Chapter 816: Unified Charge

With his prior experience, Tang Wulin had deduced that the person at the forefront of the group would have to withstand the most amount of physical stress, so it was undoubtedly the case that he had to lead from the front. Everyone else would also have to withstand energy assaults from all sides. At a time like this, his Violent Golden Dragon Domain and Xu Xiaoyan's Astral Chains became really important. With the effects of those two soul skills, they should be able to make it through to the other side.

An hour later, everyone was ready.

Tang Wulin said, "Hold your buns and only eat them when I say so. Brace yourselves!"

He raised his Golden Dragon Spear and pointed its tip directly up ahead as he spoke.

Everyone had donned their battle armor, and Tang Wulin yelled, "Charge!"

Immediately thereafter, he led the charge while Astral Chains connected everyone.

However, Tang Wulin didn't immediately unleash his Violent Golden Dragon Domain as using it would've expended too much energy, and it wasn't necessary for the first part of their charge anyway.

Yuanen Yehui had adopted her Fallen Angel as opposed to her Titan Giant Ape form, which had greater defensive capabilities, and this was something that Tang Wulin had decided was the best course of action for her after some careful deliberation. Her Titan Giant Ape form did indeed possess superior defensive prowess, but it also made her expand significantly in size, and that would increase the amount of energy assault that she would be afflicted by. As such, it was better for her to adopt her Fallen Angel form while Tang Wulin led from the front and shielded everyone to the best of his abilities.

With that prior experience under his belt, Tang Wulin forged ahead extremely quickly, withstanding the terrifying energy surging toward them from the front all on his own. However, the energy was omnipresent in this area, and it was buffeting them from all sides.

Everyone had activated their soul power, and Yue Zhengyu slashed his holy sword through the air, casting holy light over everyone aside from Yuanen Yehui. Even though the holy light shattered in an instant, it still bought them a split-second of time, and that was one less split second of this that they had to endure.

Ye Xinglan slashed her Stargod Sword through the air, and specks of starlight surged through the surrounding area. Those specks of starlight also quickly shattered, and were only able to slightly alleviate the pressure.

Everyone was unleashing their abilities while withstanding the agony surging through their bodies and following along closely behind Tang Wulin.

Due to the fact that they were all linked by Astral Chains, Tang Wulin could sense the amount of energy being expended by everyone, and this energy expenditure was evenly distributed among him and his friends. Tang Wulin was leading from the front, and he was expending energy at a far faster rate than when he was making this charge alone.

At a time like this, he couldn't afford to be conservative. He took a deep breath, and one of the golden bloodline soul rings beneath his feet lit up, unleashing his Violent Golden Dragon Domain, which caused his body to instantly swell to three meters in height.

His expanded body had also become a lot burlier compared to his normal form, and was able to speed up while shielding even more of the destructive energy from his friends.

With the support from the energy of his six friends, the agony that he was experiencing was significantly alleviated, and he thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward, unleashing his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens to carve out a path. A loud dragon's roar rang out to directly oppose the destructive energy surging toward them, and his body began to tremor violently. 

With every step he took, the pressure continued to mount, but all seven of them were withstanding this pressure together.

Tang Wulin transferred his Golden Dragon Spear to his left hand, and brilliant golden light erupted from his scales as he summoned his right golden dragon claw before unleashing his Golden Dragon Dreadclaw attack. However, in contrast to what the attack had been like in the past, when he unleashed his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws on this occasion, his golden dragon claws seemed to flicker in an illusionary manner. In that split second, his golden dragon claws had actually swiped through the air nine times in rapid succession.

This was his Golden Dragon Brandishes its Claws among his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, [This is actually not the first time this has appeared in the story, it first appeared in Chapter 174 and it should've been translated in this paragraph "Soul power surged and the Golden Dragon Claw struck out!", but the previous author must've neglected to translate it, so I'm naming it now.] and he combined it with his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws to invent this new technique, which he'd named Golden Dragon Annihilation. The air up ahead was instantly torn to shreds, and even the destructive energy surging toward them was vanquished. Tang Wulin's blood essence power was also dramatically drained by that attack.

"Eat your buns!" He roared as he thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward and unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight.

He used his Golden Dragon Annihilation to break through space, then unleashed his Golden Dragon Takes Flight to carve out a path for his friends.

Everyone followed along closely behind him while consuming their Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun and Sturdy Crystal Buns. A layer of crystalline material quickly appeared over everyone's suits of battle armor to keep the destructive energy at bay.

This was also the first time that Tang Wulin had consumed the Sturdy Crystal Bun, and its effects were far more potent than he'd anticipated. He felt as if he had donned an additional suit of armor, and the destructive energy was breaking down the crystalline layer as well, but the material was being worn away at a far slower rate than their own defenses.

With the enhancements of the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, the Bloodthirsty Red Bean Buns, and the Sturdy Crystal Buns, the pressure on everyone was alleviated significantly, and they were able to charge onward at full speed.

During the early stages of cultivation, food-type Soul Masters possessed the least combat prowess, and the enhancements they could provide to others were also far less effective than those provided by Soul Masters that could directly enhance one through their soul skills. However, as their cultivation ranks progressed, the strengths of food-type Soul Masters would gradually become more and more apparent. Their enhancements were more direct, lasted longer, and had less side-effects. Furthermore, there was no danger of the enhancements being prematurely cut off.

It was even more difficult for food system Soul Masters to cultivate than it was for support system Soul Masters. They required more abundant soul power to improve their cultivation ranks, but once food system Soul Masters reached a certain level, they would definitely become more useful than support system Soul Masters.

"Whoosh!" All of a sudden, Tang Wulin emerged on the other side, and all of the immense pressure on his body was alleviated once again, indicating that his encounter with that old man wasn't a dream.

Everyone else also felt their bodies become far lighter than before, and in the next instant, they arrived in the valley that Tang Wulin had visited once already.

The pressure was completely alleviated, and everyone couldn't help but pant heavily as they sensed the abundant life force energy in this space. At the same time, relieved expressions appeared on their faces.

Tang Wulin stood at the forefront of the group in his suit of golden armor with his Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. Everyone else had yet to recover their soul power, so they were all extremely exhausted.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin caught sight of an old man in black. He also had a head of white hair and a white beard, but he didn't look as benevolent as the old man he'd encountered before. Instead, his eyes were rather sinister, and he had a hook nose. His hands were clasped behind his back, and he was appraising them with a cold expression.

"Greetings, Senior." Tang Wulin withdrew his Golden Dragon Spear as he nodded to acknowledge the old man.

The old man glanced at him, then at all of his friends before waving a hand. "Come with me."

His voice was slightly sharp and feminine, and it was rather uncomfortable to listen to.

"Yes!" Tang Wulin made a hand signal and hurriedly followed the old man with his friends trailing along behind him.

The old man didn't walk very quickly, and he was taking the same route as Tang Wulin had taken before. After arriving at this place again, Tang Wulin inspected his surroundings, and the sense of foreboding in his heart became even more pronounced as he cast his gaze toward the blackish-purple pillar of light in the distance.

Despite the fact that this place was filled with abundant life force energy, that massive pillar of light still struck one with a strong sense of horror. It was radiating a destructive aura that made one shudder as a completely involuntary unconscious response.

The other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were also inspecting their surroundings with curiosity in their eyes. Was this the destination for their trip? The journey was not without its perils, but they had finally made it.

After passing through a forest, the old man led them to a patch of empty ground, where he stopped and turned around to face them.

"Do you know what you're here to do?" the man asked in an indifferent manner.

Tang Wulin replied, "The academy sent us here for military training."

The old man in black suddenly smiled, and as he did so, all of the wrinkles on his face crumpled together, creating an indescribably unsettling sight to behold.

"That's right, you'll be undertaking military training here. The nature of the training will be very simple; as long as you don't suffer a mental breakdown, you can stay here, and the maximum duration of your stay will be two years. If you break down during your time here, then you'll be sent away from here, so you'd all better pray to your lucky stars. Now then, why don't you introduce yourselves?"

Mental breakdown? Tang Wulin and the others all felt a chill run down their spines upon hearing this.

"I'm the captain, Tang Wulin. I'm a five-ring Soul King and a one-word battle armor master."

"Ye Xinglan, five-ring Soul King, one-word battle armor master."

"Yuanen Yehui, five-ring Soul King, one-word battle armor master."

"Xie Xie, five-ring Soul King, one-word battle armor master."

"Xu Lizhi, five-ring Soul King, one-word battle armor master."

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