and it had grown into a seedling that was finally beginning to release its life force energy.

This was an extremely wonderful feeling; it was as if his entire body had instantly been surrounded by boundless life force energy, as if he had been completely inundated by a sea of life force energy that was rich to the extreme.


All of a sudden, six heads turned toward a certain direction in unison. Expressions of astonishment appeared on the faces of all six old demons.

"What's going on?"

They were greeted by the sight of a green pillar of light erupting into the sky from somewhere on the island. The immense life force energy on the island suddenly multiplied by severalfold!

This was an extremely rare scenario, and all of the old demons were completely stunned.

"Life Tide? Didn't the last Life Tide only appear 20 years ago? Why is there another one now?"

Life Tides only occurred on the demonic island once every 100 years, and when they appeared, the destructive energy on the island would be at its most feeble, while the life energy spiked to its maximal extent. Every time this took place, huge numbers of sea soul beasts would gather near the demonic island to absorb this life energy in order to facilitate evolution.

This was why there were so many powerful sea soul beasts near the demonic islands. As opposed to keeping people from coming out, they were protecting the islands from intruders.

This type of Life Tide benefitted soul beasts even more so than it did humans, and it could even directly trigger positive mutations in a soul beast's bloodline, thereby making them truly evolve into higher-level life forms.

However, the last Life Tide had just taken place 20 years ago, so this was completely unexpected and unprecedented.

Streaks of light flashed through the air as the old demons quickly gathered together.

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