Chapter 804: Northsea Legion Base

The Northsea Legion had to have Shrek Academy alumni among their ranks, and the first thing that Shrek Academy graduates were assured of was a high starting point.

If a Shrek Academy graduate were to join the military, surely they wouldn't start off as a low-ranking soldier. At the very least, they wouldn't be a low-ranking soldier for long before they received promotions. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to graduate from Shrek Academy.

As long as there were connections within the legion, things would be made a lot easier. As for an excuse, Tang Wulin had already thought of one.


The Northsea Legion was founded 1,600 years ago, so it had a very long history. The Northsea Legion was extremely powerful in battles both in the sea, as well as in the air. The legion was split up into three divisions, which consisted of the Northsea Air Battle Division, the Northsea Land Battle Division, and the Northsea Fleet.

The largest of those divisions was the Northsea Fleet, and they were currently in possession of over 30 warships, all of which were situated on the coastline near the base of the Northsea Legion. They were often the main contributors during battles against sea soul beasts. Due to the fact that the sea soul beasts in this region of the sea were virtually the most powerful in the ocean around the entire Douluo Continent, this fleet was also the most powerful among all fleets on the continent. Northsea City may not have any docks or piers, but in terms of battle strength, the Northsea Fleet was definitely superior to the Eastsea Fleet. The Northsea Fleet was even equipped with some weapons that exceeded the boundaries of normal regulations, and there were a total of over 12,000 soldiers in the fleet, as well as over 30,000 assisting employees in all different lines of occupation.

The Northsea Air Battle Division had over 70 planes of different types, and aside from planes, they also had an emergency reaction squad, which was their mecha squad. The federation's air force was comprised entirely of mechas and fighter aircrafts, and those forces were also split up into many military divisions. 

As the name suggested, the Northsea Land Battle Division was responsible for battle on land, especially in the form of combating seaside invaders from land. They were mainly equipped with many types of heavy artillery, and they were entirely responsible for Northsea City's coastal defense. They were given the best military equipment by the federation, and were extremely proficient in warding off sea soul beasts.

Most legions prioritized their land battle divisions, and generally have around 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers and employees among their ranks. However, due to the fact that the Northsea Legion required a large number of assisting personnel, there was a total of more than 80,000 people in the entire legion. They were well and truly a massive legion. This was also why military officials in the Northsea Legion were all half a military rank higher than the same level official from other legions.

After Tang Wulin and his friends got off the taxi, they were all stunned by the sight that they were greeted by in the distance.

The taxi had dropped them off around one kilometer away from the Northsea Legion base as it would be entering a military control zone if it were to draw any closer to the base. 

The first impression that the Northsea Legion gave them was that there seemed to be no end to it in sight.

From their perspective, the Northsea Legion base was surrounded by a massive wire fence that was several dozens of meters tall as opposed to a solid wall. To put it more accurately, this was an electric fence, and any living being that came into contact with it would be welcomed by a jolt of high-voltage electricity.

From where they were situated, they could see various large military vehicles entering and exiting the base, and as they were to cast their eyes even further into the distance, they caught sight of several parked planes, as well as many pieces of military equipment that they couldn't even put a name to.

"It looks really awesome here! I suddenly think Boss's aspirations to join the army is quite an appealing choice!" Xie Xie said in an excited manner.

All men naturally had a soft spot for the military and powerful weapons. With the advancements that soul technology had made throughout history, soul weapons had already become extremely powerful. Even the most powerful Soul Masters didn't dare to face off directly against the most devastating soul weapons.

Powerful military strength was the key prerequisite to everything. At the very least, that was a motto that the federation clearly swore by.

The entire Douluo Federation had a standing army of around 2,000,000 soldiers, as well as six major military regions. The Northsea Legion belonged to the Northeastern Military Region, and it had the most powerful navy and air force among the three legions in the Northeastern Military Region.

"Let's go. Just act natural, everyone." Tang Wulin led the group from the front with a smile on his face, and everyone trailed along behind him. They were carrying nothing aside from simple storage soul tools, and Yuanen's damaged hammers had also been stowed away in her storage soul tool.

Before they could approach the main gate of the Northsea Legion base, they were stopped in their tracks by a group of patrols.

"Stop! This is a military control zone; do not go any further." The patrols had reached them by car, and they'd clearly already noticed Tang Wulin's group from the base.

Tang Wulin strode forward, and said, "Hello there, we're students of Shrek Academy, and we're currently on a training mission. The mission assigned to us by our academy is to undertake special military training at your legion; would you be able to report our arrival to whomever this matter may concern?"

"Shrek Academy? We didn't receive any advance notice about this." The patrolling soldiers weren't that easy to fool.

Tang Wulin Shrugged in a resigned manner. "It wouldn't be a test if our academy had informed your legion beforehand. Truth be told, our academy has assigned us this mission of undertaking special military training, but they didn't give us any assistance; even just getting into your legion is something that we have to figure out for ourselves. We had no choice but to approach the base and ask if you can organize some special training for us."

The soldier raised an eyebrow in a skeptical display. "Are you really from Shrek Academy? How can you prove that?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "That's easy." He made a hand signal to his friends as he spoke, and all seven of them instantly released their martial souls.

Seven Soul Kings releasing their martial souls at once was a very stunning sight to behold, especially for a group of normal soldiers.

The patrols stared at the soul rings appearing one after another before their eyes, and all of them were completely flabbergasted.

They were all five-ring Soul Kings!

Throughout this entire interaction, Tang Wulin and his friends had maintained a perfect triangular battle formation. Tang Wulin stood at the very forefront of the group while two rows of three people stood behind him. The first row of three consisted of Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan on either side with Xu Xiaoyan in the middle, and the second row of three consisted of Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie on either side with Xu Lizhi in the middle.

Even though they weren't engaged in a battle, they still habitually maintained their battle formation. In particular, after being forced into such a perilous situation by the Evil Soul Master they'd battled, everyone had discussed teamwork and synergy extensively during their car trip to Northsea City.

Tang Wulin stood at the very front, and his five soul rings were comprised of three purples, one black, and one green. To put it more accurately, the final soul ring was of a greenish-golden color.

Even though the patrolling soldiers weren't Soul Masters, they were still stunned by the sight of Tang Wulin's green soul ring. Furthermore, none of Shrek’s Seven Monsters possessed even a single soul ring that was below the purple level.

They were all five-ring Soul Kings of an extremely high caliber, and it was quite clear from their appearance that all of them were only around 20 years of age! The patrolling soldiers in the car were also around the same age as them.

Emotions of envy and jealousy almost instantly welled up in their hearts. They were all around the same age, so why was there such a vast disparity between them?

The leader of the patrolling soldiers gulped as he recomposed himself, then picked up his military soul communicator to presumably inform their higher-ups of the arrival of Tang Wulin and the others.

The main difference between military soul communicators and normal soul communicators was that the former had no dialing function. Each button the communicator represented a set person that could be contacted, so the soldier only pressed a single button before the call was immediately connected.

"Report, we've discovered seven suspicious individuals near our base. They claim to be from Shrek Academy and would like to enter our base to undertake special training. All seven of them are five-ring Soul Kings and around 20 years old. Please advise how we should proceed."

After listening to the order from the other side of the line, the soldier immediately replied, "Yes!"

Thus, the call ended, and the soldier turned to Tang Wulin's group with a peculiar look in his eyes as he said, "Please wait for a moment here; a car will be coming out to take you in shortly."

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