Chapter 828: Infiltrating the Warehouse

As such, as Tang Wulin burrowed through the earth, none of the Northsea Legion's detection devices were able to discover him. On the seismographs, no abnormal tremors were being detected as one man's activity was nowhere near enough to create tremors that would set off an alarm.

Thus, Tang Wulin would rest for a while when he grew tired, and continue to dig after he recovered. Even he had lost track of how long he'd been digging for.

During the process, he returned to the surface to rest on two occasions. He had also returned to the ocean to kill a sea soul beast, then chopped it up into sashimi using his golden dragon claws as he was unbearably hungry. After recovering some energy, he returned to the underground world to continue his excavation.

"Ding!" A crisp clang suddenly rang out, and Tang Wulin immediately stopped what he was doing. The fine hairs on the back of his neck stood up on end, and he hurriedly withdrew his aura.

What was that?

He didn't dare to summon his Bluesilver Emperor soul rings to illuminate the tunnel, so he could only use his blood essence soul rings instead. Under the illumination of the golden soul rings, he was surprised to discover that a metal plate had stopped him in his tracks.

Did this mean he'd already entered the base or was this a metal barrier that separated the base from the outside world?

Tang Wulin gently pressed his palm flat against the metal board to sense the nature of its existence. He was already close to becoming a Saint Blacksmith, so he was extremely familiar with metals.

He could generally ascertain the special properties of a type of metal simply by touching it and using his spiritual power to detect it.

This was what he was doing right now, and he was able to quickly discern that this was a type of metal that wasn't exactly uncommon, but was very resolute; it was a type of titanium alloy.

There were no energy fluctuations emanating from it, which meant that this was just a plain alloy, rather than a large soul tool.

This discovery came as quite a relief to Tang Wulin. If this were a soul tool, then he would be in some trouble. At the very least, he'd have to keep digging down until he could go around this metal wall. However, if it were just a normal metal wall, then that indicated that he was situated right outside the Northsea Legion base. Thus, he'd be able to enter this base after breaking through this wall.

Tang Wulin's heart rate accelerated slightly, and after a moment of contemplation, he extended a single finger. A dark golden blade of light slowly emerged from his fingertip, then pierced soundlessly into the metal wall before him.

No titanium alloy could stand up against his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws. After piercing his claw into the metal, Tang Wulin slowly rotated his finger, quickly drilling out a small hole.

All of a sudden, his finger plunged through to the other side without any further resistance, and he knew that he'd drilled through the wall.

He silently withdrew his finger, and he was stunned to discover that this metal wall was over two feet thick.

Such a thick titanium alloy wall naturally had ultra-powerful defensive properties, but it would've also been extraordinarily expensive to construct. The Northsea Legion certainly wasn't sparing any expenses!

A faint beam of light passed through the small hole that he'd just drilled out with his finger, and for some reason, he was almost moved to tears by the sight of that ray of light. He had finally seen light that belonged to the human world again! Ever since he'd set foot on the demonic island, he'd been living an inhuman life, and he was finally back in human civilizations.

This was only a small hole, but that was all that was required for Tang Wulin's Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power to enter the legion base.

Much to his surprise and elation, he had stumbled upon a massive underground warehouse. The warehouse was filled with all types of soul weapons, most of which were soul missiles. It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin had unintentionally stumbled upon the Northsea Legion's most important storage warehouse, and it was no wonder that such a thick titanium alloy wall had been erected to protect this place.

The good thing about this warehouse was that there was no one in it, but at the same time, such an important warehouse had to have extremely sturdy defenses on the outside.

What should he do?

Regardless of what he did next, he had to enter the warehouse first. Even if worst came to worst, he could just go back the same way he'd come. He had to see if there was some way to make it out of this warehouse first.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin contemplated the situation momentarily before setting the exit at a dark corner situated to the north of a storage shelf. This kind of position was the most discrete. 

Using his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws, he quickly cut out a square piece of metal, and in order to make the opening as inconspicuous as possible, he only cut out an opening with side lengths of around a foot, and it was barely enough for his body to squirm through.

Fresh air immediately filled Tang Wulin's lungs, and it was such a glorious sensation that he almost moaned out loud. After squirming out of the opening, he sealed it with the square piece of metal that he'd just cut out, and no one would be able to discover that anything was amiss unless they were to closely inspect this area.

All of a sudden, a sense of horror welled up in his heart, and his body stiffened as he hurriedly flattened himself against the wall.

However, he quickly discovered where this sense of horror had stemmed from; it was originating from a shelf in front of him that had skull signs all around it. There was a series of soul bombs on that shelf, and Tang Wulin had learned a lot about these bombs at the academy. After all, these were the most fearsome weapons invented by the human race in at least the past 10,000 years.

It was said that even a Limit Douluo wouldn't dare to directly oppose the most powerful of soul bombs, and that alone was sufficient testament to the power of those weapons.

From the size of these soul bombs and the symbols on their surfaces, it appeared that they were primarily between the fourth and sixth grades. These were already the most powerful soul missiles that a normal fighter aircraft could carry; missiles more powerful than that had to be carried by super mechas to ensure safety.

Tang Wulin didn't move from his position. Instead, he silently released his spiritual power to detect the situation in this warehouse.

Through the reciprocation from his spiritual power, he quickly ascertained that this was a warehouse with an area of around three square kilometers, and that over 50% of the weapons in here were soul bombs. If all of them were to explode at once, the entire Northsea Legion base would most likely be razed to the ground.

Aside from that, there were also some mechas here, all of which were only of the yellow grade.

To put it more accurately, these warehouses stored a lot of powerful weapons, but not weapons of the highest caliber. At the very least, there weren't soul bombs of the seventh grade or above, nor any mechas of a higher level.

There were cameras in the warehouse, but only at the most important locations, which meant that Tang Wulin could avoid being discovered as long as he proceeded with caution, so there was a chance for him to make it out of this warehouse.

His spiritual power was unable to exit the warehouse as its metal walls were simply too thick, so Tang Wulin had no idea what the situation was like outside.

After committing all of the locations of the cameras to memory, Tang Wulin began to silently make his way through the warehouse. His top priority now was to get away from the exit in the wall. That way, even if he were to be discovered, the opening wouldn't be found so easily, so he'd still have a chance to get away.

The one thing that was in his favor was that there were definitely no weapons in this warehouse that would automatically attack intruders. Otherwise, if one of the soul bombs were set off, all of them would explode, and that would be a catastrophic disaster.

Tang Wulin glanced around the warehouse to find that it was extremely well isolated, and he could sense that the temperature and humidity in this place were both being regulated to within a certain range. What should he do? He couldn't get out of here as the outside of this warehouse had to be extremely heavily guarded. Even if he could smash his way out of the gate, he would be discovered right away.

This was the Northsea Legion, and even though Tang Wulin was a one-word battle armor master, he wasn't delusional enough to think that he could oppose the entire base with his own power alone.

Just as he was contemplating whether he should return to the underground tunnel and dig another exit elsewhere, a string of electronic beeps rang out, and the heavy gate of the warehouse slowly opened.

Was there someone coming?

Tang Wulin hurriedly hid in a corner.

As expected, after the gate opened, a few people walked in from outside.

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