Chapter 811: Aircraft-riding Dragon

The ones with the clearest view of the situation were those in the control tower. Through the use of their large-scale radars, they were able to capture extremely clear images of the mid-air detainment that was currently unfolding. In reality, it would be a simple task for the Northsea Legion to strike Tang Wulin and the others down from the sky. With their defense systems, they could easily blast the Skyglide 17 aircraft into oblivion with a soul missile.

However, could they really do that? Even though Tang Wulin and the others had "borrowed" their plane, they possessed special identities, and hurting them would incur severe consequences. As such, the legion could only detain them using more gentle methods.

Even though they couldn't kill Shrek’s Seven Monsters, they could definitely detain them. By doing so, not only would they be able to avoid the consequences that would be incurred if they were to kill Shrek’s Seven Monsters, they would also be giving a Shrek Academy a figurative slap to the face. On behalf of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy and the military, they could scoff at just how pathetic this current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were.

This was why Shen Yue had arrived on the scene in person so she could watch a live broadcast of their detainment.

However, the scenes that unfolded next had her jaw dropping straight to the ground.

The detainment had already been successfully completed, and the six fighter aircrafts were about to drag the aircraft that Shrek’s Seven Monsters were on back to the legion base. However, all of a sudden, a gargantuan creature suddenly tore through all six nets at once.

From the images being broadcasted at the control tower, she could see that a musclebound creature over 60 meters tall had abruptly appeared on the Skyglide 17 aircraft, which was only 36 meters in length. Its weight was far too tremendous, and as soon as it appeared, the Skyglide 17 aircraft was sent plummeting downward along with the six aircrafts that had been deployed for detainment.

Six aircrafts were obviously a lot more powerful than one, so this was supposed to be an easy detainment mission. However, now that a Tyrant Dragon had been thrown into the mix, the entire nature of the mission had completely changed.

All seven aircrafts plummeted directly toward the ocean, and the six black mechas down below only barely had enough time to get out of the way!

Tang Wulin raised a hand, and a Bluesilver Emperor vine smashed through the glass canopy of the Skyglide 17 aircraft, turning it into a convertible aircraft. Howling winds immediately surged into the entire cockpit, and Tang Wulin had to yell for his voice to be heard. "Xie Xie, prepare to accelerate to as fast as this thing can go!"

The current situation their aircraft was in was quite strange. Due to the sudden emergence of the Tyrant Dragon, its tail was pointing downward, and it was plummeting straight out of the sky, dragging the six other aircrafts down along with it. The Tyrant Dragon still seemed to be completely bemused by the situation.

At this moment, the six aircrafts finally reacted, and all of them instantly relinquished their detainment nets before flying away like speeding arrows.

Due to the enormous momentum they'd built up, all six of the aircrafts tumbled away, completely out of control. Regardless of how experienced the pilots were, they still required some time to regain control over their aircrafts following that ordeal.

"Accelerate!" Tang Wulin yelled. The Tyrant Dragon instantly disappeared, and he also pressed himself flat against the aircraft again. At the same time, Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from his body, wrapping themselves around the waists of the four people in the cockpit.

Xie Xie thrust the acceleration shaft forward, and the aircraft shuddered before hurtling through the air.

At this moment, Xie Xie felt as if the entire world were spinning around him, but the aircraft was definitely moving forward from the propulsion force of the turbojet propellers.

The aircraft rose directly upward first before the control system naturally righted the entire aircraft, thereby allowing it to fly in a stable manner again. Thankfully, they were extremely lucky, and the aircraft was flying directly toward the cluster of islands down below.

At this point, the six aircrafts were still yet to right themselves, and the six black mechas had set off in pursuit of those aircrafts. Their top priority was to ensure the safety of their allies, so they weren't pursuing Tang Wulin and the others.

Meanwhile, the Skyglide 17 aircraft was like a bird that had escaped from its cage as it flew directly toward the cluster of islands up ahead.

"Lower our altitude!" Tang Wulin yelled. WIthout aircraft canopy in the way, Tang Wulin's voice was able to reach everyone in the cockpit.

Xie Xie panted heavily as he yelled, "That was way too intense, Boss!"

Tang Wulin then turned to everyone else in the cockpit, and said, "Everyone, undo your seatbelts on three!"

"We're ready!" Xie Xie chortled as he let go of the control shaft.

"One, two, three!" Tang Wulin yelled as he abruptly sprang up from the aircraft. At the same time, his Bluesilver Emperor vines tugged his friends toward him, and under his control, all seven of them separated from the aircraft at once. They were all in a tight cluster in mid-air with Bluesilver Emperor vines around their bodies, creating quite an extraordinary sight to behold.

At the control tower.

"You can do that?" Major Bing Feng looked on with a flabbergasted expression.

Six fighter aircrafts and six black mechas had been deployed to detain them, yet they'd still managed to escape? When Tang Wulin and the others abandoned the aircraft, it had already flown into the cluster of islands, and it proceeded to fly even further away.

More mechas were arriving on the scene, but they were still too far away to do anything.

A peculiar turn of events then unfolded. After flying into the air over the cluster of islands, the Skyglide 17 aircraft suddenly plummeted straight out of the sky, heading straight toward the island down below, only to abruptly vanish amid a flash of illusionary light. The crash and explosion that everyone had anticipated didn't take place.

However, Tang Wulin had no time to pay any heed to all of this. He raised a hand and stuffed an Agility Mini Soup Bun into his mouth to lower his body weight. Xu Lizhi had prepared an Agility Mini Soup Bun for everyone in advance, and all of them also consumed their buns at this moment.

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui then spread their wings in unison, doing their best to stabilize everyone by gliding through the air.

"That was awesome!" Xie Xie yelled with excitement.

That was definitely the most exhilarating experience of his life. He had gotten everyone out of the legion base and flown them to their destination with his complete novice-level flying skills; what could be more exciting than this?

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to Tang Wulin, and an earthy brown halo proliferated from his body. All seven of them instantly felt as if they were as light as feathers.

The soul skill that the Mountain Dragon King's torso bone had given to Tang Wulin was gravitational control, and Tang Wulin had used it many times during his recent battle against those evil Soul Masters. Aside from gravitational control, the torso bone had also given him another defensive soul skill, but he was unable to use it at this point. He could sense that this was a skill that would only be made available to him after he became a seven-ring soul sage. As such, the Son of Nature soul skill wasn't actually the first skill that he'd obtained but couldn't use.

Through the use of Tang Wulin's gravitational control, he was able to lower the gravitational force that weighed down upon them, thereby making Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu's task a lot easier.

At the control tower.

"General!" Liu Ming called out in an urgent voice.

Shen Yue's brows were tightly furrowed, but she was still able to keep her cool. "So be it; let them go. I truly believe that they're Shrek’s Seven Monsters now. Keep a close eye on the demonic island, and maintain level three defense readiness. Nothing good can come out of this, so we have to be on our guard. "

"Yes, General!"

Shen Yue then turned to Major Bing Feng, and said, "I'll be requiring an explanation from you."

Major Bing Feng immediately extended a military salute. "Yes!"

Shen Yue turned and departed, while Bing Feng hurriedly followed along behind her.

Only after the two of them had left did Liu Ming heave a long sigh of relief. This was definitely not a good start to his morning!

His subordinates had already reported to him that Lu Fu and his fellow team members were fine, and that they'd all awakened from their unconscious state.

There were no casualties, but they'd lost a Skyglide 17 aircraft, and that was a very heavy blow to their legion.

However, the demonic island was a restricted area to them, so they couldn't do anything now that the Shrek Academy disciples had entered that area. As such, they could only get their fighter aircrafts and mechas to return to the legion base.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and the others had already stabilized themselves in the air, and only then did they get an opportunity to appraise the islands down below. From their bird's eye view perspective, they could see that this cluster of islands covered an extremely massive area, but it was slightly too peaceful on these islands. All of these islands were completely inky-black in color with extremely complex terrains. There was some plant life on the islands, but all of them were also completely black, as if ink had been spilled all over them.

What was even stranger was that the seawater within a 300-meter distance from those islands was also completely black, creating a stark contrast with the blue seawater elsewhere.

It was undoubtedly the case that this was no ordinary place, and it was the location where their military training was going to take place.

Tang Wulin certainly wasn't naive enough to think that their troubles were over now that they'd managed to arrive at their destination within the 15-day time limit. On the contrary, this was definitely only the beginning of their true ordeal.

"Over there!" Ye Xinglan suddenly said as she raised a hand and pointed toward a certain direction.

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