Chapter 795: Vanquishing the Enemies

Scorching dragon flames swept past, leaving only piles of ashes in their wake. The dragon flames of the dragon clan didn't draw upon the fire elements of the outside world. Instead, they were special flames that were nurtured within the bodies of the dragons, and their temperatures surpassed even that of Gu Yue's Blazing Blue Fireball.

Furthermore, with the Tyrant Dragon's immense life force, its dragon flames were of an extremely high caliber. The dazzling starlight could only immobilize its targets for a second, but that was enough to completely turn the tide of the battle.

Xu Xiaoyan didn't stop there, either. A golden ring of light appeared almost instantly beneath the skeleton Evil Soul Master, who had just been sent flying. The Evil Soul Master had only just recovered from his paralysis, and he was still reeling from the agony spearing through his entire body when he was bound by a series of Starwheel Shackles.

When Yuanen Yehui had struck the Evil Soul Master, she'd made sure to send him flying directly toward Tang Wulin as she had seen that Tang Wulin had already taken care of his opponent and was rushing toward them. No one had any idea what this Tyrant Dragon was, but they had absolute confidence in Tang Wulin's powers.

As such, right after the skeleton Evil Soul Master's body was immobilized again, he was greeted by the sight of a colossal creature charging toward him.

The Tyrant Dragon raised its tail and withdrew its front paws to its chest. After taking a preparatory step with its pillar-like legs, it jumped up into the air.

It was a rather comical sight to see such a colossal creature leaping into the air, but the skeleton Evil Soul Master's eyes were filled with despair.

The skeleton Evil Soul Master was already quite massive, standing at 10 meters tall. However, the mountainous Tyrant Dragon was over 60 meters tall!

The Tyrant Dragon may have only been six times taller than him, but it was more than 60 times heavier! The most terrifying thing about a Tyrant Dragon was its insanely powerful body, so the Evil Soul Master's fate was sealed.

"Crack!" A string of gruesome cracks erupted, and the skeleton Evil Soul Master was stomped into a pile of shattered bones.

Thus, Yuanen Yehui was free to divert her attacks toward the dark rider, who was still struggling to deal with Yue Zhengyu's Light of Judgment. It was undoubtedly the case that the tables had been completely turned.

A hint of astonishment appeared on the face of the clown Evil Soul Master. He had only managed to cast a curse of sluggishness onto the Tyrant Dragon's body after the skeleton Evil Soul Master had been stomped to bits, yet the Tyrant Dragon merely let loose a thunderous roar of fury and shrugged off his curse as a layer of dark golden light surfaced all over its body!

This was the Tyrant Dragon's innate ability: Tyrant. The effects of all control-type soul skills were significantly weakened when used on a Tyrant Dragon. The clown Evil Soul Master was a six-ring Soul Emperor, but the Tyrant Dragon was a life form of a far higher caliber than him. As such, his curse of sluggishness proved to be completely ineffective.

He began to cast a series of curses while fleeing from the battle. It was quite clear that their loss was sealed. All of a sudden, he raised a hand, and a yellow ball of light erupted into the air. A sinister yellow skull projection immediately appeared up above.

The Tyrant Dragon blasted forth another burst of dragon flames that encompassed a massive area, sealing off the clown Evil Soul Master's path of escape while golden light flashed in the air. In the next instant, the stunned clown Evil Soul Master was punctured by the streak of golden light and nailed to the ground. He'd been impaled by none other than Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear.

The summoning limit on the Tyrant Dragon also ran out at this moment, and it vanished into Tang Wulin's body as a streak of light. The nine-colored bracelet on Tang Wulin's wrist shimmered slightly, creating a very beautiful sight to behold in the night.

Tang Wulin leaped forward and charged directly toward his Golden Dragon Spear. In the instant that his hand gripped around the spear shaft, the clown Evil Soul Master shuddered, and his body quickly shriveled up into a dried corpse. Tang Wulin felt a burst of pure life force energy flow into his body through the Golden Dragon Spear. It wasn't a very potent burst of life force energy. At the very least, he had expected more from a six-ring Soul Emperor.

However, it only took him a split second to understand why this was the case; this Evil Soul Master's lackluster life force energy was most likely directly related to the evil abilities he cultivated. It was most likely the case that all Evil Soul Masters possessed weak life forces. However, the fact that the Golden Dragon Spear was able to kill him so quickly was still a testament to its powers.

Tang Wulin looked up at the yellow skull firework in the sky with furrowed brows. Was that a retreat signal or a call for reinforcements?

If it were the latter, then there was more trouble to come.

The nearest city had to have already received news of this soul train's derailment, but no one knew how long it would take before personnel from the federal government arrived on the scene.

The skull Evil Soul Master and the clown Evil Soul Master had fallen one after the other, and the rest of the Evil Soul Masters were also quickly taken care of. With Xu Xiaoyan's ultra-powerful control abilities, these Evil Soul Masters couldn't run away even if they wanted to.

In the distance, Goldsong quickly rushed back toward Tang Wulin, having already slain all of the men in black who were slaughtering passengers on the train carriages.

Goldsong didn't even look like a snake now. Its body had grown to over seven meters long, and it was entirely of a shimmering golden color. There were two very pronounced bumps on its head, and a pair of claws had sprouted out of his abdomen. The sharp claws were digging into the ground to help it move at a faster speed. A gentle light would only appear in its glowing golden eyes when it appraised Tang Wulin, and it was always very cold and aloof toward everything else.

This was Tang Wulin's first soul spirit, and it bestowed upon him the abilities of Bind and Bluesilver Impaling Array. As such, it was also able to use those two soul skills. After being nurtured by the Golden Dragon King bloodline for so long, it was really beginning to resemble a dragon.

Soul spirits were able to grow and evolve, but generally speaking, growth of soul spirits was fueled primarily by absorbing spirit power from the Spirit Ascension Plane. However, Goldsong was clearly able to absorb more than spirit power and most of its growth came from absorbing Tang Wulin's blood essence power.

Every time a new Golden Dragon King seal was broken it would undergo evolution, and all of the dragon souls that Tang Wulin had absorbed during his three years in the Dragon Valley had also benefited it immensely. It was still far inferior in power compared to the Tyrant Dragon, but its evolution was still ongoing. At this rate, it would definitely be able to transform into a true dragon someday.

"Let's go save the victims first. We don't know if that's a signal calling for reinforcements, but our priority is to save as many people as we can. We can only hope that the federation can deploy some people to this place as quickly as possible," Ye Xinglan said with furrowed brows.

Regardless of whether those Evil Soul Masters had reinforcement, they certainly couldn't just leave. There had to be countless injured passengers that were in need of treatment in those ruined train carriages, and even though no one had any healing skills, Xu Lizhi's Recovery Pork Buns could at least help the injured passengers hold on until help arrived.

Tang Wulin turned to Xu Lizhi, and said, "Lizhi, give each of us one of your third, fourth, and fifth soul skills buns in case Evil Soul Master reinforcements arrive."

"Yes!" Xu Lizhi immediately agreed before chanting his incantations, conjuring up one steamed bun after another that was distributed to everyone.

With the enhancement effect of his suit of battle armor, Xu Lizhi had the most abundant soul power among everyone present.

As Xu Lizhi continued to create steamed buns, everyone quickly rushed over to the carriages in the distance.

Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor martial soul proved to be extremely effective in the process of saving the passengers trapped in the carriages. Their thick and powerful vines could easily force open spaces that had caved in, and they could also act as stretchers that carefully carried injured individuals out of the carriages. Tang Wulin was able to exert exemplary control over these vines with his Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power, so he was able to save people extremely quickly and efficiently.

Everyone else followed along behind him, administering emergency treatment to the injured people being carried out of the carriages by his Bluesilver Emperor vines, following which Xu Lizhi would feed them one of his Recovery Pork Buns to stabilize their conditions.

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