Chapter 810: Mid-air Detainment

All of the past generations of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were comprised of superb prodigies, and there was once a special incident that resulted in the death of two members of one of the past generations of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. On that occasion, Shrek Academy was like a hibernating beast that finally awoke from its slumber and bared its fangs to the world. A terrifying revenge operation ensued, and that piece of history was still clear in the minds of many people.

Shen Yue had seen from strictly confidential military documents that the incident had forced the federation to change 16 of its parliamentary members.

No one in the general public knew what had happened, but that incident had completely shaken up the hierarchy of the entire federal parliament. As for exactly what the incident was, there were no specific records. It was only stated that the repercussions had been extremely severe. All of the people who were related to the deaths of those two members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters suffered negative consequences to varying degrees, and that incident had further cemented Shrek Academy's status as one of the most powerful entities on the entire continent.

At this moment the aircraft that Xie Xie and the others were on had already risen into the air, and the Skyglide 17 aircraft was able to travel far faster than normal mechas. In the blink of an eye, the coastline was already within sight.

Xie Xie was obviously far from an experienced pilot, but he could control the plane to make some simple changes in direction. After rising into the air, they headed straight toward the sea, and what they had to do now was to find that island.

But where exactly was it?

Xie Xie cast his eyes into the distance. At such high altitudes, an island that was 30 kilometers away should be visible to them. However, his expression quickly stiffened as he discovered that there were indeed islands in the distant ocean. However, there was a stretch of many islands rather than just one. At a rough glance, it appeared that there were at least 100 to 200 islands spread over a vast area of the ocean up ahead.

"What do we do?" Xie Xie asked.

Ye Xinglan had obviously also already taken in the situation, and she rolled her eyes as she replied, "How would I know? I'm not the captain. We can't communicate with Captain for now, so let's just fly over there first. If worst comes to worst, we'll just have to search for the island after making a landing."

Xie Xie grumbled, "The academy is being way too harsh! They only gave us 15 days, yet not only is the coastline completely sealed off, even the map they gave us is fake! There's clearly more than one island here!"

"Hold on, give me the map for a second," Xu Xiaoyan suddenly requested.

The map was being held by Ye Xinglan as she was responsible for giving directions, and she gave the map to Xu Xiaoyan as requested.

Xu Xiaoyan said, "No matter how heartless the academy is, the island on the map they gave us has to at least be of the same shape as the island we're looking for. Xinglan, search through the islands and see if you can find any of a similar shape to the one on the map. If you find any islands like that, we'll fly toward that direction."

Ye Xinglan's eyes lit up, and she snapped her fingers as she exclaimed, "You're a genius, Xiaoyan! Fly that way!"

Ye Xinglan pointed toward a cluster of islands, and purple light flashed through her eyes as she searched for islands of a similar shape to the one on the map.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's eyes were tightly shut as powerful air currents buffeted his entire body. Thankfully, his Bluesilver Emperor vines were holding him in place, and he also had an immensely powerful body. Otherwise, he would've been unable to withstand this and fallen off long ago.

From his position, he couldn't see anything that was happening down below, and he could only wait for Xie Xie to find their destination.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly heard a loud sound approaching, and he opened his eyes with difficulty, upon which he discovered two shadows flying past either side of their aircraft in a flash. The two shadows were also fighter aircrafts, except they were a lot faster than their aircraft.

The two battle aircrafts swerved around before arriving in front of them, then continued to fly on ahead while maintaining the same speed as their aircraft. Immediately thereafter, four more fighter aircrafts appeared on either side, as well as behind them, and all six of these aircrafts maintained the same speed as them.

A voice sounded in Xie Xie's earpiece again.

"You have been ordered to turn around immediately. Otherwise, you'll be struck down right away!"

Xie Xie scoffed in a disdainful manner, "Strike me down if you dare!"

He abruptly pushed the control shaft as he spoke, and the plane suddenly accelerated before swerving downward. Even Ye Xinglan was given a fright by his bold maneuver, let alone the aircraft pilots from the Northsea Legion.

The six fighter aircrafts hurriedly changed directions to try and surround them again.

It was undoubtedly the case that Xie Xie had the element of surprise in his favor, but his skills were far inferior compared to these trained pilots.

At the control tower.

Shen Yue arrived as quickly as she could, and the major that had detained Tang Wulin and the others was standing right beside her. However, the expression on his face made her feel rather uneasy.

"What's the situation like?" Shen Yue asked.

"They're very aggressive and refuse to turn around. We've surrounded them to force them to slow down, but they're plunging their aircraft almost straight down to try and escape our aircrafts. What they're doing is very dangerous even for a seasoned pilot, and they could crash and die at any moment," Colonel Liu Ming replied in a grim voice.

Shen Yue's brows furrowed tightly as she asked, "How long until the First Mecha Squad arrive on the scene?"

Liu Ming replied, "They're only around a minute away."

Shen Yue heaved a faint sigh of relief upon hearing this. "After the mecha squad gets to them, capture them in the air right away, then bring them back here. Make sure not to kill or harm them during the process."

"Understood." Fighter aircrafts possessed great offensive power, but were not suited to capturing targets in mid-air. This was why a mecha squad had to be deployed to assist them.

On the Skyglide 17 aircraft.

"Those bastards! They're using the strong air currents from their propellers to disrupt us! I can't get around them; what do we do?" Xie Xie was feeling extremely frustrated. They were already very close to the islands down below, but the six fighter aircrafts had completely outmaneuvered him and were constantly disrupting his efforts to fly toward the islands, forcing him to deviate from his intended route.If it weren't for the borderline-suicidal maneuvers that Xie Xie had used to throw them off, it was quite likely that they would've been forced back to the Northsea Legion base already.

However, this was only to be expected. After all, Xie Xie was a complete novice pilot, and he couldn't just crash the aircraft directly into the other aircraft. Two of the aircrafts had flown to a higher altitude before going completely vertical, using the powerful air currents blasting out of their propellers to force their aircraft downward. The other aircrafts also employed the same method, except they were doing it from the side, thereby forcing their aircraft to swerve away from the islands down below.

It was undoubtedly the case that these six fighter aircrafts were all being flown by exceptional pilots, and it was far too simple for them to throw Xie Xie off his game.

"Ask the captain what we should do. Ask if we should abandon the aircraft," Ye Xinglan said to Xu Xiaoyan after a brief hesitation.

Xu Xiaoyan hurriedly made a few simple hand signals to Tang Wulin through the transparent aircraft canopy.

Tang Wulin had naturally also seen the disruptive methods being employed by the aircrafts around them, and a cold light flashed through his eyes as he waved his hand toward Xu Xiaoyan before pointing at himself.

Right at this moment, Xie Xie suddenly yelled, "There are mechas approaching!"

Six mechas whistled through the air beneath them, and they were just as fast as the fighter aircrafts. All of them were painted completely black, and they quickly appeared beneath their aircraft. Right at this moment, discharge openings extended from the undersides of the six aircrafts, immediately following which a series of massive nets shot forth from within those openings, instantly encompassing the Skyglide 17 aircraft.

The nets had been blasted with clinical precision, avoiding their turbojet propeller, and as soon as the nets captured their aircraft, they immediately stretched taut. The propulsion force generated by six aircrafts was far more powerful than the force that could be generated by one, and their aircraft was literally being dragged back toward the legion base.

They'd been captured in mid-air!

Tang Wulin and the others had never even heard of such feats being accomplished, yet they were witnessing such a spectacle firsthand.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin, who had been lying flat on the aircraft this entire time, suddenly sat bolt upright.

Immediately thereafter, a gargantuan creature suddenly appeared before him.

At this moment, the six aircrafts that were responsible for the mid-air detainment, the six black mechas that were responsible for protecting the six aircrafts, and the control tower were all appraising the situation that was unfolding with rapt focus. 

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