Chapter 832: Old Demon Gluttony

Every time he passed through here, Tang Wulin felt as if he'd returned to Shrek Academy. He really missed those days! Even though the cultivation was still very arduous back then, at the very least, he didn't have to endure this type of torture.

He had finally managed to complete the tasks Nightmare had set for him, yet it appears that this was only the beginning. This was the first time that he'd met Old Demon Gluttony; what was this old demon going to make him do?

Tang Wulin was most concerned about his friends. He had been apart from them for so long, and he had no idea what condition they were in. He didn't even know whether they were dead or alive.

He was the captain who had led them here to participate in this military training. If they were to die here, he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

Old Demon Gluttony released Tang Wulin's arm, and said in a deep echoey voice, "Don't worry about your friends; just focus on yourself. Don't worry, Nightmare wouldn't dare to do anything to them without my orders. They all like to torture people, but I'm above that. Only immature demons like them would stoop to such childish activities. You'll be able to look forward to much better days ahead with me. Do you know why my nickname is Gluttony?"

Better days ahead?

Tang Wulin's expression remained unchanged, and he was entirely unconvinced.

In the beginning, he had thought that perhaps Old Demon Scourge was a good demon, if such a thing actually existed. However, after enduring the torture of absorbing that destructive energy and witnessing everything that had unfolded after that, he had naturally caught on to the fact that Old Demon Scourge was on the same side as Old Demon Nightmare.

This old man was also one of the old demons, so there were most definitely not pleasant days ahead for him. The old demon was just going to torture him in another way.

Seeing as he didn't know what the old demon was going to do, he merely refused to talk. He didn't have any other choice but to endure all of the torment thrown at him by these old demons. There was still a glimmer of hope in his heart. He was hoping that this was still a test from the academy, and that all of these old demons were merely testing him. It was exactly because he was holding onto this glimmer of hope that he was just barely able to withstand all of this pain.

Old Demon Gluttony glanced at Tang Wulin with a meaningful expression. "My nickname is Gluttony because I like to eat. I loved to eat as a human, and that love only grew after I became a demon. That's why I'm different from them; all of them have been bored witless and are messed up in the head. Only I enjoy my life on this demonic island because there are so many foods to be eaten here. As long as there are things to eat, I'll never feel bored, and I can always derive joy from eating."

Eat? Tang Wulin couldn't help but gulp upon hearing this. According to his own deduction, more than three months should've passed since he first came to this island, and he hadn't eaten anything this entire time aside from that sea soul beast sashimi; he was solely using the rich life force energy here to sustain himself. This didn't affect his bodily condition, but it was extremely painful for him not to be able to eat, especially with an appetite like his.

Now, there was an old demon telling him that he also liked to eat, and a strong sense of starvation immediately surged into mind. This was a purely psychological reaction as his body was receiving sufficient physical sustenance from the life force energy here.

Old Demon Gluttony could see the desire for a good meal in Tang Wulin's eyes, and he immediately smiled as he said, "Looks like you're also a big fan of food, right?"

He snapped his fingers, and continued, "We have a common interest then! From now on, you just have to eat everything that I eat; it'll be simple!"

Tang Wulin immediately asked, "What are we going to eat?"

Old Demon Gluttony chuckled, "Don't worry, I won't find anything particularly disgusting for you to eat. Seeing as we're eating, we naturally have to consume things that are edible and nutritious. Come here, kid."

He continued deeper into the forest as he spoke, and Tang Wulin hurriedly followed along.

Old Demon Gluttony stopped after walking just a few steps, and he squatted down before digging around at the foot of a green bamboo plant. He then hooked his finger into the soil and produced a large green insect that was three inches long and as thick as a finger.

The insect's entire body was of a translucent green color, and it was writhing violently, seemingly in a state of horror as it attempted to struggle free from Old Demon Gluttony's hand.

Old Demon Gluttony then dug around in the soil a bit more and quickly pulled out another insect.

A sense of foreboding instantly welled up in Tang Wulin's heart. No way...

Right at this moment, Old Demon Gluttony tossed one of the insects into his mouth before chomping down on it vigorously. Yellow juices flowed down his chin from the corners of his mouth as a blissful look appeared on his face.

"Eurgh..." Tang Wulin reflexively turned around and doubled over to dry retch violently.

This was way too disgusting! No matter how much he loved to eat, he would never consider a living insect to be a delicacy! He simply couldn't bear to watch as Old Demon Gluttony chomped down on his prey.

Right at this moment, the second green insect appeared before him. From up close, Tang Wulin could see a layer of yellow fur over its writhing body, and his expression changed drastically as he rushed back like a speeding arrow.

Eating was an enjoyable activity for him, but even though he had barely eaten anything in the past three months, he was still unable to work up any appetite for this disgusting insect. He didn't care about anything else in this instant; all he wanted was to escape from Old Demon Gluttony as quickly as possible.

However, an astonishing scene then ensued. No matter how fast he ran, the green insect continued to wiggle right in front of his face, even after he'd used his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight.

Tang Wulin dry retched uncontrollably as he ran, and all of a sudden, he was afflicted by a rush of dizziness, immediately following which he was pressed violently to the ground. Before he even had a chance to react, his entire body went numb as his soul power and blood essence power were also sealed.

A large hand then clamped down on his nose. Due to the fact that his nostrils had been constricted, he reflexively opened his mouth to breathe, and in that instant, the writhing insect was jammed into his mouth. 

Old Demon Gluttony then clamped his jaw shut, and the insect began to squirm violently in his mouth...

All of Tang Wulin's hair stood up on end, and he wanted more than anything to be able to spit out that disgusting insect, but he was unable to lift even a single finger.

Old Demon Gluttony's raspy voice sounded beside his ear. "I told you, we're only going to eat some things; why are you running away? I really hate people who don't appreciate food. Seeing as you're unwilling to eat this stick insect, then let it be slowly dissolved by your saliva. You'll be able to feel it struggle, then slowly become feeble before finally dissolving into liquid. It'll slide down your throat and become a part of your body. Oh, isn't that a wonderful thought? This process will take around a day, and you won't be able to do anything, but I'll still be able to see the look in your eyes and the expression on your face as you enjoy this delicacy. This is almost too splendid to bear! Let me think; what should we eat tomorrow?"

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