Chapter 803: Northsea Legion

Yuanen Yehui said, "Going around the city wall would take a very long time, and the Northsea Legion is situated on the coast. It appears that they've been positioned there with the sole purpose of guarding the city against the sea soul beasts in this region of the sea. If we have to go around the city wall AND this legion, we'd have to go extremely far. On top of that, the entire coastline is being monitored by military radars, so we won't be able to double back around along the coastline, which means our only option will be to directly set off for the small island from whichever part of the coast we end up at. Without any coordinates, it'll take a miracle for us to find a small island in the middle of the ocean."

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly in contemplation. "We can't get there via the sea nor via the coast, so our only option would be to fly there."

"Fly?" Everyone faltered upon hearing this.

Tang Wulin explained, "There have been rapid advancements in the technology of soul planes in the past few years, and they're prohibited from private use, but they're very commonly used in the military. We clearly can't get to our destination by traveling on land or even going over the sea, but if we can get our hands on a soul plane, perhaps we'll be able to fly to the island. A distance of 30 kilometers is nothing for a plane; it won't take us long even if we were to just glide there."

Xie Xie exclaimed, "I'm not sure if you're brave or delusional, Boss! Those are soul planes you're talking about! They're heavily monitored by the military and strictly prohibited from private use; do you know of a place where we can rent planes?"

Tang Wulin chuckled, "We definitely can't rent any planes, but who's to say we can't 'borrow' one?"

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui exchanged a glance, and both of them exclaimed in unison, "You mean from the Northsea Legion?"

Indeed, the Northsea Legion was the number one legion in the northeastern region of the continent, so they would definitely have soul planes. During battles, there was a place for both mechas and soul planes, so neither of them were made redundant by the other. The materials and resources required to construct a mecha would generally be enough to construct 10 soul planes of the same level. Furthermore, planes were faster than mechas, and they could carry more people, as well as soul bombs.

Research into soul planes commenced over 100 years ago, and technology in that area had developed at a rapid rate. Now, they had already become an indispensable part of every large military organization. All major legions had their own designated flying squads that worked alongside their mecha squads. It was said that the most advanced soul planes could already fly directly to the Star Luo Continent or the Heaven Dou Continent. In terms of technology, the Douluo Continent was far more advanced than its two neighbors. However, the federation had no intention of waging war on the other two continents.

"Borrowing" planes would undoubtedly be the fastest way to their destination, but there was another problem with that plan; they didn't know how to fly planes!

"Even if we manage to infiltrate the base, how are we going to fly the planes out of it and get to the island before we get noticed or even struck down by the military?" Yue Zhengyu asked.

Tang Wulin replied, "We'll need a very good plan. I don't know much about soul tools, but I do know a thing or two about soul planes or soul aircrafts in general. We might not be able to fly a plane, but seeing as we're borrowing a plane already, why don't we borrow a pilot as well? A major legion would normally have long-distance weapons that have a maximum range of around 300 kilometers. If we borrow a plane, as well as a pilot, the legion would be wary of striking us down right away. They'll definitely try to liaise with us first, and as long as we're within the effective range of their weapons, they won't be concerned that we'll be able to escape.

"Our destination is only 30 kilometers away, so we'll definitely be well within a range of 300 kilometers. For a fighter aircraft, 30 kilometers can be covered in an extremely short time. All we need to do is jump off the plane onto the island and allow the pilot to return the plane to the legion. That way, they won't be inclined to hunt us down, and we'll arrive at our destination."

Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that everyone had fallen completely silent around him.

They were all staring at him with blank expressions.

Xu Lizhi murmured, "Boss, what do you mean by jump off the plane?"

Tang Wulin shrugged, and replied, "I mean exactly that! We have Zhengyu and Yuanen, both of whom have martial souls capable of flight. Once we reach the air above the island, we'll be able to make use of their flight abilities to glide down onto the island. Even if that doesn't work, we can slow down our descent, and with our own defensive capabilities coupled with that of our suits of one-word battle armor, we'll definitely survive the fall as long as we fall into the ocean rather than onto land."

Xie Xie gulped, and mused, "You sure dare to dream, Boss. This is the first time the full extent of your imagination and creativity have been displayed to me. Isn't this course of action a little dangerous, though?"

Tang Wulin nodded, and replied, "It is indeed rather perilous. Firstly, we don't know whether we'll be able to infiltrate the Northsea Legion and find a pilot that'll fly a plane for us. Secondly, we have to hope that the plane doesn't get struck down before we reach the island. Thirdly, we have to defeat any sea soul beasts we come across after landing in the ocean, then rush onto the island. It won't be too dangerous for us if we can't achieve that first objective. With our combat prowess, we should be able to retreat from the legion with no issues. If worst comes to worst, we can just surrender, so we won't be under any life-threatening danger. As for the second point, I think there's a very slim chance that the Northsea Legion will attack us within a range of 30 kilometers. 

"Even if they do decide to attack, we can just abandon the plane and jump into the ocean right away. As such, the main source of danger comes from the sea soul beasts. The further the plane can fly, the closer we'll get to the island, and the less risk we'll be incurring. Lastly, we have to address the sea soul beasts that we'll potentially encounter. My bloodline aura is able to intimidate all soul beasts, so unless we're extremely unlucky and end up encountering a 100,000-year-old soul beast, we should be able to fight our way through them with no issues. Zhengyu, Yuanen, will you be able to carry the rest of us down from the plane? It's most likely the case that you won't even have to fly; just gliding should suffice."

Yue Zhengyu replied, "That shouldn't be an issue. With our current powers, we should be able to carry everyone between the two of us and fly for a short period of time. However, the turbulence in the air above the sea may hamper our flight abilities."

Tang Wulin turned to Xu Lizhi, and asked, "How much lighter can your Agility Mini Soup Buns make us?"

Xu Lizhi replied without any hesitation, "At least 30%."

Yuanen Yehui mused, "In that case, this plan really does appear to be somewhat feasible. What kind of altitude are you thinking about descending from?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Theoretically speaking, the lower the altitude, the better, as that would minimize the time required for our descent. We have to consider the possibility that the Northsea Legion will try to attack us after we jump off the plane, so the less time we spend in the air, the less risk we'll be taking."

Ye Xinglan said, "Alright, this sounds like it could work, but the biggest problem is, how are we going to infiltrate the Northsea Legion and 'borrow' a plane from them?"

Tang Wulin shrugged in response. "This appears to be the most difficult part of the plan, but there are shortcuts that can be taken. I think the most difficult part of this step is making it into the legion base. After we infiltrate the base, everything will become a lot easier. Regardless of what kind of military organization we're up against, their defenses will mostly target infiltrators trying to sneak in, whereas the inside of the base will be a lot less heavily guarded."

"Then how will we sneak in?" Xu Lizhi asked.

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "After everything that's happened yesterday, I've learned a valuable lesson; if we're in need of something, we can ask our graduated upperclassmen for help! The Battle God Hall has Shrek Academy alumni, and I'm sure the same applies to the Northsea Legion as well!"

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. "Captain, have I told you that I really like you when you're brimming with confidence like this?"

"You like him?" Yue Zhengyu asked with a wary look on his face.

Xu Xiaoyan sighed in a resigned manner, "I meant like as in admire."

Yue Zhengyu immediately smiled, and chimed in, "In that case, I also like it. You're finally beginning to resemble your past self from four years ago, Captain. No matter what you propose, we have absolute trust in you. You give us a plan, and we'll follow it to the end."

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "I think it's wise to be ambitious in our planning, but cautious in our execution. Surely it won't be an issue for us to find a graduated senior in the Northsea Legion. Perhaps we'll really be able to borrow a plane from them."

Ye Xinglan asked, "How are we going to prove that we're from Shrek Academy? The academy confiscated everything from us."

Tang Wulin replied, "That's easy; our academy can make inner court disciple badges, so why can't we?

"You win." A rare smile appeared on Ye Xinglan's face.

In reality, Tang Wulin had only just thought of this course of action on the spot, and during their discussion, a lot of the details were gradually finalized.

In the beginning, Tang Wulin had considered "borrowing" by force, but then he suddenly recalled the upperclassman from the Battle God Hall that he'd met the night before.

Not only was Shrek Academy an extremely powerful entity, it also had connections all over the entire continent. The academy seemed to have embraced neutrality, but it actually had a huge impact on the entire federation.

All of Shrek Academy's alumni, especially those who had graduated from the inner court, were brilliant prodigies, and all of them had a strong sense of belonging to the academy.

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