Chapter 809: Taking Flight

"Don't panic; try to control the aircraft to the best of your abilities. The repair vehicle will reach you soon; try not to cause any collisions before that." The voice in the earpiece suddenly calmed down.

Of course he was going to control the aircraft! However, he was going to control it so that it could take flight as quickly as possible!

Xie Xie pushed the acceleration shaft forward, and due to the fact that the aircraft had picked up too much speed prior to the right turn, it teetered slightly during the turn, and the two wings trembled slightly, but it had reached the runway at a far higher speed than it normally would.

"Sky Nine, Sky Nine, we are issuing a warning to you right now! Who are you, and how dare you hijack a military aircraft? This is a crime punishable by death! I repeat, punishable by death! Stop right now or our base will strike you down!" The voice in the headpiece suddenly turned extremely cold.

Xie Xie faltered slightly upon hearing this. How had their cover been blown so quickly? He had thought that his voice-acting was superb!

All of a sudden, Xu Lizhi plucked down something from the ceiling of the cockpit. "I think this is what has exposed us."

It was a small camera, and it was undoubtedly broadcasting the scenes unfolding in the cockpit straight to the control tower.

Ye Xinglan urged, "Hurry!"

"I know!" Xie Xie pressed the acceleration shaft forward as far as it would go. There was not enough time to get onto the runway as loud sirens had already rung out, and he could see that barricades were slowly rising up in the distance. Even if they could get onto the runway, there was no way that they'd be able to take flight with those barricades in place.

A cold light flashed through Xie Xie's eyes, and he grabbed onto the acceleration shaft before abruptly wrenching it back.

All of a sudden, a terrifying burst of propulsion force instantly slammed the four people in the cockpit into the backs of their seats, while the three people outside the cockpit were instantly buffeted by extremely fierce air currents.

Tang Wulin roared, "Battle armor!"

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu immediately released their suits of battle armor in unison, and Tang Wulin also did the same. Only after summoning their suits of battle armor were they able to better withstand the buffeting air currents.

The aircraft suddenly accelerated, and this was not a smooth acceleration. The aircraft literally left the ground for a split second from the force of the abrupt acceleration before being launched forward like a cannonball.

They were currently on a smooth runway, but this was not the real runway. They were over 300 meters away from the real runway, beside the runway was a patch of lawn. It was still relatively smooth, but it certainly wasn't as hard as the ground on the real runway.

Orange flames began to erupt from the rear of the aircraft, and the distance of 300 meters was covered in the blink of an eye. The aircraft rushed onto the lawn in an instant, and Xie Xie let loose an almighty roar as he pulled back the control shaft with all his might. The lawn was only around 400 meters in length, and if they were to go any further than that, they'd be crashing into the barracks up ahead.

If they couldn't take off, then they would crash the aircraft; it was as simple as that.

The four people in the cockpit also release their suits of battle armor in unison. No one wanted to die, but they had to take this risk, and the only way to minimize their chances of death would be to release their battle armor.

"Argh!" An ear-piercing scream erupted from Xu Xiaoyan's mouth, and the aircraft shuddered violently as it sped over the lawn. They were about to reach the conclusion of the lawn at any second now, and a thick concrete wall stood directly up ahead, rapidly expanding in their field of view.

Right at this moment, the aircraft gave one final violent shudder before its immense propulsion force completely erupted. The tip of the plane jerked upward, and all of the tremors suddenly stopped. The concrete wall up ahead also seemed to have sunk downward, and a loud screeching noise rang out from the underside of the aircraft, but in the next instant, they were still able to make it into the air.

"Woohoo! We did it!" Xie Xie yelled with excitement and elation.

"Didn't you hear that crash? Hurry up and examine the extent of the damage!" Ye Xinglan roared in an enraged voice as she pointed at the flashing lights on the control panel.

Xie Xie glanced at the vast array of flashing lights before shrugging as he replied, "I'm sorry, but I don't know what any of this means. Did you really expect me to be some kind of expert pilot after watching those guys for a few days? In any case, what I can tell you is that we've taken off! Haha! It's time to accelerate!"

He abruptly wrenched the control shaft, and the aircraft quickly ascended.

The enraged voice rang out from Xie Xie's earpiece again. "Turn back right now or we'll strike you down! This is not a warning, it's an order!"

Right at this moment, soul lasers flashed through the air, putting on a dazzling display of lights.

It was quite clear that these attacks were being unleashed as a warning to them.

"Strike down if you dare! Let me tell you this; we're the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters! If we die, Shrek Academy will stomp your base into the ground!" Xie Xie roared before quickly turning off the communicator.

At the control tower of the Northsea Legion base!

The entire place was in a state of complete turmoil. The surveillance system revealed to them that a Skyglide 17 aircraft had successfully taken off after traveling for only 700 meters over the preliminary runway, followed by a stretch of lawn.

Even though they'd been discovered in time, everything had happened far too abruptly, and no one had been able to react to this sudden development as it was completely unprecedented.

When they heard the words "Shrek’s Seven Monsters", all of the employees present were completely rooted to the spot.

The major that had lured Tang Wulin and the others into the trap was right; the Northsea Legion was like the backyard of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy. However, it was exactly because of this that all of these people were even more aware of just what Shrek Academy represented.

There was not even a single Shrek Academy graduate in the Northsea Legion, and that was an entirely political decision; there was no way they could've managed to achieve this without the support of the federation. After all, everyone knew that the most exceptional Soul Masters on the continent came from Shrek Academy!

Regardless of how much they detested Shrek Academy, they were most definitely aware of what the words "Shrek’s Seven Monsters" entailed. They were the brightest prodigies of Shrek Academy!

If Shrek’s Seven Monsters were to die here, the entire federation would be shaken!

The highest-ranking official in the control tower, Liu Ming, wore a thunderous expression. 

What the hell is going on? When did Shrek's Seven Monsters infiltrate the Northsea Legion Base? 

He had only received information from the base stating that a few Shrek Academy spies had been detained, and that they were going to be placed in detention for a few days before being released.

However, the report from that major clearly stated that those spies had been fitted with soul-sealing handcuffs and spirit-sealing helmets, so how had they managed to hijack an aircraft?

"What do we do, Colonel?" All of the employees in the control tower were looking at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming's breathing was slightly brisk as he ordered, "Contact the general right away!"

The leader of the Northsea Legion, Lieutenant General Shen Yue, was one of the brightest young stars in the current military. She was only 38 years old, yet she was already a lieutenant general, and the federation had broken many conventions to promote her to such a high level at her age.

"That's the gist of the current situation, General; please give us your instructions!" Colonel Liu Ming reported the situation in the most concise way possible.

The other side of the line was silent for a moment before a response came through. "Deploy the Sky Aviation Squad and the Northsea Legion's First Mecha Squad to ensure their safety. If possible, force them to turn around, but if they insist on getting away, then still make sure that they do so safely."


There was too much weight behind the words "Shrek’s Seven Monsters"; even a lieutenant general who was far from a fan of Shrek Academy didn't dare to let Shrek’s Seven Monsters die on her territory.

Shen Yue stood in her office in her military uniform. She was around 170 centimeters tall, and her back was ramrod straight. The passage of time hadn't left many marks on her face, and she appeared to only be around 30 years old. Furthermore, she was very beautiful. During her days studying at the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy, she was considered to be the number one beauty of the academy.

"Get Major Bing Feng to come and see me," Shen Yue commanded as she pressed a button on the table.

"Shrek’s Seven Monsters, eh?" Shen Yue's brows were tightly furrowed. They had indeed received information that inner court disciples from Shrek Academy would be arriving here as part of a mission, and she was well aware of this tradition of Shrek Academy. She had even tried to deploy people to that demonic island in the past. As the supreme leader of the Northsea Legion and the vice-commander of the Northeastern Military Region, she was an extremely influential figure in the military, especially in the Northsea Legion.

However, her actions were quickly met by strong backlash from her higher-ups. As such, that island was a mystery to her.

Now, there were more people from Shrek Academy traveling to the island, and on this occasion, they were proclaiming themselves to be Shrek’s Seven Monsters. If that really were the case, then things would be quite troublesome.

Shrek Academy had always been renowned for how protective it was toward their students. If Shrek’s Seven Monsters were to perish here, there was no explanation that she could give that would alleviate the wrath of Shrek Academy.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters weren't just selected at random; they could only be selected after a certain period of time had passed following the retirement of the previous generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Furthermore, they were selected with quality as the priority over quantity, and if there weren't suitable disciples to take up the mantle, the positions would simply be left vacated rather than be filled by disciples who weren't good enough.

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