Chapter 830: Duress

Tang Wulin suddenly smiled. "Really now? Are you sure that I wouldn't dare to kill her?" Powerful killing intent erupted from his body, and his eyes suddenly turned crimson in color as his left golden dragon claws began to converge.

In that instant, Shen Xing felt as if all of the blood within her entire body had congealed. The terrifying aura erupting from Tang Wulin's body struck her with a sense of asphyxiation, and this was the closest she'd ever been to death.

She had always thought that she didn't fear death, that she'd gladly lay down her life for the federation, but with the threat of death looming so prominently, she still couldn't help but feel horrified at the prospect of being killed.

The male military official's expression also changed drastically as he yelled, "Stop! If you kill her, you'll become an enemy of the entire federation, and we'll kill you on the spot!"

Tang Wulin suddenly burst into deranged laughter. "I'm constantly being tortured by those demons on the demonic island; I've lost the will to live long ago! It wouldn't be bad to take someone down with me, especially a fine beauty like her. At least I won't be lonely as I cross over to the other side!" He hoisted Shen Xing straight up from the ground with his right hand as he spoke, and her face immediately turned deathly pale.

"Stop! Get back." The male military official was gritting his teeth so hard that he felt as if they were on the verge of shattering. With his steely personality, he'd definitely take down Tang Wulin at the expense of the hostage that he'd captured had the hostage been someone else, but Shen Xing wasn't the same! Not only was she the woman of his dreams, even more importantly, she was the younger sister of the commander of the Northsea Legion, and the vice-commander of the entire Northeastern Military Region, Shen Yue.

If something were to happen to Shen Xing, what would he tell Shen Yue?

All of the gun-wielding soldiers slowly backed away, and Tang Wulin placed Shen Xing back onto the ground before walking forward with her as if he were taking a stroll in his own backyard.

No one dared to attack him. Tang Wulin had already displayed his abilities, and even this lieutenant colonel may not be able to defeat him in battle. Even if they had a Titled Douluo on their side, there was no guarantee that they'd be able to kill a one-word battle armor master like Tang Wulin before he killed his hostage.

Shen Xing was already gasping for air at this point. Just now, she had felt as if Death had come to collect her, and the unprecedented horror she'd experienced had turned her deathly pale.

Tang Wulin continued onward, and he relied on his sensory of air currents to quickly find the exit without even being told where it was. Thus, he exited the legion base with countless soldiers surrounding him.

The air outside was truly magnificent! Tang Wulin took a deep breath before appraising his surroundings.

"Get me a plane. I want a Skyglide 17 aircraft, and don't even think about playing any tricks. As long as you satisfy my condition, I can guarantee her safety. I know that there must be powerful beings in this base, but I'm confident in my ability to kill her before they can kill me. I'll give you 10 minutes." Tang Wulin said in a cold voice.

Tang Wulin dragged Shen Xing over to a corner and sat down as he spoke. The fact that he was sitting in a corner eliminated the possibility of him being attacked from behind. He draped Shen Xing's body over his own and used her as a meat shield.

She was basically sitting on his leg, and her voluptuous backside was trembling incessantly from fear.

A scorching sensation welled up in Tang Wulin's lower abdomen, but he had to focus on surveying his surroundings in case any mishaps were to occur.

No aircraft arrived as demanded, but more and more people began to arrive on the scene, surrounding the two of them in a virtually watertight formation.

One soul car drove over after another.

"It's been five minutes!" Tang Wulin said in a cold voice.

Right at this moment, a military vehicle screeched to a halt nearby, and Shen Yue jumped down from it in her military uniform.

As soon as she did so, she was greeted by the sight of her own little sister being held hostage by Tang Wulin.

She was in an extremely sorry state. One of her sleeves had disappeared, her pale face was filled with tear stains, and her body was trembling uncontrollably as she leaned against Tang Wulin's body.

Shen Yue's heart was filled with rage, and she felt as if her lungs were about to explode from fury as she strode toward Tang Wulin.

She had already been pushed to her wit's end during these past few days. Shrek’s Seven Monsters had already stolen a Skyglide 17 aircraft, yet another one was hijacked by Tang Wulin in mid-air. These incidents were like slaps to the face to the entire Northsea Legion.

Never would she have thought that Tang Wulin would turn up again so soon, and that he'd kidnap her sister on this occasion!

"Release her at once!" Shen Yue said in a cold voice.

Tang Wulin's heart jolted slightly at the sight of the epaulets on her shoulders. This was a lieutenant general! She was definitely the highest-ranking military official he’d ever met. "Hello, General, where's my aircraft? My patience is limited," Tang Wulin said in a calm voice.

Shen Yue glowered at Tang Wulin, and roared, "I said release her!"

Her roar was infused with a spiritual attack, and Tang Wulin's vision went dark for an instant as a burst of invisible force surged toward him. He almost instinctively followed Shen Yue's command, but that reflexive urge only appeared for a split second.

Just as Shen Yue was about to rush toward them he suddenly tightened his grip around Shen Xing's neck, swinging his right arm through the air at the same time. Another sharp scream rang out as Shen Xing's other sleeve was also torn away.

Shen Yue had already stepped forward, but she had no choice but to stop after seeing what Tang Wulin was doing.

"If you want her to die, then I wouldn't mind obliging!" Tang Wulin roared.

Shen Yue clenched her fists tightly. "Release her, and I'll be your hostage instead."

Tang Wulin chuckled coldly, "Do you think I'm a naive little kid, General? It's already quite extraordinary that someone as young as you are could become a lieutenant general, and that, coupled with your immense spiritual power clearly indicates that you're far more powerful than I am. You want me to take you as my hostage? I may as well kill myself right now!"

Shen Yue was truly perplexed; why was her spiritual attack ineffective against this brat? Her spiritual power had already reached the Spirit Abyss realm, so how could it have been ineffective?

"There are three minutes left. With each passing minute, I'll tear off an item of clothing from her body until the aircraft arrives. You can make your bets now about whether I'll follow through with this." Tang Wulin undid Shen Xing's first button as he spoke.

At this moment Shen Xing finally broke. She screamed, "Save me, Sister!"

It's over! 

As soon as Shen Xing cried out, Shen Yue knew that they had lost. The situation had spiraled completely out of control.

Sure enough, Tang Wulin's eyes lit up, and he stood up with Shen Xing as a faint smile appeared on his face. "How lucky am I to have captured the lieutenant general's sister? Don't worry, General; as long as you satisfy my condition, I'll let her go. You have two minutes left."

"Get an aircraft here!" Shen Yue roared.

She knew how detrimental issuing this order was to her. As the leader of the legion, she'd chosen to comply with an enemy's threats for the sake of her little sister. If word of this were to spread, her reputation in the military would be irreparably tarnished.

But what could she do? She only had one little sister; how could she just stand around and watch her little sister being shamed or even killed?

In her eyes, Tang Wulin had already gone insane. He'd already done things that no student from Shrek Academy would do, and she knew from the records of the Northsea Legion that all Shrek Academy students who went to the demonic island would suffer from a spell of extreme mental instability.

As such, Shen Yue didn't dare to take a gamble here as her own little sister's future was on the line.

Soon, a Skyglide 17 aircraft entered Tang Wulin's field of view.

Tang Wulin smiled as he approached it with Shen Xing in tow.

Shen Yue said in a thunderous voice, "The aircraft is already here, so release her now. I swear on my honor that I'll let you fly this aircraft away."

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