Chapter 791: Might of the Golden Dragon

The commotion instantly attracted the attention of the men in black from further away, and soul lasers were immediately blasted toward them in a concentrated manner.

"Look out! They've got a soul cannon!" Xie Xie's voice rang out, and Tang Wulin reflexively turned around to discover a man in black with a cannon hoisted up on his shoulder, and the opening of its barrel was aimed directly at him.

In the next instant, a ball of bright purple light whistled through the air toward him.

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly, and golden light flashed from his body as his first golden soul ring lit up, activating his Golden Dragon Body!

Thus, his entire body was covered in golden scales, and he immediately lashed out toward the ball of purple light with his left golden dragon claw.

The soul cannon blast was destroyed by Tang Wulin's bare hand amid a resounding boom. Immense explosive force surged toward his body as a result, but it couldn't even force him back a single step.

At the same time, the Soul Master using the soul cannon had already toppled to the ground. Xie Xie had taken him out right after he'd alerted Tang Wulin.

In terms of speed, Xie Xie was definitely the best among their entire team. In the face of these men in black, most of whom were only Soul Elders, an Agility Attack System Battle Soul Master like him was most effective.

His Shadow Dragon Dagger traversed between the realms of illusion and reality, and one black figure was felled after another.

Tang Wulin was situated at the center of the group, protecting Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan while appraising the entire battlefield. Meanwhile, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan had rushed out to battle these terrorists.

There were no worthy threats discovered, and dozens of men in black were crushed with ease in the face of the devastating might of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

All of a sudden, a strong sense of foreboding welled up in his heart, and he immediately turned around before wrapping his arms around Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan, then abruptly rolled off to the side.

A grey streak of light flashed past, leaving a rift in the ground that was five meters long, one meter wide, and so deep that the bottom couldn't be seen from up above.

What was even more terrifying was that the ground on the two sides of the rift were still being rapidly eroded away, thereby further widening the rift.

"That's an Evil Soul Master!" Tang Wulin exclaimed.

"How dare you try to impede our operation? Your soul will be tormented for all of eternity!" A cold voice reverberated through the air, and a figure also slowly emerged while hovering in mid-air.

The Evil Soul Master's body was completely enshrouded under a grey robe, and he gave off an extremely dark and sinister aura.

There were a total of seven soul rings around him, consisting of two yellows, three purples, and two blacks.

This man was an Evil Soul Master of the Soul Sage level! Furthermore, he wasn't the only grey figure to appear. One grey figure emerged in mid-air after another, as if a spatial door had been opened up in the darkness, and there were over ten of them. Even the weakest among them had four soul rings, but there was only one seven-ring Soul Sage in their ranks. Aside from that, there were four six-ring Soul Emperors while the rest were all Soul Ancestors and Soul Kings.

Tang Wulin's heart sank slightly upon seeing this. If these grey robes indicated that all of these people were Evil Soul Masters, then the fact that over 10 of them had appeared undoubtedly posed an extremely potent threat.

Evil Soul Masters were referred to as such because they were able to use very cruel and heinous methods to progress in their cultivation. Not only did they progress extremely quickly, their abilities were also very sinister, so Evil Soul Masters were far more powerful than normal Soul Masters of the same cultivation rank.

They existed solely to destroy as evil cultivation methods would inevitably warp their personalities, thereby making them unable to control themselves from giving in to their destructive urges.

"Go help everyone else; leave this to me." Tang Wulin waved a hand toward Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan, who were standing behind him.

Both of them were aware of just how powerful Tang Wulin was, so they immediately rushed toward the others without any hesitation.

All the members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters had fought alongside one another for a long time, so all of them had a tacit understanding over one another, and everyone quickly converged toward Tang Wulin after witnessing the arrival of these Evil Soul Masters.

Meanwhile, the Evil Soul Masters had also sprung into action, wasting no time with words as they unleashed their attacks. There were still over 20 men in black left, and after witnessing the arrival of the Evil Soul Masters, they immediately dispersed before charging toward the carriages again.

This operation had clearly been planned out in advance, and these Evil Soul Masters had been lurking in the shadows, preparing for this exact situation.

An Evil Soul Master in the air spread open his arms, and plumes of grey mist abruptly erupted from his body, following which he hurtled toward Tang Wulin in a flash, moving at an alarming speed!

This grey-robed man was significantly faster than even Xie Xie, and Tang Wulin could catch sight of a blur hurtling toward him before a pair of sharp claws lashed out toward him, one of which was reaching for his face while the other made a grab for his chest.

The outcome of being struck by these attacks was quite obvious.

This was an agility attack system Evil Soul Master!

Tang Wulin stood his ground and didn't retreat. Against such a fast opponent, retreating wouldn't do him any good.

Golden light shimmered from his body, and he crossed his pair of golden dragon claws to shield himself.

So what if he was facing a seven-ring Soul Sage? He'd even dared to stand up against Long Yue back when he was only a four-ring Soul Ancestor. Since then, he'd become a five-ring Soul King, and he was far more powerful than he had been in the past.

His second golden soul ring lit up, and in that instant, all of the scales on his entire body became mirror surfaces.

Two crisp clangs rang out as one the Evil Soul Master's claws struck Tang Wulin's chest and arm.

Two bursts of glacial energy immediately surged into his body, but his enormous Golden Dragon King bloodline instantly erupted, thereby keeping the glacial energy at bay.

The Evil Soul Master felt as if his claws had struck an impenetrable fortress, following which the scales on his opponent's body quickly began to shimmer.

"Roar!" A loud dragon's roar rang out as a massive golden dragon head shot forth from between Tang Wulin's hands. At the same time, his third soul ring also lit up.

Another violent dragon's roar erupted, and the Evil Soul Master felt his blood essence begin to surge throughout his body in an uncontrollable manner. In the next instant, the golden dragon head was upon him.

Tang Wulin had just unleashed his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Roar in quick succession.

Tang Wulin had to take care of this seven-ring Evil Soul Master as quickly as possible so he could go and help his friends. As such, he hadn't held back in the slightest, even though this was only the opening exchange of their battle.

His Golden Dragon Roar was a skill with an ability to stun his opponent, and it was especially potent against opponents with dragon-type martial souls.

This Evil Soul Master's martial soul wasn't related to dragons and his cultivation rank was far higher than that of Tang Wulin, but Tang Wulin was no longer the same person that he was four years ago. He had been enhanced by the energy from so many dragon spirits in the Dragon Valley, and his bloodline aura had become far more powerful than it had been in the past. This Golden Dragon Roar rang out across the entire battlefield, causing all of the Evil Soul Masters present to become more sluggish, and this effect was obviously the most potent against this seven-ring evil Soul Master who was situated the closest to Tang Wulin.

However, it had to be said that this Evil Soul Master was certainly no slouch. In the instant that he was struck by the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, he was immediately sent flying, but he reacted extremely quickly. His fifth soul ring lit up, and his entire body transformed into a cloud of grey mist. The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens passed directly through the mist, but was unable to inflict any damage on the Evil Soul Master.

The mist converged again in the distance, and the seven-ring Evil Soul Master had clearly been enraged. He let loose a sharp screech, and the grey mist around his body suddenly increased in density.

His third soul ring lit up, and an overwhelming odor of blood and gore began to emanate from his body.

Tang Wulin was struck by a rush of dizziness, following which his blood began to churn violently, as if it were threatening to gush out of his body.

This was the first time he'd encountered such a scenario; it seemed that his opponent's soul skill was able to control his blood.

Despite his surprise, Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly and forcibly regulated his blood circulation. Brilliant golden light erupted from his body, and under the effect of his opponent's soul skill, it seemed to have become slightly easier for him to activate his bloodline power.

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