Chapter 798: Extreme Yin

Within the golden light, there seemed to be a giant dragon coiling around everyone, and all of Shrek's Seven Monsters could feel a burst of immense blood essence power instantly surge into their bodies. A loud dragon's roar rang out, and Tang Wulin's body also swelled dramatically to over three meters in height.

At the same time, the blood essence fluctuations emanating from his body also spiked drastically, and his eyes had taken on a crimson-golden color as opposed to their original golden hue. His aura was elevating in a frenzy, and he had unleashed his fourth bloodline soul skill, Violent Golden Dragon Domain.

This was an ability that he'd attained after he'd broken his eighth Golden Dragon King seal, but he'd never used it outside of the Dragon Valley.

His Violent Golden Dragon Domain could make his Golden Dragon King bloodline enter a berserk state, and at the same time, all of his allies within the domain will be enhanced by his Golden Dragon King bloodline, thereby increasing their offensive and defensive abilities by a third. In this state, Tang Wulin's strength, as well as defensive and offensive capabilities would all be increased by twofold.

As his body reached three meters in height, the scales all over his skin also became thicker and heavier. The dragon scales patterns on the surface of his battle armor had also all transformed into robust dragon scales, making it appear as if the dragon scales from his body had encapsulated his suit of battle armor.

His aura also began to quickly elevate, and in that instant, Tang Wulin was like a ferocious beast that had just awakened from a long slumber. His Golden Dragon Spear was also enhanced by his immense bloodline power, and dazzling golden light erupted from it as it also expanded in size to the same scale as his body.

His third bloodline soul ring lit up, and a loud dragon's roar rang out. Powerful blood essence fluctuations erupted from his body, slowing down the spread of the Evil Soul Master's battle armor domain halo. In the next instant, Tang Wulin had shot forth as a streak of golden light.

Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

His Golden Dragon Spear was pointed directly ahead of him, and he was propelling himself without any hesitation toward the enemy's domain.

At a time like this, he couldn't afford to cower or hesitate even for a split second. If the seven of them were to fall under the scope of their opponent's battle armor domain halo, then they would be completely at his mercy.

A frosty aura of extreme yin surged toward Tang Wulin, and even though he didn't know what his opponent's martial soul was, it was quite clear that this man was most likely a very formidable figure in the world of Evil Soul Masters, given how pure his yin qi was.

However, at this moment, he was like a scorching sun flashing through the air, except his blood essence was burning around his body as opposed to actual flames. The powerful Golden Dragon King blood essence pierced through the oncoming yin qi while his Golden Dragon Spear shot forth directly toward his opponent's chest.

A hint of surprise appeared on the Evil Soul Master's face. He had obviously already ascertained that Tang Wulin was only a five-ring Soul King. It was completely unprecedented for a five-ring one-word battle armor master to be able to eradicate his extreme yin qi and even strike him with a slight sense of peril.

However, the Evil Soul Master certainly wasn't going to panic because of this. He merely looked on with a cold smile on his face as Tang Wulin rushed into the giant blackish-purple hand he'd just conjured up.

However, in the next instant, his smile immediately stiffened on his face as he discovered that a small golden vortex had appeared within the huge blackish-purple hand. The golden vortex then rapidly expanded and completely shredded the giant hand! Golden light flashed, and immediately reached the front of his chest.

The Evil Soul Master reacted extremely quickly as his right hand shot forth like lightning to strike the side of the Golden Dragon Spear. In the instant that his palm made contact with the Golden Dragon Spear, his entire body abruptly shuddered.

This had nothing to do with cultivation ranks; it was simply bloodline intimidation. As Tang Wulin's soul power increased, his Golden Dragon King blood essence aura would also become more powerful. That allowed him to better fuse with his own blood essence, thereby further bolstering the aura of the Golden Dragon King.

As the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Tang Wulin was certainly no slouch. Furthermore, as his Golden Dragon King bloodline became more powerful, his battle style also became more and more aggressive.

The extreme yang aura of his Golden Dragon King bloodline was able to restrict his opponent's extreme yin qi to a significant extent, and with the enhancements brought to them by his Violent Golden Dragon Domain, the other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were still struck by a bone-chilling sensation, but they weren't corrupted right away.

If they had been standing within this three-word battle armor master's domain halo without the enhancements of the Violent Golden Dragon Domain, they'd be quickly reduced to puddles of blood by the corrosive extreme yin qi.

A series of Starwheel Shackles began to emerge soundlessly from beneath the Evil Soul Master's feet, and in that instant, the absolute nature of Xu Xiaoyan's control soul skills shone through to brilliant effect. The Evil Soul Master's raised right hand abruptly froze in mid-air, and it had to be said that Xu Xiaoyan was undoubtedly a master of timing.

Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear virtually skimmed over the Evil Soul Master's fingertips, and the Starwheel Shackles appeared virtually at the exact same moment as the Evil Soul Master was struck by his blood essence intimidation. In the next instant, the Golden Dragon Spear struck the Infernal Tortoise on his chest with devastating force.

Blackish-purple light immediately erupted from the suit of three-word battle armor as it activated its protective barrier. This was the most normal reaction displayed by a suit of battle armor in response to oncoming attacks. However, the barrier activated by a suit of three-word battle armor was obviously far more powerful than that of a suit of one-word battle armor.

A burst of extreme yin qi instantly sent Tang Wulin flying, but a small hole that was shimmering with faint silver light had been stabbed into the Infernal Tortoise's back.

Tang Wulin could clearly sense a refreshing burst of energy flowing into his body from the Golden Dragon Spear. That was the life force energy of the Infernal Tortoise.

The Golden Dragon Spear's insane destructive power had played a crucial role here. The eruption of power from the protective barrier wasn't enough to immediately repel the Golden Dragon Spear, and thus, it was able to leave a slight wound on the Infernal Tortoise's body. Even though it was only a soul spirit, a soul spirit of that caliber had to have already become a power of the Soul Master's being.

Tang Wulin was well aware of the fact that at his current cultivation rank, there was no way that he would be able to unleash the full power of the Golden Dragon Spear. As such, he didn't target any of the evil Soul Master's vital regions, as all of those regions were encapsulated within his three-word battle armor, and Tang Wulin wasn't confident in his ability to pierce through that armor. However, that Infernal Tortoise seemed to be the core of the Evil Soul Master's soul power, and its defensive prowess shouldn't be as powerful as that of the suit of battle armor, so he decided to target it.

"How dare you!" The Evil Soul Master's infuriated voice rang out, and Tang Wulin didn't even see what had happened before his body was struck by a burst of glacial energy, causing him to abruptly accelerate as he flew back toward his friends.

At this moment, the effect of the Astral Chains immediately shone through. Light shimmered from the suits of battle armor of all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and they withstood the force of that attack together.

All seven of them let loose muffled groans in unison, but they were still able to withstand that attack in the end. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu caught Tang Wulin's body together to arrest his momentum.

Right at this moment, the Evil Soul Master's frosty voice rang out again. "Extreme Yin Domain!"

Tang Wulin and his friends were instantly struck by the sensation that everything around them seemed to have become more viscous. At the same time, his Violent Golden Dragon Domain was enshrouded beneath a fearsome turbulent sea of extreme yin qi. A burst of purple light suddenly erupted from the ground before enveloping Xu Xiaoyan within it.

This was extreme yin qi that was 10 times as potent as the yin qi from the Evil Soul Master's battle armor domain halo. Furthermore, in the instant that it appeared, it severed the Astral Chains extending from her body.

This was the first time that everyone had encountered such a scenario. Astral Chains was a star-type soul skill, and the chains were extremely resolute, but it was quite clear from this sudden turn of events that these chains weren't indestructible.

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