Chapter 808: Boarding the Plane

With the rapid advancements in fighter aircraft technology nowadays, the trend was that fewer and fewer people were required to pilot these planes. With the development of soul artificial intelligence, it was said that the next generation of battle aircrafts would only require two people to control the functions that four people were currently required to control.

Lu Fu examined his own aviation suit. As a normal person, he required an aviation suit and a helmet to withstand the impact flying at such high speeds had on his body, so he couldn't afford to have equipment failures. He had always been a very cautious and methodical man, which was an important reason behind his journey to becoming an exceptional pilot.

"Captain!" Three other people in the same aviation suit that he was wearing made their way into the warehouse. They were none other than his three co-pilots. Lu Fu wore a faint smile on his face as he greeted them from afar.

However, just as he was about to give them a wave, his hand stiffened in mid-air as he was stunned to discover that a figure had descended from up above, following which all three of his companions fell to the ground in the blink of an eye, completely unconscious.

"Enemy attack!" Lu Fu instantly realized what was happening, yet just as he opened his mouth and was about to scream, he also blacked out and slumped down onto the ground.

"Examine the surrounding area!" A low voice commanded. Several figures immediately emerged before quickly assessing the surrounding area. They were all lurking in the shadows so they remained out of sight.

Due to the fact that a flight mission was imminent, the warehouse gate was already open, so people on the outside could see into the warehouse.

The four aviation team members were quickly dragged away into discrete corners, and several people gave a thumbs-up gesture to the man who had just spoken.

"Xie Xie, board the plane!" Tang Wulin waved a hand toward Xie Xie.

Xie Xie quickly rummaged around Lu Fu's body before producing a remote with a circular button on it. At the same time, he removed Lu Fu's helmet before placing it onto his own head.

After he pressed the button on the remote, the canopy of the battle aircraft slowly opened.

That's right, the ones who had attacked the aviation team were none other than Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Of course, they hadn't killed the four pilots; all they had done was knock them out.

At this moment, expressions of anxiety and excitement could be seen on the faces of all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. They were "borrowing" a plane! On top of that, none of them had even traveled on a battle aircraft before. This was no joke; they were doing something that was most definitely illegal.

Of course, as long as they could make it out of the legion base, the academy would take care of the repercussions for them. After all, they were only carrying out instructions from the academy, so they didn't feel guilty about what they were doing.

Xie Xie was the first to spring onto the plane before sitting down on the main pilot's seat. Ye Xinglan also got on and sat beside him in the co-pilot's position. All of their positions had already been ascertained in advance. Tang Wulin jumped onto one of the wings of the aircraft before wrapping a Bluesilver Emperor vine around Xu Lizhi's body, then abruptly dragging the vine back and swinging Xu Lizhi into the air, getting him to land in the cockpit with unerring accuracy. Xu Xiaoyan was also carried into the cockpit by Yue Zhengyu at almost the exact same moment.

Xie Xie's hands were quickly flying over the flight control panel, and he said, "Boss, we need fingerprint and pupil identification."

Tang Wulin waved a hand through the air, and another Bluesilver Emperor vine shot forth before wrapping itself around Lu Fu's wrist, then also hurling him through the air.

Another Bluesilver Emperor vine shot forth, winding itself around Lu Fu's body before dragging him down toward Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin carried Lu Fu and sprang onto the thin head of the plane and handed Lu Fu over to Xie Xie.

Xie Xie quickly pressed Lu Fu's finger against the fingerprint verification device, then gently brushed back one of his eyelids and pressed his head against the pupil verification device.

"Beep, beep, beep!" Three electronic beeping tones sounded, and all of the devices in the cockpit instantly lit up. There were also all types of notification lights that were displaying the aircraft's current condition.

Xie Xie exulted, "Done!"

Tang Wulin flicked his wrist, and the Bluesilver Emperor vine carried Lu Fu back into the dark corner again.

"Run through the pre-flight checks as quickly as possible; according to the official time that we're scheduled to take off, we still have around a minute left before verification."During these past few days of observations, they had already grasped all of this information, and the entire plan was accurate down to the nearest second.

Xie Xie quickly pressed one button after another before giving Tang Wulin a hand gesture to indicate that everything was ready.

Thus, Tang Wulin sprang up and landed behind the cockpit as he instructed, "Zhengyu, Yuanen, take your positions."

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui were currently situated on either wing of the aircraft. The cockpit only had enough capacity for four people, so they could only fly using this special method.

Bluesilver Emperor vines spread from Tang Wulin's body, extending all the way to the wings of the aircraft. At the same time, the canopy slowly closed to seal Xie Xie and the others within the cockpit.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were lying flat on either wing, allowing the Bluesilver Emperor vines to tie them to the wings. Tang Wulin also secured himself with his own Bluesilver Emperor vines, except he was situated at the center of the aircraft, and it was as if he were riding it like a massive mechanical flying horse.

After the Bluesilver Emperor vines had strapped the three of them securely to the aircraft, Tang Wulin gently tapped the canopy three times.

The canopy was already closed, so no verbal communication could take place between those who were inside the cockpit and those who were outside. As such, they could only communicate through taps and hand signals. Xu Xiaoyan was seated at the rear of the cockpit, and she was responsible for observing Tang Wulin's hand signals.

Xie Xie couldn't help but burst into giddy laughter. "We're about to take flight, guys! This is my first flight; I'm so excited!"

"You better be careful; don't forget that Yuanen is still strapped to the wing of the aircraft!" Ye Xinglan reminded in a cold voice. 

"Don't worry, I know."

Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu's positions had also been discussed in advance. Tang Wulin had the most powerful body among the three, and he was also the captain, so he naturally had to take the most dangerous spot at the center of the plane. In contrast, Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu both had wings and flight capabilities, so even if they were to somehow be detached from the plane due to unforeseen circumstances, they could still ensure they didn't fall to their deaths.

As such, it was naturally the best choice for them to also be outside the cockpit.

Xie Xie mimicked the motions required to control the aircraft before pressing a red button as he yelled, "Ignition!"

All of a sudden, the aircraft shuddered, and a loud buzzing sound also rang out as the turbojet propeller began to rotate at a high speed. Powerful air currents surged forth from within the propeller, slowly guiding the aircraft forward.

Right at this moment, an urgent voice sounded from Xie Xie's earpiece. "Sky Nine, Sky Nine, why did you go into ignition early? Please respond."

He immediately lowered his voice to make it sound deeper, and replied, "There's been a minor malfunction in the aircraft, and the maintenance staff have asked me to try and conduct ignition."

"Why didn't you report the malfunction to us? You've made an elementary error!" the voice in the earpiece scolded.

"My apologies," Xie Xie replied.

"I command you to cease ignition right away and await further instructions."

"Yes!" Xie Xie gave an affirmative response, but the aircraft had already traveled out of the warehouse.

Xie Xie was undoubtedly a complete novice when it came to piloting this aircraft, but after watching Lu Fu operate it for so many days in a row, he had definitely grasped the basics. After exiting the warehouse, the plane only had to travel for about 300 meters, then take a right turn before it could get to the runway and prepare for takeoff.

"Sky Nine, Sky Nine, what are you doing? Why have you exited the aircraft hangar?" The infuriated voice rang out from the earpiece again.

Xie Xie suddenly raised his voice a few octaves to feign shock and horror as he replied, "The control system has gone completely out of control; please send assistance!"

Xie Xie's voice acting skills were exemplary, and he didn't even sound like himself right now. Even Ye Xinglan was rather surprised by this hidden talent of his.

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