Chapter 794: The Archangel's Fury

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly, and he suddenly slammed his right hand into his own chest as he stood atop the head of the Tyrant Dragon. Another brown halo of light immediately proliferated from his body, and enormous gravitational force descended from up above, forcing all of the tiny bats onto the ground.

Immediately thereafter, Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted from the ground as part of his Bluesilver Impaling Array. All of the tiny bats were skewered by the sharp vines one after another, and Tang Wulin made sure that the seven-ring Evil Soul Master was well and truly dead.

The Tyrant Dragon then turned around and rushed directly toward another battlefield. With every step it took, its colossal paws sent violent tremors running through the ground.

After burying all of the skeletons in the Dragon Valley, Tang Wulin discovered that his Tyrant Dragon soul spirit had somehow attained a substantial form.

During the burial process, Tang Wulin recalled that as he was burying the skeleton of a winged Tyrant Dragon, his Tyrant Dragon soul spirit suddenly appeared and devoured that skeleton. After that, it hibernated for an entire year, and when it reawakened, Tang Wulin was able to summon it to assist him directly in battle.

However, recruiting its assistance came at a price; maintaining this Tyrant Dragon soul spirit required an immense rate of soul power expenditure. With Tang Wulin's current supply of soul power, he could only maintain the Tyrant Dragon for around half a minute.

However, on a battlefield like this, having such a powerful ally by his side for half a minute was enough to sway the course of the entire battle.

In just the first few seconds that the Tyrant Dragon had appeared, Tang Wulin had slain a seven-ring Soul Sage.

In the instant that Tang Wulin had let loose that loud cry earlier, all of his friends also began to fight with all their might!

Yuanen Yehui raised her head and let loose a loud roar, following which her fourth soul ring suddenly lit up. Her body shrank slightly, but her arms became even more musclebound, and she swung her giant hammers through the air, sending the skeleton Evil Soul Master flying into the distance.

Devil Titan!

Yuanen Yehui sprang up into the air and unleashed a fierce barrage of attacks on the skeleton Evil Soul Master with her giant hammers.

Meanwhile, Ye Xinglan had unleashed her Sword Star Rain soul skill, and countless sword projections rained down upon the giant wolf Evil Soul Master. At the same time, her fifth soul ring lit up.

All of a sudden, her eyes became as bright and dazzling as stars, and she pointed her Stargod Sword forward, immediately following which she abruptly vanished on the spot.

The sky suddenly took an illusionary appearance for an instant, and right after that, a giant sword instantly descended from up above, hurtling directly toward the giant wolf Evil Soul Master!

The Evil Soul Master was struck by an overwhelming sense of impending doom, and his sixth soul ring immediately lit up, causing his body to swell even further in size. At the same time, his upper body reared up, and he threw back his head as he let loose a long howl. A wheel of light that resembled a bright moon emerged behind him, except this moon was as red as blood.

Sixth soul skill, Blood Wolf Howls To the Moon!

This was a soul skill that could unleash a powerful spiritual attack against the opponent while also stimulating the user's bloodline, allowing them to triple their defensive prowess for a short time.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Ye Xinglan, a woman who was obsessed with her sword and her pursuit of extreme destructive power.

After combining as one with her sword, the spiritual attack from the Blood Wolf Howls to the Moon was completely ineffective against Ye Xinglan, and the giant sword crashed down from above, sending the giant wolf Evil Soul Master flying with a single devastating blow.

A massive crack appeared directly down the middle of his suit of one-word battle armor, and a huge gruesome wound was inflicted onto his body. The wound was so deep that his bones were clearly visible through the massive gash.

He had only managed to survive that attack thanks to the defensive enhancements given to him by his Blood Wolf Howls To the Moon soul skill. Otherwise, his body would've been sliced cleanly in half.

The holy light emanating from Yue Zhengyu's body was suddenly withdrawn, but his entire body turned into a golden color, as did the wings on his back. The holy sword in his hand began to burn with holy flames, and an expression of intense concentration appeared on his face.

His fifth soul ring lit up, and white patterns began to appear all over his suit of white battle armor. The small golden angel that had appeared during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention emerged behind him, then abruptly fused into his body.

Yue Zhengyu shuddered, and another pair of wings appeared on his back, except this pair of wings was illusionary and clearly insubstantial. However, with the addition of this pair of wings, his holy aura suddenly became several times more powerful.

In that instant, the entire sky lit up as if a new sun had appeared in the night. A pillar of golden light fell from the sky, landing directly on Yue Zhengyu. The glowing projections of a six-winged angel appeared up above.

The holy sword in Yue Zhengyu's hand was a like mirror that was reflecting the giant pillar of golden light descending from the sky toward the dark rider.

The dark rider's steed let loose a loud neigh, and the black flames around its body swelled to encompass the rider as well. The dark rider then unleashed his sixth soul skill, and he abruptly chopped off his own head with his claymore. His head fell to his waist, but in that instant, the aura of darkness emanating from his body suddenly began to release terrifying energy fluctuations.

He lashed out with his claymore, and it clashed with Yue Zhengyu's fifth soul skill.

Yue Zhengyu's fifth soul skill was The Archangel's Fury! It drew upon the purest holy power to eradicate all evil.

Meanwhile, the dark rider's sixth soul skill was Headless Horseman Transformation, and it could enhance his combat prowess by severalfold.

Thus, the prolonged battle they'd been engaged in earlier almost instantly transformed into a struggle of life and death.

"Boom!" Golden light exploded like fireworks in the air, but Yue Zhengyu was debilitated by the clown Evil Soul Master during the clash, and was sent flying by a dark purple sword projection.

However, the dark rider wasn't faring much better, either. His skeletal steed had completely shattered into a pile of bones that was burning with golden flames. He had no choice but to transfer the power of the holy light unleashed by The Archangel's Fury to his steed, thereby resulting in its destruction. Even so, his body had also been infiltrated by holy light, and he had to circulate his soul power with all his might to oppose it.

As such, the clash had resulted in a lose-lose situation.

What stunned the Evil Soul Masters the most weren't the three Assault System Battle Soul Master. Instead, it was Xu Xiaoyan.

She raised her staff above her head and began to chant an incantation as her third soul ring lit up.

Streaks of dazzling starlight then shot forth from her body, and almost at the exact same moment that Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu unleashed their attacks, those streaks of starlight surrounded every single Evil Soul Master with unerring accuracy.

Xu Xiaoyan had refrained from using her crowd control soul skill this entire time as she'd been waiting for this exact opportunity. The element of surprise was extremely important for control system Soul Masters; if she'd used the soul skill once already, her opponents would know what to expect, and the effect wouldn't be as potent.

The streaks of starlight seemed to have eyes of their own as they were able to descend upon every single Evil Soul Master in an instant. The teamwork between Shrek’s Seven Monsters was exemplary! In the instant that streaks of dazzling starlight had begun to erupt from Xu Xiaoyan's body, Yue Zhengyu, Yuanen Yehui, and Ye Xinglan all quickly sped off to the side to make way for the streaks of starlight.

Xu Xiaoyan's suit of one-word battle armor was deep blue in color, and there were specks of starlight shimmering on its surface, giving it the appearance of a starry night sky. The name of her one-word battle armor was Star!

Only at this point in the battle did the main control system Soul Master of Shrek’s Seven Monsters truly begin to display her might. After the streaks of starlight struck the Evil Soul Masters with unerring accuracy, all of them were immediately immobilized on the spot.

Everyone else certainly wasn't going to allow such a splendid opportunity to go to waste!

Xie Xie's four clones shot forth at once, and in the blink of an eye, four of the weaker Evil Soul Masters had their throats slit.

Yuanen Yehui sprang forward, and her twin hammers struck the skeleton Evil Soul Master's chest in a vicious blow like a pair of shooting stars. The sound of bones shattering was clearly audible in the night, and the skeleton Evil Soul Master was sent flying like a giant cannonball.

Yue Zhengyu gritted his teeth and forced himself to ignore his physical discomfort as he pointed his holy sword forward. A beam of Light of Judgment instantly shot forth, striking the dark rider and covering his entire body in arcs of golden lightning.

Ye Xinglan had just unleashed her fifth soul skill, and at this moment, she pointed her Stargod Sword forward as starlight erupted from her suit of battle armor. Immediately thereafter, her body flashed through the air over the giant wolf Evil Soul Master's body as she unleashed her Sword God’s Star. Even though it was only her first soul skill, it was her fastest attack, and with the enhancements from her Stargod Sword and battle armor, it was still an extremely devastating strike.

All of a sudden, most of the Evil Soul Masters had suffered severe wounds, and Xu Lizhi also took advantage of this opportunity to deliver his Recovery Pork Buns to everyone, doing so with such accuracy that his friends only had to open their mouths before the buns appeared between their teeth. At the same time, Tang Wulin had also rushed over atop his Tyrant Dragon.

The colossal Tyrant Dragon rumbled along like a force of nature while opening its mouth to blast a giant wave of flames out of its mouth.

Tang Wulin's mind was directly connected to the Tyrant Dragon soul spirit, and through this connection, he instructed it to direct its flames toward the Evil Soul Masters that were posing a threat to Xie Xie before they were immobilized.

The flames erupting from the Tyrant Dragon's mouth were true dragon flames! As the most powerful land dragon, the Tyrant Dragon's combat prowess wasn't actually inferior to that of true dragons. Instead, it was even more fearsome in some regards. Once a Tyrant Dragon evolved and grew wings, it would become a being that was close to the level of the nine dragon kings.

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