Chapter 841: Study

Old Demon Desire began to teach Tang Wulin, and it was just as the rotund old man had said; all of the torture had already been endured, and these were only normal lessons.

Tang Wulin was certainly not slow on the uptake, and not only was he learning very quickly, he also quickly began to derive joy from his learning. Just as Old Demon Desire had said, the things that she was teaching him weren't going to make him stronger, but they were all extremely practical survival skills that would make him a lot more well-rounded rather than a brute who only knew how to fight.

Old Demon Desire wasn't his only teacher; soon, Hatred, Scourge, Nightmare, and Gluttony all appeared before him one after another, bestowing all types of complex knowledge upon him.

Tang Wulin heard from them that even as far back as 10,000 years ago, Shrek Academy had been determined to nurture well-rounded warriors that could adapt to all types of battlefields and thrive in all conditions.

In the earliest stages of this training regimen's implementation, there was only one successful subject, and that was the founder of the Spirit Pagoda, the legendary Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao.

Now, Shrek Academy still hadn't given up on this project, but it was being carried out here as opposed to within the academy.

Only those who could pass all the trials within a year had the privilege of learning all of this knowledge that was being bestowed upon Tang Wulin now, and he had displayed the best performance out of anyone in 1,000 years.

During all of the previous trials, the most important and also the most difficult ones were the two aircraft-stealing trials.

In particular, stealing an aircraft for the second time was extremely difficult as it required one to cross the demonic sea, then infiltrate the Northsea Legion base before successfully emerging with an aircraft, and barely anyone had been able to complete that trial. In fact, only three people had accomplished this during the past 200 years, and all of them went on to become the master of the Sea God's Pavilion at some point. The current pavilion master, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming was one of those three.

Tang Wulin was soaking up all of the knowledge being imparted on him like an eager sponge, and he was beginning to incorporate all of these pieces of knowledge.

There were many things that he didn't really take notice of during daily life, but only after studying them did he discover how intriguing and complex those subjects were.

For example, Old Demon Gluttony was giving Tang Wulin lessons on the properties of all types of food ingredients, as well as how different ingredients had to be prepared for maximal nutritional value. This also involved lessons about how to identify different ingredients among plants, animals, and marine organisms. Tang Wulin was absorbing a vast amount of knowledge every day, and he was constantly learning and experimenting for three whole months almost without any rest.

He didn't know how the five demons had managed to do this, but they were always able to provide corresponding material to assist him in his learning and cultivation.

"Alright, we've taught you everything there is to be taught. Now, it's up to you to incorporate this knowledge for yourself. When you return to the continent, there will be many more things for you to learn, and I'm sure this knowledge will all be applicable to your life at some point."

"Thank you, seniors." Following these three months, Tang Wulin's hatred toward these five demons had finally been wiped clean.

Furthermore, he was also gauging the situations that his friends were in, and they were also doing quite well. They'd been on this island for 10 months already, and even though they weren't progressing as quickly as he did, at the very least, none of them had been broken by the demons.

They wouldn't be able to learn everything he had, but at the very least, this experience would still be an immensely valuable one to them.

Old Demon Desire said, "You can stay on the island for the rest of your time here. You deserve some time to relax. We have the best food here, and a comfortable place for you to live at. After all of your friends complete their trials, you can all leave together."

When Tang Wulin was taken to his living quarters, he was completely stunned. It was a complete understatement to call this a comfortable place to live.

This was a treehouse, and Tang Wulin didn't know how it had been constructed, but the life force energy here was even more abundant than in the rest of the valley. There were all types of furniture, devices, and appliances here, even some very modern pieces of technology. There was a large comfortable bed, and as soon as he sat down onto it, he was struck by a wave of drowsiness.

After being tortured for six months, then studying for three months, Tang Wulin was completely exhausted. Following the departure of Old Demon Desire, who had taken him here, he fell asleep almost right away. He slept for three days and three nights, and when he woke up again, Old Demon Gluttony had already brought him all types of high-grade foods that were filled with life force energy. 

As he enjoyed his splendid feast, Tang Wulin was almost moved to the point of tears. The rainbow had finally appeared after the storm!

The scenery on the demonic island wasn't all that beautiful, but Tang Wulin's treehouse was situated very high up, so he could even see the blue sea in the distance. The distant scenery was glorious, and Tang Wulin hadn't been at peace like this for an extremely long time. After filling his stomach, he immediately fell onto his bed and began to sleep again.

What could be more blissful than this? He had the best food and the best living environment, and no one was there to force him to cultivate. He was living in absolute freedom and bliss. All of the pressure on his shoulders had been alleviated, and all he had to do now was to wait for his friends before departing from this place together.

Tang Wulin sat on the lounge chair in front of the treehouse and cast his gaze toward the ocean. His entire body felt warm and extremely relaxed and comfortable. Even the cries of the insects and birds around him were like music to his ears.

He stretched lazily and began to feel drowsy once again. He had been eating delicious food and sleeping his days away every single day. What could be more blissful than this?

A faint smile appeared on his face, and he stood up before stretching again, then returning to his room.

At this moment, the rotund old man, Old Demon Desire, Old Demon Scourge, Old Demon Gluttony, Old Demon Nightmare, and Old Demon Hatred were all gathered together in a cave.

Before was an image that depicted Tang Wulin, who had just returned to his room after some lazy stretching.

"Hehe, this kid sure is getting complacent," the rotund old man said in a smug voice.

Old Demon Desire pursed her lips. "What are you looking so smug for? He's only grown so complacent because of all of our efforts."

"Even so, I'll still get the last laugh in the end. This kid really was hard to fool. I can't believe he learned so much stuff during just three months, tsk, tsk! But no matter how smart or wily he is, he's still no match for me!"

"Wait a minute, don't celebrate too early!" Old Demon Scourge suddenly said in a surprised manner, "He's not sleeping!"

The perspective of the image changed to within the room, and it depicted Tang Wulin with a slightly lazy smile on his face. However, he hadn't laid down to sleep. Instead, he was sitting on his bed with his legs crossed, and hands were placed on his knees with the palms facing upward. He had entered a meditative state and was cultivating his Mysterious Heaven Method!

The six old demons were completely flabbergasted.

"We gave him the best living conditions and the best food, yet he still has the heart to meditate? This is impossible! No person in their right mind would still have the motivation to cultivate under these circumstances!" The rotund old man was filled with astonishment and befuddlement.

Old Demon Desire immediately burst into laughter. "That's what you get for being so cocky!"

That's right, Tang Wulin had begun to cultivate.

He silently sensed the rich life force energy in the air, and as he activated his Mysterious Heaven Method, he slowly absorbed these pure and abundant natural energies into his body.

He didn't try to accelerate the circulation of his Mysterious Heaven Method and only maintained a natural pace. His bloodline aura was also slowly circulating along with his Mysterious Heaven Method.

Thus, he combed through his soul power and bloodline power in an unhurried manner. He was being very careful as he was worried that he'd accidentally break through his ninth Golden Dragon King seal.

As long as it wasn't completely necessary or out of his control, he definitely wouldn't try to break his seals. The more he absorbed the Golden Dragon King's energy, the more powerful yet cautious he became.

The Golden Dragon King's energy bestowed upon him immense power along with some other things. This type of indescribable energy was changing him in profound ways.

For example, in the past, Tang Wulin's style of battle was versatile, and on many occasions, he won through tactics and resourcefulness. However, as his Golden Dragon King bloodline had become more powerful, he found himself gravitating toward a battle style that relied solely on pure strength. Furthermore, his emotions had also become far more steely than in the past.

He had been on the demonic island for close to a year, and during this time, he had endured all types of unspeakable torture. Throughout this process, his mental state had constantly been changing, and that allowed him to sense his internal problems more clearly.

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