Chapter 796: Formidable Foe

The first few carriages were beyond help as all of the passengers inside had already been killed by the evil Soul Masters. Thankfully, they had dealt with all of the evil Soul Masters quite quickly, so over a third of the passengers from the rest of the carriages managed to survive. There were many passengers with severe injuries, while those with more minor injuries also began to help with the rescue efforts after calming themselves down. Everything was progressing toward a positive direction.

A middle-aged man who seemed to be a doctor rushed over to Tang Wulin. "Thank you for saving everyone. Do we have any news about how long it would take federal rescuers to get here? There are many passengers with severe injuries, and we can't afford to delay treatment for them. In particular, there are some who have ruptured organs, and with each second that passes, their chances of survival go down."

Tang Wulin replied with furrowed brows, "I don't have a communicator, so I can't contact the nearby cities. I don't even know where we are right now."

A hint of disappointment appeared in the middle-aged man's eyes. "Then we have no choice but to keep on waiting. The good thing is that there's a tracking system for all soul trains, so whenever accidents happen, notifications will be sent out immediately. This place just so happens to be situated right in between two cities, so the rescuers will most likely require some time to get here. All we can do is help as many people as we can and hope for the best. I'm going to rejoin the rescue efforts now. If you find any first-aid kits or anything like that on the train, please bring them to me; they'll help me immensely."

"Alright, thank you for your hard work," Tang Wulin replied with a nod.

Xu Xiaoyan squatted down and carefully bandaged the wound on an injured passenger's arm as she said in a gentle voice, "You'll be alright; a bone in your arm has been broken, but I've stabilized it for you. Don't move, and just lie down here for a while. Once the rescuers get here, they'll take you to the hospital."

The person being treated by her was an old man, and even though his face was slightly pale from the agony he was experiencing, his expression remained quite calm. "Thank you, little girl. You're like an angel. Thank you for defeating those cruel evil-doers; can you tell me where you come from?"

Xu Xiaoyan replied with a smile, "We're students of Shrek Academy."

The old man faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Shrek Academy, eh? No wonder you're all so kind and competent."

Xu Xiaoyan consoled, "Everything's alright now. You just lie down here; I'm going to help some other people."

She gave the old man a gentle smile as she spoke before standing up and rushing over to another injured passenger.

The old man looked on with approval in his eyes, and sighed, "What a good kind-hearted girl. Shrek Academy really does live up to its reputation as the number one academy on the entire continent; not only are these students all so powerful, they also have brilliant courage and moral compass."

Right at this moment, the old man's pupils suddenly contracted drastically as he yelled, "Look out, girl!"

A blackish-purple shadow had appeared silently behind Xu Xiaoyan, and was thrusting a weapon toward the back of her chest like lightning.

The assailant had appeared far too abruptly, and no one had managed to react in time.

However, the old man's cry of warning proved to be instrumental in saving Xu Xiaoyan's life.

Xu Xiaoyan had a vast wealth of practical battle experience, and as soon as she heard the old man's voice, she immediately dove forward. Furthermore, she had been wearing her suit of battle armor this entire time without withdrawing it in case more enemies showed up.

Blackish-purple light flashed through the air, virtually skimming over her back. Xu Xiaoyan let loose a muffled groan as she was sent flying by the attack, then crashed into a nearby train carriage before bouncing off it.

Specks of starlight emerged on her suit of battle armor to buffer the force of the impact. However, the enemy's attack was extremely powerful, and a huge gash had been torn open on the back of her suit of battle armor. Thankfully, the battle armor had withstood most of the power of the attack, and Xu Xiaoyan was only struck by a bone-chilling sensation, upon which she immediately began to circulate her soul power.

The rest of Shrek’s Seven Monsters immediately reacted to this sudden development.

"Xiaoyan!" Yue Zhengyu roared as he flapped his wings with all his might. His second soul ring lit up, and he released his holy sword, positioning himself in front of Xu Xiaoyan in a flash.

The blackish-purple light gradually manifested into a figure in the darkness.

This was a middle-aged man with an extremely pale face and a pair of dark purple eyes. He appraised Yue Zhengyu with a cold expression, and said, "Did you kill all of my men? All of you must pay with your lives!"

The man wasn't wearing any battle armor, but there was an extremely sinister aura emanating from his body.

Yue Zhengyu didn't care who this man was. In the instant that Xu Xiaoyan was sent flying by this man's attack, he felt as if his heart were about to jump out of his throat!

Golden light erupted from his eyes as he spread his wings open, and his fourth soul ring immediately lit up, causing his aura to become several times more powerful. This was his fourth soul skill, Holy Angel Descends!

He stepped forward in mid-air, and his holy sword slashed toward the middle-aged man like lightning.

A layer of blackish-purple light began to radiate around the middle-aged man, and eight soul rings appeared around his body without any premonition.

The soul rings consisted of three purples and five blacks! In the face of Yue Zhengyu's holy sword attack, he didn't even bother to take any evasive measures.

The holy sword was shimmering with scorching holy light, yet in the instant that it came into contact with the blackish-purple light, Yue Zhengyu was struck by the feeling that his sword had sunk into a viscous swamp and couldn't progress even an inch further. What was even more alarming to him was that the section of the holy sword that had pierced into the light was instantly corroded by its blackish-purple color. The holy light on the blade was quickly being devoured and melting away.

Yue Zhengyu was quite stunned to see this.

The middle-aged man spat in a cold voice, "I absolutely abhor this holy aura."

He swept a hand toward Yue Zhengyu as he spoke, and a streak of blackish-purple light swept forth, heading directly toward Yue Zhengyu.

At a time like this, the experience of Shrek’s Seven Monsters really came to the fore. In the face of the middle-aged man's attack, Yue Zhengyu didn't panic in the slightest. He immediately unleashed his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to retreat like lightning, and he instantly released his holy sword without any hesitation in an extremely decisive manner. At the same time, dazzling holy light shone down onto his body.

His quick reactions allowed him to evade most of the blackish-purple light, but he was still struck by a glancing blow. The holy light and the protective light barrier released by his battle armor managed to just barely keep the attack at bay, but Yue Zhengyu could still feel a blackish-purple color spreading all over his entire body. 

This light can even corrode soul power? 

An enormous force suddenly erupted, and his body was wrenched to the side.

Immediately thereafter, a large hand appeared behind him and plucked him down from up above. At the same time, a pair of giant hammers crashed down directly toward the middle-aged man's head from behind.

A hint of disdain appeared on the middle-aged man's face, and he suddenly raised his hands up above his head. His third soul ring then lit up as purple light erupted from his eyes.

A powerful ball of purple light abruptly erupted from within his body, radiating outward like the explosion of a bomb.

Tang Wulin had just grabbed onto Yue Zhengyu, and he was immediately struck by a sense of foreboding at the sight of the ball of purple light.

Yuanen Yehui's twin hammer struck the purple light, and even with her immense strength, she was still instantly sent flying. Xie Xie was also forced to reveal himself from the shadows before instantly rushing back in retreat.

The sword projection unleashed by Ye Xinglan had also been repelled, and what was even more terrifying was that everything this purple light came into contact with would be quickly stained purple. Even if they were to circulate their soul power with all their might, they were still unable to rid themselves of that purple color.

The purple light was filled with a cold sinister aura, and possessed terrifying corrosive properties. Even the sections of Yuanen Yehui's massive hammers that had struck the purple light had already been melted away, and injecting her soul power into the hammers could only slow down the rate at which the hammers were being corroded.

Yue Zhengyu rushed back toward Xu Xiaoyan and encircled his arms around her before flapping his wings and rapidly flying away.

Tang Wulin made no effort to retreat. He was the core and the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, so he had to buy time for his friends. Furthermore, there were still many injured passengers on the ground, and he certainly couldn't just abandon them.

A loud dragon's roar rang out from his body, and brilliant golden light erupted from his battle armor as he brandished his Golden Dragon Spear, thrusting it directly toward the expanding barrier of purple light.

A brown halo also erupted from his torso once again, exerting immense gravitational force. At the same time, a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from the ground, wrapping themselves around the injured passengers before hurling them toward another direction.

He didn't have time to delicately transfer them away one by one in this dire situation.

In the distance, Xu Lizhi used his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to catch all of the injured passengers that were tossed over by Tang Wulin.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear pierced into the purple light, and he was also struck by the feeling that his weapon had sunk into a swamp. The purple light spread along the Golden Dragon Spear, trying to corrode it just as it had done with everything else.

Right at this moment, rhomboid golden dragon scale patterns suddenly appeared over the section of the Golden Dragon Spear enshrouded within the purple light. Immediately thereafter, a loud dragon's roar rang out amid a flash of dazzling golden light, and the spear was able to forcibly free itself from the purple light. Right after that, a golden dragon head appeared at the tip of the spear, unleashing the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens directly toward the middle-aged man's chest.

On top of that, Tang Wulin also unleashed his Golden Dragon Roar!

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