Chapter 793: Battling the Evil Soul Masters

The seven Evil Soul Masters were attacking from all sides, and Xie Xie was having a very hard time keeping them at bay. He had already summoned three clones, thereby allowing him to fight on four different sides, and he was the member of Shrek's Seven Monsters who was under the most pressure.

At a time like this, all of the grueling training and cultivation that he'd adhered to really shone through. Despite the fact that there were four of him battling different opponents, he was able to control all of his clones very well.

This was obviously quite difficult for him, but thankfully, he had Xu Xiaoyan to assist him in controlling the situation. 

Xu Xiaoyan didn't rush to unleash her most powerful controlling soul skills, but whenever Xie Xie found himself in trouble, she was always able to defuse the situation with timely Starwheel Shackles.

"Boom!" Yuanen Yehui swung the hammer in her right hand upward to block the skeleton Evil Soul Master's massive saber, then lashed out horizontally with the hammer in her left hand, swinging it directly toward her opponent's chest.

The skeleton Evil Soul Master let loose a low roar, and spiritual flames began to flicker in his eye sockets. He squatted down, and brought his giant saber down along with his body before using it as a shield.

Another loud boom rang out, and both the skeleton Evil Soul Master and Yuanen Yehui were forced back a step in unison. The two of them seemed to be evenly-matched in strength.

Ye Xinglan held a slight advantage on her end. Even though it was very difficult for her Stargod Sword to penetrate the giant wolf Evil Soul Master's defenses, it was important to note that not only did her Stargod Sword possess sword qi, it was also able to unleash sword intent. The sharp sword intent was constantly placing pressure on the giant wolf Evil Soul Master, and after discovering that her opponent could enhance his own powers through eating hearts, she had managed to prevent him from eating more hearts through the ferocity of her sustained assault.

Yue Zhengyu was evenly-matched with his opponent. The rider was able to draw upon the power of his skeletal steed to unleash tremendous dark energy, but the Holy Angel martial soul just so happened to be extremely potent against his powers of darkness. Light and darkness clashed over and over again, exploding to form a vast expanse of devastating energy storms.

However, it was currently night time, so Yue Zhengyu's holy powers were clearly at a disadvantage.

The dark rider steed seemed to be a part of his own body as he was able to control it in an extremely masterful manner. Every time he lashed out with his claymore, powerful black flames would erupt from the skeletal horse in the exact same instant. Powerful energy fluctuations would surge forth as a result, and the black flames would combine with the claymore to further enhance the weapon's powers.

Meanwhile, Yue Zhengyu had his wings spread open, and he'd already donned his suit of pure white battle armor. He was unleashing his Light of Judgement over and over again to launch retaliation attacks. However, the rider and his skeletal steed formed an extremely troublesome combination to deal with, and neither side could seize supremacy over the other. Unfortunately for Yue Zhengyu, the dark rider clearly had a greater abundance of soul power.

Xu Lizhi was the one who was doing the least among everyone. At this point, he'd also donned his suit of battle armor, which was also white, but it was a different white compared to that of Yue Zhengyu's suit of battle armor. There was no holy aura emanating from it, but the suit of armor appeared to be extremely thick and robust. He was quite tall and broad to begin with, and his suit of battle armor concealed his rotund figure, giving him a burly and intimidating appearance instead.

He was standing right beside Xu Xiaoyan like a loyal guardian.

An arduous battle had ensued while the men in black in the distance continued to slaughter passengers in the broken carriages.

Tang Wulin was keeping an eye on the entire battlefield while battling his own opponent, and it only took him a few glances to grasp the situations that his friends were in.

They couldn't afford to delay any longer. Otherwise, hundreds of lives would be lost on the entire soul train.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin suddenly raised his head and let loose a loud cry. "Let's end this!"

At the same time, scintillating golden light erupted from his suit of battle armor, and his aura instantly transformed. His feet landed on the ground, and it was as if he'd transformed into an immovable mountain.

A halo of earthy brown light began to radiate outward from his torso. While this halo of light was being released, the seven-ring Evil Soul Master was suddenly struck by the feeling that his body had been filled with lead, and he was forced to descend onto the ground. When he tried to pierce through Tang Wulin's chest with his sharp claws again, he was struck by an extremely fearsome burst of recoil force that flung his arms up into the air.

Tang Wulin stomped his right foot into the ground. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!

Eight small dragons erupted from the ground beneath his feet, and the immense shock from the attack instantly numbed the seven-ring Evil Soul Master's entire body.

He had also heard the loud cry that Tang Wulin had just let loose, and following this sudden development, he immediately unleashed his fifth soul skill without any hesitation. At the same time, his seventh soul ring also lit up.

In that instant, Tang Wulin finally realized what this Evil Soul Master's martial soul was.

A massive armor-clad bat emerged before Tang Wulin. This was a Vampire Bat! With this martial soul, it was no wonder that this Evil Soul Master was so fast and could control the blood within other people's bodies. It turned out that his martial soul itself was directly related to blood.

However, even after unleashing his seventh soul skill, Vampire Bat True Body, he was still unable to immediately struggle free from the immense suction force emanating from the ground below.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had begun to unleash his attacks. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth managed to paralyze the Vampire Bat's entire body, but with the powerful defensive prowess of his martial soul true body, the Evil Soul Master was only immobilized for a split second before he tried to fly away in retreat.

However, the suction force emanating from the brown halo radiating from Tang Wulin's body was simply too powerful, and it had severely restricted his speed.

At this moment, Tang Wulin descended from up above and brought his Golden Dragon Spear down like a powerful whip. At the same time, he let loose a thunderous roar. Golden Dragon Roar!

Purple light also erupted from his eyes as he unleashed his Purple Demon Eyes.

Tang Wulin had unleashed all of his control-type soul skills in an instant.

The Vampire Bat had no choice but to instantly disintegrate into a cloud of mist in order to try and flee the immediate vicinity.

However, the spiritual attack unleashed by the Purple Demon Eyes delayed his transformation by a split-second, and that was enough to seal Tang Wulin's victory.

A golden figure rose up silently from the ground before winding itself around the vampire bat's body, then pulling him downward. At the same time, the Golden Dragon Spear finally struck his body right before he was able to disintegrate into a cloud of mist.

The seven-ring Evil Soul Master let loose an anguished howl, and large sections of his suit of two-word battle armor were shattered as he was slammed into the ground.

Tang Wulin raised his right foot, and his body rose straight up into the air. A colossal figure then appeared in his place. It was none other than his second soul spirit, the Tyrant Dragon!

The Tyrant Dragon stomped down viciously onto the seven-ring evil Soul Mater's body with its right foot.

The Tyrant Dragon was around 60 meters tall, and even with Tang Wulin's 100-ton strength, it would be impossible for him to move the dragon's enormous weight.

It was one of the most terrifying land predators, and the devastating might of its stomp made the entire earth quake violently. Even the soul train carriages in the distance were swaying from side to side from the tremors running through the ground.

Tang Wulin pointed a finger at the closest carriage to him, and instructed, "Goldsong, go!"

Goldsong, which had just wound itself around the Evil Soul Master's body, immediately shot forth like a speeding arrow toward the men in black at Tang Wulin's behest.

Wisps of mist began to escape from beneath the Tyrant Dragon's feet before attempting to rapidly flee into the distance.

Steam suddenly began to billow out of the Tyrant Dragon's nostrils, and immediately thereafter, it abruptly opened its mouth to let loose a burst of crimson flames.

In his mist form, the Vampire Bat Evil Soul Master's forte lay in his ability to evade physical attacks. However, the downside was that in this form, energy-based attacks would be several times more powerful against him.

Thus, he was struck by the terrifying pillar of flames amid a howl of anguish.

However, it was also right at this moment that countless tiny bats erupted from within the mist before flying away in all directions. It seemed as if there were no end to the life-saving skills the Evil Soul Master had up his sleeve.

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