Chapter 805: Trap

Tang Wulin and the others all smiled in unison upon hearing this. The fact that they were being granted entry into the base so easily indicated that their judgment had been correct; there had to be Shrek Academy graduates in the legion base. Furthermore, Shrek Academy was an extremely influential entity on the continent, so inner court graduates were always held in high regard no matter where they went after graduation.

Not long after that, another military vehicle was driven out of the base, but there were no patrols on this. Tang Wulin and the others got onto the car, and the car carrying all of the patrolling soldiers traveled toward the base behind the car that they were in.

"After we get into the base, adapt and react to the situation as it unfolds. Our primary objective is to be able to stay in the base, then contact some high-ranking upperclassmen in the legion. If we do this in a peaceful manner, then we won't have to 'borrow' a plane," Tang Wulin said in a low voice.

Ye Xinglan nodded, and added, "We also have to make sure that we don't get split up. There won't be any issues as long as we can stick together."

Tang Wulin nodded in agreement.

The Northsea Legion base was simply far too massive. That much was already apparent when they appraised the base from the outside, and they could only imagine that getting split up inside such a massive base would be nothing short of a disaster.

Even by car, it took them close to 20 minutes to get to their destination. They were parked in front of a building that had no eye-catching features, but was extremely tall and took up a huge area.

After arriving in front of the building, the soldier standing at the door made an inviting hand gesture.

Thus, Tang Wulin and his friends entered the building, still maintaining their triangular formation the entire time.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as soon as he entered the building because this seemed to be a warehouse filled with all types of metal equipment, almost all of which were completely foreign to them.

A military official with a second lieutenant badge made his way over to them. "You're from Shrek Academy? Do you have any proof of identification?"

Tang Wulin hurriedly handed over the badges they'd made not long ago.

The military official glanced at the badges before returning them to Tang Wulin without conducting any further verification. "Come with me."

He began to make his way deeper into the warehouse as he spoke.

Tang Wulin and his friends clearly had power and courage in equal measure, and they followed along behind the military official without any hesitation nor inhibition.

As they strode through the warehouse, they appraised their surroundings with intrigue and curiosity in their eyes, and they discovered that all of the equipment in here appeared to be very advanced. Soon, they caught sight of a massive soul cannon. The silvery-white cannon was extremely gigantic, and even though no energy had been injected into it, they could still sense a daunting aura emanating from its gargantuan barrel.

After following the military official for close to 100 meters, they arrived at a patch of open space, where another military official was already waiting for them. This military official wore a crisp dark blue military uniform that complemented his handsome facial features. There were two rings on each of his military epaulets, in between which was a silver star. Two rings and one star; this man was a major.

The major appeared to be just over 30 years of age with a tall and broad figure, and a benevolent smile on his face.

"Welcome to the Northsea Legion, prodigies of Shrek Academy."

Tang Wulin's heart stirred as he hurriedly stepped forward. "Greetings, Senior. Apologies for our unannounced arrival."

The major smiled, and replied, "That's alright, why don't you tell me why you're here?"

Thus, Tang Wulin gave the excuse that he'd already given once to the patrolling soldiers outside. The general gist of it was that they wanted to undertake special military training in the Northsea Legion for a period of time in order to complete the mission assigned to them by the academy.

"..., after some careful consideration, we decided the best course of action open to us is to directly approach the legion base and request to be taken in," Tang Wulin explained with a charismatic smile. He was very handsome, and after withdrawing his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura, he was a very likable and approachable young man.

The major nodded with a smile, and said, "Alright, I understand the situation now, but did you consider why Shrek Academy sent you on a mission to train at our Northsea Legion base? In other words, what's so difficult about this mission?"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. The mission was just an excuse that he'd fabricated as he couldn't tell this man the truth unless he could confirm that the major was willing to help them.

"What do you mean?" Tang Wulin asked with a puzzled look on his face.

The major smiled, and replied, "Shrek Academy would never assign a pointless mission that doesn't challenge its students. Truth be told, you're not the first group of Shrek Academy students to have come here. A group of students from your academy will come here pretty much once every few years, but very few of those groups come to directly visit our base. Most of them would try to find an opportunity to sneak out onto the sea or even steal our aircraft! You are the first group of students that I've seen during my tenure here who have come to visit our base in such a straightforward manner. I have to admit that you all have more confidence and courage than your predecessors."

Tang Wulin was suddenly struck by a strong sense of foreboding. Only after hearing the major's words did he realize that he'd made a grave lapse in judgment; they weren't the first group of Shrek Academy students to have undergone this military training! Many of their seniors from the inner court had also undertaken this military training, and it was uncertain how long this type of training had been going on for, but one thing was certain: at the very least, Elder Cai's generation had undertaken this training in the past. The mission was the same, so everyone obviously faced the same predicament: how were they supposed to get to that small island within the designated time period when the coastline of Northsea City was so heavily guarded?

It appeared that they'd completely walked into a trap.

Ye Xinglan raised an eyebrow, while Tang Wulin reflexively spread open his arms to protect his friends.

"What do you want to do then, Senior?" Tang Wulin asked. Violence wasn't going to resolve the issue here. This major was clearly already aware of the fact that all seven of them were Soul Kings, yet he was still chatting with them in such a calm and relaxed manner, so he had to have already prepared measures to apprehend them should they turn to violence.

Tang Wulin made many judgments in his heart in an instant. The only thing that this man most likely didn't know about them was that they were the current Shrek's Seven Monsters, and this was the only secret that they could keep from him.

The major remarked, "Not bad; it's quite remarkable that you have such a cool head at such a young age. This may sound like I'm trying to gloat and add insult to injury, but I must tell you that your academy is solely responsible for this situation that you're in. We've already received notification well in advance that seven Shrek Academy students will be coming, and that your objective will be to reach the demonic island situated around 30 kilometers off the coast. However, it's quite clear that you won't be able to bypass our defensive line. 

"As a legion, we have a duty to protect the citizens of the federation and prohibit all people from approaching the coastline. According to the information Shrek Academy gave us, you have to get to the demonic island within 15 days of your departure from the academy, and failure to do so will result in severe consequences. Hence, we won't do anything to you; we'll just detain you in the detention center of our base, then release you at the conclusion of the 15 days."

Tang Wulin's expression had darkened significantly upon hearing this. The academy had completely screwed them over and sold them out!

Were they expected to oppose an entire legion?

The major smiled, and said, "It's a very wise decision on your part to be treating this situation calmly. Otherwise, if you dare to attack me, you'll be attacking the military of the federation, which is a crime equivalent to treason. In that case, I can have all of you killed and still have full justification. However, the fact that you've refrained from attacking me means that all of you will only have to suffer imprisonment for a few days. Alright, that's enough talking; please surrender yourselves now."

"Surrender? Hmph!" Yue Zhengyu harrumphed coldly.

The major raised an eyebrow. "Are you planning to resist? You can give it a try. Actually, before you do that, I advise you to look around first."

Tang Wulin didn't even have to appraise his surroundings to sense that metal cannon barrels were slowly extending toward them from all corners of the warehouse. He didn't know what kind of cannons these were, but from the length and size of their barrels, he could tell that these were extremely fearsome weapons.

Tang Wulin immediately instructed, "Don't move, everyone!"

The major smiled, and ordered, "Put on some soul-sealing handcuffs for our guests."

A group of soldiers immediately rushed over to Tang Wulin and the others, and each of them was carrying a rectangular metal box that was around a foot wide and half a foot tall.

The major goaded, "If you want to resist, it's still not too late." 

Tang Wulin heaved a dejected sigh. "I didn't think it would be like this; the academy is far too sinister. But then again, we've been taught an important lesson here, so this trip wasn't a complete waste. We've lost, and that's that, but we won't make the same mistake next time. Don't resist, everyone; we've fallen into their hands already, and resisting will only incur unnecessary danger."

He voluntarily raised both of his hands up into the air as he spoke.

One of the soldiers hovered his metal box above Tang Wulin's hands, and the box quickly split open before sealing back together again around Tang Wulin's wrists.

All of a sudden, a strong numbing sensation shot through his wrists, and his body shuddered as all of his soul power was completely sealed away.

Everyone reluctantly followed Tang Wulin's order in the end, and they were also fitted with these soul-sealing handcuffs. 

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