Chapter 833: Eurgh...

Tang Wulin would rather learn to fly a plane, absorb more destructive energy, or even face the wrath of the entire Northsea Legion than be forced to endure this torture in a completely conscious state.

Old Demon Gluttony wasn't exaggerating at all; Tang Wulin was feeling everything that he'd just described. This was mental and psychological torture!

Whenever he felt himself beginning to pass out, his mind would be struck by a prick of sharp pain, and in the next instant, he would become completely conscious again, thereby forcing him to feel everything that was happening in his mouth.

This was a completely indescribable feeling, and all he wanted was to die.

Finally, 24 hours passed, and Old Demon Gluttony slapped Tang Wulin's head to knock him unconscious. Two more figures then appeared beside him, and they were none other than Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Scourge.

"Do you think I was too cruel there? I feel like I may have gone a little overboard. I've only ever imagined doing this in the past, and I've never actually put this into practice. Will he be driven insane after this?" Old Demon Gluttony asked, seemingly in a concerned manner.

"Don't try to act like a good guy now! Why didn't you hesitate to think about this before you fed him that insect?" Nightmare scoffed in a disdainful manner.

Old Demon Scourge wore an enraged expression. "You're so shameless! Why didn't you tell me you had this trick up your sleeve? How could you do this? How could you surpass us in your torture methods? He clearly thinks you're far more abhorrent than the two of us! I'm really pissed off, do you understand?"

"Hahahaha! That's what you get! I don't care what you think; all I know is that I'm having the time of my life! Oh, I can't wait to do this to the other kids and see their reactions. It's alright even if he goes insane; Hatred will be able to fix him. "


"Looks like we have a common interest, kid. From now on, you eat what I eat; I guarantee you that you'll be able to complete the task I set out for you," Old Demon Gluttony said in a smiling manner.

Xu Lizhi was panting heavily. He had absorbed destructive energy with all his might, and he was finally able to get to the other side of the sea, but no matter what he did, he was unable to enter the Northsea Legion base. When they opened fire on him, he returned directly to the demonic island without even knowing what had happened, and immediately after that, Old Demon Nightmare told him that he'd failed, and that he was going to release the aphrodisiac mist.

Right at this moment, Old Demon Gluttony arrived on the scene like his knight in shining armor, telling him that his friends would be freed from Nightmare as long as he did as he was told.

After that, Old Demon Gluttony took him to a forest.

Xu Lizhi blinked at the sight of the large green insect before Old Demon Gluttony  tossed it into his own mouth and began to chew vigorously

Xu Lizhi's eyes immediately widened.

Old Demon Gluttony turned to him with a sly smile, and Xu Lizhi asked in a stunned manner, "Those things are edible? Do they taste good?"

Old Demon Gluttony's smile immediately stiffened upon hearing this. He was then greeted by the sight of Xu Lizhi voluntarily plucking the other insect from his hand before also placing it into his mouth and chewing vigorously.

After chewing a few times, Xu Lizhi's eyes lit up, and his Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed the insect.

"Wow, I thought it would be disgusting, but it tastes pretty good! It's a little sour and astringent, but it has a bittersweet aftertaste. On top of that, it carries a faint bamboo aroma, and it gives me a very warm and comfortable sensation. This is delicious! I didn't think such delicacies existed on this island. Can you dig another one for me?"

Old Demon Gluttony was completely flabbergasted by Xu Lizhi's excited expression. Only after a long stunned stupor did he murmur, "Looks like you're pretty talented in eating as well, kid."

Just as he was speaking, Xu Lizhi had already squatted down beside the bamboo tree and began to dig around for insects on his own...

What had proven to be unspeakably inhumane torture to Tang Wulin was an enjoyable activity to him, and this had never happened before.

Old Demon Gluttony wasn't one to accept defeat easily. To put it more accurately, none of the old demons on this island were fans of losing. Hence, he began to find all types of "high-grade foods" for Xu Lizhi to taste.

However, Xu Lizhi accepted everything offered to him with glee. Initially, he was rather hesitant, but as time passed, the more he ate, the more excited he became. In the end, he was able to forage for all types of food in the valley even without Old Demon Gluttony by his side. He was a self-taught culinary genius!

Old Demon Gluttony had no choice but to concede and turn to torturing others. He had to admit that Xu Lizhi was a freakish talent, and it was undoubtedly the case that he'd broken a record.


Tang Wulin didn't even know how he'd managed to endure the past two months. He spent every day in a semi-conscious state, enduring unspeakable psychological torture.

He was a man who loved food, but Old Demon Gluttony made him want to throw up at the sight of everything. However, his body's powerful adaptive ability slowly began to take effect.

Tang Wulin quickly discovered that his body hadn't been weakened by the torture he was suffering. Instead, through eating all types of strange things like insects, cockroaches, snakes, rats, and ants, his blood essence and life force were becoming a lot more powerful!


"Thank you, Old Demon Gluttony! Do you have any more of these insects? And how long can they live for? Can you please catch a few more and feed them to Yue Zhengyu? These insects have such abundant life force energy; they must be great for his body. He used his Sacrifice ability to save me before, and he expended so much life force energy. If he could eat a few of these insects, it'll definitely be very beneficial to him."

Old Demon Gluttony stared at the Xu Xiaoyan in a dumbstruck manner as she carefully played with the large green insect in her hand as if it were a precious treasure.

What the hell was wrong with this world? He could accept that a food system soul master was able to handle this quite easily, but why was this little girl...

When Xu Xiaoyan had first been forced to eat this insect, her reaction had been much the same compared to Tang Wulin's. However, she then quickly discovered that these insects were filled with rich life force energy, and she was displaying this reaction now that Old Demon Gluttony was trying to feed her insects a second time.

Her adaptive ability was simply unmatched!

Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and roses for everyone. 

For example...

"Eurgh, eurgh, eurgh, kill me!" Xie Xie howled. He was on the verge of mental breakdown.

"Eurgh, I'll kill you! Eurgh, you better not give me a chance because I'm going to slaughter you!" Ye Xinglan's face had already turned deathly pale.

"Eurgh, eurgh, eurgh, I'm going to kill you!" Yuanen Yehui's body was spasming uncontrollably.

"Oh, this is great! Keep showing me your pain!"

"Mr. Old Demon Gluttony, is there any way to preserve these insects? And would I be able to take some away with me when I leave? If they can be preserved with their rich life force energy, members of my Holy Angel clan would be able to use Sacrifice without any inhibitions. My family is quite wealthy; how about we work together to breed these life force energy insects? Perhaps we can make them into medicine. If that happens, you'll be doing the entire world a favor!" Yue Zhengyu was also disgusted initially, but with his Sacrifice ability, he was the most sensitive toward the life force energy, so he was only disgusted the first time before quickly also realizing how extraordinary these insects were.

Thus, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were tortured for three whole months while Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi, and Xu Xiaoyan were given automatic passes.

"Do you know what I hate most in this world?" A hook-nosed old man with a dark expression on his face asked in a cold voice.

His eyes were filled with hatred, and as he looked at Yue Zhengyu, it was as if he were appraising the most abhorrent thing in this world.

"I don't," Yue Zhengyu replied in a truthful manner.

The days that he'd spent with Old Demon Gluttony were the best days that he'd spent on the demonic island thus far.

The life force energy that he'd expended when using Sacrifice to save Xu Xiaoyan was almost fully recovered after eating a lot of insects, and that dampened his hatred for this demonic island significantly.

All he wanted to do now was to be able to rescue all of his friends and escape together.

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